JP Morgan AUM

JP Morgan (AUM) in 2023

JP Morgan total assets under management (custody). JP Morgan (JPM) AUM: client assets and number of customers (user accounts).

J.P. Morgan Assets Under Management

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a huge financial conglomerate with operations in multiple sectors and geographic regions. If you want to know how much money this leviathan has, we have the details for you.

The Holding Company

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a financial services holding company that owns the discount brokerage firm J.P. Morgan Investing and several other financial services companies, such as Chase Bank and the traditional brokerage J.P. Morgan Asset Management. To really get an idea of how big this company is and where the money lies, we have to analyze the company’s divisions.

Chase Bank Assets Under Management

As of the close of 2022, Chase Bank had over $1 trillion (yes, trillion with a ‘t’) in client deposits. And that’s just for retail banking. Corporate and investment banking operations constitute another $700 billion in deposits.

JPMorgan Chase & Co AUM

And get this: the investment banking unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co. has over $33 trillion in assets under custody. This figure represents activities associated with the safekeeping and servicing of assets.

For retail customers, J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, which will include the discount broker J.P. Morgan Investing, had $4.3 trillion in client assets at the end of 2021.

JP Morgan AUM

We can see that J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing is currently a small percent of the company’s operations, and actually a small percent of the brokerage department’s operations. JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s most recent annual report shows just $60 billion in client assets for the Self-Directed Investing operation with 800,000 accounts.

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Understanding Client Assets at J.P. Morgan

Client assets include all assets—cash and securities—sitting in accounts. These assets legally belong to the customer, not to J.P. Morgan, although J.P. Morgan is able to make money off of the assets in a number of ways.

For example, mutual funds that clients invest in will compensate the brokerage firm for each investment made. Moreover, J.P. Morgan Investing can make money off of stock, ETF, bond, and option trades. Idle free cash in client accounts can be used for business activities, such as loans to other customers. And so on.

JP Morgan assets under management

JPMorgan Chase & Co Revenue

And how much exactly is JPMorgan Chase & Co. making off its clients’ assets? Quite a bit as it turns out. Total net revenue in 2021 was $125 billion. Out of this amount, investment banking fees totaled $13 billion.

The company’s banking unit pulled in $7 billion in fees from its treasure trove of deposits.

And remember when we said JPMorgan could loan out other customers’ cash? It made $52 billion in 2021 from doing just that. Just from interest payments on loans.

Growth of Assets at JPMorgan Chase & Co

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has steadily grown over the years, both in banking and in wealth management. In 2008, Chase Bank had just $361 billion in client deposits, while the investment banking department only had $12.2 trillion in assets under custody (yes, only).

Market Capitalization

Another figure to judge JPMorgan Chase & Co. by is its market capitalization. This is simply number of outstanding stock shares times the current share price. At the time of publication, the stock is trading at roughly $123, which translates into a market cap of $360 billion. That’s how much the company is worth. It’s much less than the trillions we saw earlier, but remember, those assets don’t actually belong to the company. JPMorgan simply holds those assets and makes money off them.

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