M1 Finance Assets Under Management

2023 M1 Finance total assets under management (custody). M1 Finance AUM: client assets and number of customers (user accounts).

M1 Finance: Number of Users and Assets Under Management

M1 Finance offers a distinctive method of financial management that will definitely attract many customers. Because M1 does not charge any commissions on transactions, it is a good choice for a majority of investors. So how many customers and how much in total assets under management does M1 Finance have? Here are the numbers:

M1 Finance Assets Under Management

Client assets $6.1 billion
Number of customers 750,000
Number of employees 300
Parent M1 Holdings Inc.
Headquarters 200 N LaSalle St Ste. 800, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Founded 2015
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Overview of M1 Finance

If you're thinking about opening an account with a robo advisor, you might want to take a look at this review of M1 Finance (member of SIPC). Although the brokerage house isn't the most well-known, it does hit several home runs in some really important categories. Furthermore, it also provides some features that are normally found only at self-directed brokerage firms. Caution: this hybrid broker-dealer may win you over.

Customer Support

M1 Customer Rating

An M1 Finance customer service representative can be reached from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm CST during the weekday. The company is closed on the weekend. It does offer a support e-mail address, but doesn't have an on-line chat feature, a pretty significant disappointment.

While we weren't overly impressed with these offerings, we did like the very extensive FAQ that appears on the M1 Finance website. The questions cover a wide variety of issues, such as how to invest the M1 way, how to access monthly statements, how to connect an external bank account, and how to open a retirement account.

After logging into our test account, we found an AI chatbot that provided a selection of questions after we typed in a question. It seems strange that the program would answer a question with more questions, and they weren't always related to the question we asked. A ‘contact us' button allowed us to send a message to the broker in case we weren't satisfied with the chatbot's answer. The contact form allowed for attachments, a nice feature.

Cash Management Tools

M1 Cash Management Rating

M1 offers a debit card, which you can use anywhere Visa is accepted. You can earn 1% when you spend and 1% when you don’t when you sign up for the M1 Plus membership .

One feature in this category we also like was the ability to auto-invest cash balances over $10. M1 will automatically move your cash balance into an investment when it reaches $10 threshold.

Another popular feature the broker offers is M1 Borrow. With this service, M1 allows its customers to borrow up to 35% of their account value. The interest rate for this loan is connected to the Federal Funds Rate. Currently, the APR is 8.75% - one of the best deals in the industry. In order to be eligible for this program, an account must have at least $25,000 in assets. M1 automatically enrolls accounts who meet this minimum. The service costs nothing unless you actually borrow.

There is no charge for receiving or sending an ACH. To connect an external bank account, M1 Finance will accept log-in credentials from the account for certain institutions. For other banks, the broker-dealer requires micro-deposits.

The Pie Method of Investing

M1 Investing Rating

The broker-constructed Pies are built using Modern Portfolio Theory. This investment philosophy assumed that for any given amount of return, there is an unavoidable level of risk. MPT attempts to maximize return while minimizing risk.

The M1-built Pies are rebalanced every quarter. The broker needs to do this because over time Pies can lose their original asset allocations. Pies constructed by individual investors are not automatically rebalanced; but they can be adjusted at any time.

One nice feature that M1 Finance offers is the ability to put just one stock or ETF in a single Pie. Therefore, it's possible to trade individual stocks and ETFs with the broker.

M1 Finance review

Cash dividends that are paid by an underlying security are deposited as cash in an account's core cash position. There's no DRIP service. But remember, M1 Finance automatically invests any cash balance above $10.

Because of M1's unique style of investing, the brokerage house does not offer trading in options, bonds, or mutual funds. This is a pretty significant oversight as many traders will be interested in these products. Bond ETFs are available.

We really like M1's combination of robo-management (for company-built Pies) and self-directed Pies where customers can try to capture profits using their own strategies.

Pie Example

We found an oil, gas, and coal Pie on the M1 website. This one is constructed by the broker. It invests in the stocks of large energy companies. Besides exploration and production, the portfolio includes businesses that refine and transport energy.

M1 Investing review

There are 16 holdings. They are all stocks, which means there's no management fees paid on this Pie. The average dividend yield is 3.78%, and M1 Finance rates the risk level as medium-high.

ExxonMobil is the largest holding, making up 16%. Next is Shell at 13%, while Chevron comes in third at 11%. Petrobras is the smallest holding at 3%.

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