M1 Finance Assets Under Management

2024 M1 Finance total assets under management (custody). M1 Finance AUM: client assets and number of customers (user accounts).

M1 Finance: Number of Users and Assets Under Management

M1 Finance offers a distinctive method of financial management that will definitely attract many customers. Because M1 does not charge any commissions on transactions, it is a good choice for a majority of investors. So how many customers and how much in total assets under management does M1 Finance have? Here are the numbers:

M1 Finance Assets Under Management

Client assets $7 billion
Number of customers 750,000
Number of employees 300
Parent M1 Holdings Inc.
Headquarters 200 N LaSalle St Ste. 800, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Founded 2015
New customer promotion Get up to $500 when you make a deposit in your new M1 account.

M1 Finance Review

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M1 Finance Cash Management

M1 Finance is a financial services company that provides a variety of cash management features to its customers. The selection of available account types, high-yield interest rates, and the ability to use M1 for everyday spending creates an attractive cash management service.

The M1 Finance Cash Management Approach

M1 Finance uses various banks to facilitate its cash management accounts. The result is a mix-and-match approach to cash management that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you want to use a single account or several different ones, the choice is yours.

M1 Invest

The default account at M1 Finance is M1 Invest. It is the brokerage wing of M1’s account lineup. M1 Invest includes individual, joint, custodial, retirement, and crypto accounts.

Several useful features are offered by the M1 Invest account, including margin-based loans, automatic deposits, automated portfolio diversification, and more.

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M1 Spend

M1 Spend is a spending account, as the name suggests. It is a high-yield checking account with the option to add a credit card.

M1 Spend accounts yield a 3.3% APY return on funds in the account. The membership also allows for a 1% cash-back program and the ability to send checks. Additionally, M1 Spend customers can get their paychecks up to two weeks early.

Another great feature is the included debit card. The card features fee reimbursements and low international fees.

m1 finance savings account interest rate

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M1 Owner’s Reward Card

The Owner’s Reward Card is designed to help you boost your portfolio while handling everyday expenses.

Many popular companies participate in M1’s reward program as ‘partner brands.’ They offer cash-back bonuses of various sizes when you use the M1 card to purchase their goods and services. Cash-back bonuses range from 1.5% (all shopping/card use) to 10% (featured brands).

Rewards from the card can be applied to the credit account, the M1 Invest account balance, or automatically reinvested in an investment pie.

m1 credit card

M1 Savings Account

M1 Save is a savings account that offers up to 5% APY. The account has no minimum deposit, inactivity fee, or account balance requirements to worry about.

m1 finance savings account


M1 Finance FDIC and SIPC to keep user accounts safe.

Bank products have FDIC protection up to $250,000 per account type and user. Brokerage products have SIPC protection up to $500,000.

M1 Finance AUM Summary

Overall, the M1 Finance cash management account is a great option for anyone who wants to earn high-yield interest rates on their cash balance while also having the ability to pay bills and make purchases from the same firm.

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Updated on 1/22/2024.