Wells Fargo AUM

Wells Fargo Assets Under Management (AUM)

2024 Wells Fargo total assets under management (custody). Wells Fargo AUM: client assets and number of customers (user accounts).

Wells Fargo Assets Under Management (AUM)

Wells Fargo assets under management $2 trillion
Wells Fargo number of users 71 million

Wells Fargo is a huge brokerage house by AUM. It is even comparable to Charles Schwab, who has $8.7 trillion in AUM and over 34.8 million customers.

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Wells Fargo & Company

WellsTrade and Wells Fargo Advisors are both owned by Wells Fargo & Company, a financial holding group that also owns Wells Fargo Bank. The financial giant also owns Wells Fargo Securities, which conducts investment banking. Wells Fargo & Company is one of the largest financial conglomerates in the world.

Wells Fargo Assets Under Management


Some on-line brokerage firms are not owned by a financial holding company. Vanguard and E*Trade are two examples. They only provide investment services. Vanguard has $8.6 trillion in client assets, far outdoing Wells Fargo’s banking and brokerage divisions combined. Vanguard has roughly 20,000 employees. Presumably, many of these workers are not investment advisors, so Vanguard must have fewer advisors than Wells Fargo.

One disadvantage of Vanguard is that it doesn’t have a network of branch locations. As we already saw, Wells Fargo does have locations throughout the U.S. These offices are typically located inside a Wells Fargo Bank branch.

E*Trade is owned by a larger financial conglomerate. The broker-dealer has slightly north of $420 billion in client assets, making it quite a bit smaller than Wells Fargo’s brokerage division. Besides self-directed accounts, E*Trade also offers managed services. But unlike Wells Fargo, E*Trade has only 30 branch locations where clients can meet with an investment advisor. Because of E*Trade’s smaller size, the broker-dealer doesn’t operate its own brand of mutual or exchange-traded funds. Wells Fargo does have a long list of mutual funds. However, E*Trade has a robo-advisory service, which WellsTrade still lacks.

Wells Fargo IRA Review

Besides general brokerage accounts, WellsTrade also offers a selection of Individual Retirement Accounts. Throw in a large assortment of mutual funds and the financial strength of Wells Fargo supporting it, and the broker is worth considering.

Wells Fargo IRAs Offered

WellsTrade offers Traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE retirement accounts. The Roth IRA is designed for individuals who plan to be in a higher tax bracket during retirement. The Traditional was created for savers who expect to be in a lower tax bracket after work. The SEP account is intended for small businesses and self-employed persons, while the SIMPLE IRA can be set up by employers with less than 100 employees.

Wells Fargo AUM

Wells Fargo IRA Fees

A WellsTrade IRA has the same fee schedule as a regular securities account. This includes a $25 annual fee, which can be waived by maintaining at least $5,000 in the account. The balance is verified by the broker every June 30th and assessed in September. The $25 fee can also be avoided by maintaining a premier relationship at Wells Fargo. However, this package requires total assets across WellsTrade and Wells Fargo accounts of at least $50,000; otherwise a $30 monthly fee is assessed.

There are no inactivity or setup fees for a WellsTrade IRA. However, the broker does charge an IRA termination fee of $49.95. The fee is not charged for a client over 70½, or if an account is closed because of disability or death. There is also a $49.95 transfer fee for moving an account to another broker.

The Cost of Trading

WellsTrade's regular commission schedule applies to retirement accounts. ETF and stock trades are $0. Options cost $0.65 per contract for all customers. Trading U.S. Treasury bonds incurs a $50 commission for each transaction.

IRA Calculators

WellsTrade has one IRA tool. It's called My Retirement Plan. Users input various data, such as current age, life expectancy, present income, and age at retirement. The calculator then recommends a minimum savings amount each month until retirement commences. Graphs and pie charts are shown as a visual representation of the calculator's results. The tool also displays a scenario in which the securities markets may underperform, and what effect such a situation could have on a portfolio's value. Furthermore, the calculator determines a total retirement savings goal, which is the entire amount that needs to be saved to avoid running out of money during retirement. It can also incorporate Social Security benefits into its calculations.

Wells Fargo Assets Under Management

Mutual Funds for Wells Fargo IRAs

WellsTrade offers a good selection of mutual funds that can be traded in an IRA. There are over 10,000 funds on the broker's website. Approximately 2,600 of these are no-load, no-transaction-fee funds. There is a good screener that makes searching through these products quick and easy. The firm imposes a $35 transaction fee for non-NTF funds.

Retirement Planning

WellsTrade is affiliated with Wells Fargo Advisors, a group of financial professionals who can assist customers with retirement preparation. There is an additional charge for this service. Wells Fargo Advisors has several locations across the U.S. Alternatively, retirement specialists can be reached over the phone at 1-866-876-3168.

Wells Fargo total Assets Under Management

Other Wells Fargo Retirement Accounts

Wells Fargo Bank offers IRAs whose assets are deposited solely in FDIC-insured savings accounts or certificates of deposit. Customers who don't want the riskiness of the securities markets might prefer the inherent safety of a bank IRA. Wells Fargo Bank also offers a Rollover IRA for customers who have an old employer plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b).

An IRA can also be opened with Wells Fargo Advisors. In this case, investment consultants assist clients in the management of their accounts. This would be a good option for customers who aren't confident enough to do their own financial planning.

Wells Fargo number if users

Wells Fargo IRA Comparison

The WellsTrade site doesn't have very much material devoted to retirement topics. The broker's one retirement calculator pales in comparison to Vanguard's ten. Merrill Edge has retirement videos, whereas WellsTrade does not. Voya has more articles than WellsTrade. E*Trade offers more IRA types.

Exchange-traded funds with low expense ratios are popular among investors today, and many of them would be good choices for a retirement account. But WellsTrade does not offer any that are commission-free. Several other companies do, including Firstrade, Schwab, and Fidelity.

The WellsTrade mutual fund screener does not have the ability to scan for target-date mutual funds, which are designed for retirement investors. TD Ameritrade's mutual fund screener, by comparison, does have the ability.

Wells Fargo AUM Summary

Retirement savers can open an IRA at WellsTrade and invest in a large selection of mutual funds. Investors who want a better fee schedule or more educational resources would be better off with Charles Schwab.

Updated on 1/23/2024.

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