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Buy Cannabis (Marijuana) Stocks on Fidelity

2020: Can I trade marijuana stocks on Fidelity Investments? Does Fidelity offer investing in U.S. and Canadian weed, medical cannabis stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds (MJ, Aurora, Canopy Growth, Cronos, Tilray)? Pot stocks buying cost.

Fidelity Marijuana Mutual Funds

Fidelity Investments does not have any of its own mutual funds for cannabis industry. The only cannabis mutual fund that exist right now is horribly expensive AMREX. A much better idea for investing could be a cannabis ETF with ticker ETFMG.

Can I Buy Marijuana Stocks on Fidelity?

Many medical cannabis stocks can be traded at Fidelity. In fact, you can buy just about every marijuana stock, mutual fund or ETF with this broker, including all four of the biggest players in the Canadian cannabis industry: Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB), Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC), Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON), and Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY).

How much Fidelity Marijuana Stock Trades Cost?

Fidelity charges $0 for cannabis stocks trades but $49.95 on most mutual funds. In comparison, Ally Invest charges $0 on marijuana stocks and all other stocks/ETF's, and only $9.95 on mutual fund trades.

Buying Cannabis Stocks on Fidelity Investments

Special equipment is required to grow cannabis, and one company that manufactures it is GreenGro Technologies, Inc. The company makes light deprivation greenhouses, hydroponic supplies, modular grow rooms, among other supplies. GreenGro’s stock trades over-the-counter under the symbol GRNH.

Trade Marijuana stocks on Fidelity

Fidelity provides access to the OTC marketplace. The broker’s stock profile page for GRNH shows data back to 1995. It started at $30, hit a very brief high of $4,000, and now is trading at just 4.75 cents. Despite the low share price, there is a lot of interest in this company. The stock’s average 90-day volume is over 2 million shares daily. Fidelity does not show any analysts who cover the stock.

The broker’s website does show other information, including news and events that relate to GreenGro. Information on ownership and insider activity can also be found. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of financial data available on the company. There is no information on price metrics, such as P/E ratio. The broker shows no information on earnings or earnings growth.

GreenGro does not pay a dividend. SEC filings from the company can be accessed on the Fidelity website, but they are all more than 10 years old. There is recent company news, however.

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Fidelity Commissions

Stocks and ETFs $0
Stocks and ETFs broker assisted $32.95
Options $0.65 per contract
Mutual funds$49.95 to buy. $49.95 to sell if sold within 2 months, $0 otherwise
Bonds and CDs (new issues) on a net yield basis
Bonds and CDs (secondary issues) $1.00 per bond ($250 maximum)

Investments stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, commercial paper, UITs, ETFs
Fidelity minimum deposit to open account $2,500 ($0 for Rollover IRA; $2,500 or $200 per month for ROTH and Traditional IRA)
FeesFidelity fees
Promotion linkFidelity promotions

Fidelity marijuana stocks commissions and fees are the same as for all other stocks. Fidelity Investments (member of SIPC) is charging below average rate on stocks and ETF's - $0 per trade. Pot mutual funds are $49.95 to buy and $0 to sell for transaction fee funds. Fidelity-family funds don't have commissions. Options contracts are $0.65 each.

Fidelity Pot Stocks Recap

As more jurisdictions around the world accept the idea of cannabis use at least for medical purposes, the investment opportunity in this space will continue to grow. Be sure to find a broker that offers access to both the American OTC exchanges and the Canadian market, where most of these stocks are found.