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Can I Buy Cannabis (Marijuana) Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds on Vanguard and Firstrade?

2020: Does Firstrade and Vanguard offer trading, investing in medical marijuana, weed stocks, ETFs and mutual funds? Can I buy cannabis stocks on Vanguard (MJ, Aurora, Canopy Growth, Cronos, and Tilray)?

Vanguard Cannabis Mutual Funds and ETFs

Right now Vanguard has no its own mutual funds or ETFs that are mainly invested in cannabis industry.

Can I Buy Marijuana Stocks on Vanguard?

Although Vanguard brokerage house specializes in funds, it does provide access to weed stocks. The Vanguard website has a search tool that can scan the equity markets, but marijuana companies are hard to find on it. It’s best to have a ticker symbol or company name and then enter it on the website.

Weed stocks on Vanguard

Cannabis Science, Inc. is available through Vanguard. The stock trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol CBIS. The company conducts research and development into weed-based products for several medical problems, including skin cancer and sleep disorders.

CBIS’s last trade price was a very low 4¢. Its 52-week high is 14¢. Despite its low price, it has a very active market. Its average daily volume is over 9,000,000 shares.

Cannabis Science has some pretty awful financials. Vanguard’s site shows negative EPS, which results in a negative P/E ratio. Although GW Pharmaceuticals had an impressive 5-year return history, CBIS’s 5-year return history is an abysmal -60%. The company’s revenue growth is negative, and so is its free cash flow. Its return on assets over the past twelve months is -493%, a terrible number. Vanguard’s site unfortunately doesn’t have much more information on this stock, as most data points have been left blank, another bad sign.

To learn more about this broker visit Vanguard Brokerage Review.

Can I Buy Marijuana Stocks on Firstrade?

Firstrade is a broker that charges the lowest commissions on cannabis stocks, ETF's, and mutual funds - $0 per trade. Firstrade offers a stock screener that can be used to look for marijuana equities in a few different ways. Under ‘Select Criteria’ there is sub-heading entitled ‘Market Segment.’ Here, there are several choices that can be used. One is keyword function that allows the user to search using a specific word, such as ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana.’ Searching for cannabis produces 18 stocks, while marijuana generates 3.

Weed stocks on Firstrade

To learn more about this broker visit Firstrade Brokerage Review.

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Most Popular Cannabis Stocks

More cannabis is being grown every year as more people are trying it, particularly for medical problems. Someone has to grow it and market it, and that’s where the profit potential comes in. Several marijuana companies have been established in the past few years, and there’s a lot of interest from investors.

One of the best ways to judge popularity in the investment world is by average daily volume. This tells you how many shares are being bought and sold every day on the stock market. Here’s a list of the cannabis stocks with the highest volume:

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Aurora Cannabis, Inc.

The pot stock with the highest average daily volume is Aurora Cannabis. Trading under the ticker symbol ACB, it registers in at 22,543,000. That’s a lot of trading activity. But there’s good reason for this. The stock has a very low P/E ratio (35.9), which means it’s undervalued. It also has positive earnings, a rarity in this industry.

Aurora Cannabis Stock

Besides its stock, Aurora has a very popular options market. During our investigation, we found thousands of contracts at the nearest-term expiration. Other expirations have hundreds of contracts with regular volume.

Aurora specializes in mostly medical marijuana. It manufactures both dried and oil form, and also sells hardware, such as vaporizers. Aurora has worked with pharmacies to introduce medical marijuana through these outlets. The company also has cannabis counseling services.

Buy Cannabis Stocks on Vanguard Recap

Many brokerage houses provide access to firms that are connected in to the cannabis industry. Vanguard and especially Firstrade are some of the top options available.