4:00 AM Stock Trading Broker

2021 brokerage firm that offers 4:00 AM pre market trading period in stocks and ETFs.

Pre-Market Trading at Webull Starts at 4 A.M.

If you can’t catch the regular market session because of work or other obligations, you could always trade before the opening bell. Several brokerage firms offer this great service. Webull is one of them, and in fact, it does a better job than other brokers.

For example:

  • tastyworks’ early-bird session begins at 7:00 am
  • Ally Invest starts at 8:00 am
  • WellsTrade’s early session begins at 8:00 am, and closes 5 minutes before the opening bell (Webull’s session doesn’t close early)
  • Merrill Edge starts at 7:30 am

Webull charges nothing extra for trading during its early-morning session. So if you really want to get a jump start on trading, Webull is a great pick.

Pre-Market Trading on Webull’s Mobile App

On the mobile app, pre-market prices will be automatically shown before the opening bell rings. There’s nothing you need to do to access these numbers. Moreover, Webull’s charts automatically display pre-market price action, both in horizontal and vertical modes.

In horizontal mode, time & sales data is shown in the right-hand column. With this information, you can see how many shares are trading in the pre-market session, and what the exact times are, down to the second.

4:00 AM Pre Market Trading

Placing trades during the early-morning session follows a similar procedure as placing trades during the regular session. On the app, you’ll see either Pre or Pre-market, depending on the exact screen you’re on, next to the price you see. This lets you know that you’re trading at pre-market prices, which could differ significantly from what you would pay during the regular session. The bid-ask spread tends to be wider during the early session, and liquidity tends to be lower. Thus, the pre-market session entails greater risk.

On Webull’s trade ticket, you’ll need to place a check mark in the circle for extended-hours trading. Otherwise, your order will only execute during the regular session.

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Pre-Market Trading on Webull’s Desktop Platform

If the mobile platform doesn’t deliver the trading experience you’re looking for, Webull has a desktop program with a lot of great features. One of them of course is 4:00 AM pre-market trading.

On the desktop system, charts don’t show extended-hours pricing by default. To enable it, you’ll need to go to settings (located in the upper-right menu, indicated by an icon with two horizontal bars with sliders) and turn it on. Once you’ve done this, pre-market prices will show up in a stock’s graph.

4:00 AM Stock Trading

As with the mobile app, the desktop platform will display Pre or Pre-market to indicate early-bird prices.

When filling out an order ticket on the desktop platform, make sure you choose Yes from the Extended Hours drop-down menu.

Webull’s After-Hours Session

In addition to pre-market trading, Webull also offers after-hours trading. The hours are 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, EST.

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