E-Trade pre market trading

E*TRADE After Hours and Pre Market Trading (2024)

E*TRADE extended hours (EH, AH) trading fees, broker surcharge, and time period. How to enter E*TRADE pre market and after market buy/sell orders/trades.

Extended-Hours Trading at E*Trade: Key Takeaways

• Stock investors at E*Trade can trade before the market opens and after it closes.

• Futures are available nearly 24/7 at E*Trade.

• Robinhood offers even more hours of trading than E*Trade.

If you think you can only trade when the market is open, you seriously have to think again. With an E*Trade account, it’s possible to trade many products outside of regular stock-market hours.

Overview of Extended Hours at E*Trade

E*Trade offers three sessions for securities traders: the regular day session plus pre-market and after-hours periods. The brokerage firm’s early-morning sessions runs from 7 o’clock in the morning (EST) until the start of the regular session. The late-night period begins when the market closes and ends at 8 o’clock in the evening. In total, there are 13 hours available, at least for securities that trade during extended hours. Not all securities do. Options and over-the-counter stocks, for example, usually only trade during the regular day session.

Overnight Trading

Just in case extended-hours trading isn’t enough for you, E*Trade has rolled out 24/5 trading in 23 ETFs. These special funds are available for trading around the clock, night or day, 5 days a week. This 24-hour program begins at 8 o’clock in the evening, EST, on Sunday, and ends at the same time on Friday.

Submitting an Extended-Hours Trade

A trade for an overnight or extended-hours security should be submitted just like any other order. Any platform at E*Trade can be used. One difference may be in the duration selected for the order. Some of the broker’s platforms have special time-in-force choices for extended-hours trading.

Etrade extended hours trading

On the website, there are three duration choices for extended hours:

- Extended hours day (includes both extended-hours periods plus the day session)
- Extended hours night (the overnight session only)
- Extended hours (immediate or cancel)

On the web-browser platform Power, only the first and last of the above three are available. The overnight choice is not in the drop-down list for duration, although an order for one of the 23 ETFs placed on Power can execute during the overnight session.

Etrade pre market trading

Futures at E*Trade

Besides the securities markets, E*Trade offers access to futures, and these products trade 24/6. Markets are closed from Saturday evening until Sunday evening. On the Power platform, there are only two time-in-force choices (day and GTC). An order will execute anytime the market is open and there is a matching order to fill the trade.

Cost of Extended-Hours Trades

E*Trade charges no special fees for extended-hours or overnight trades.

Robinhood as a Substitute

There is one glaring absence at E*Trade for 24-hour traders, and that of course is cryptocurrencies. E*Trade does not offer trading in this asset class, which is disappointing because digital currencies trade 24/7. Robinhood is one brokerage firm that offers trading in cryptocurrencies, and they open up the possibility of round-the-clock trading.

Etrade 24/7 trading

Robinhood also offers 24/5 trading in select securities. To find these assets, head to Robinhood’s website and type in ‘24’ in the search bar at the top of the screen. In the drop-down window that appears, there will be an icon for the 24 Hour Market. Click on this.

Now you’ll have a list of 225 items that trade from Sunday at 8 o’clock in the evening, EST, until Friday at the same time. The list includes both stocks and ETFs. Only limit orders can be used for these trades, and the order ticket includes three time-in-force choices:

- Day session
- Extended hours + day session (6 am until 7 pm)
- 24 Hour Market

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Updated on 1/23/2024.

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