IBKR pre market trading

Interactive Brokers Extended Hours Trading (Pre Market and After Hours)

2022 IBKR extended hours (EH, AH) trading fees, broker surcharge, and time period. How to enter Interactive Brokers pre market and after market buy/sell orders/trades.

Extended-Hours Trading at Interactive Brokers

If you have an Interactive Brokers account (either IBKR Lite or IBKR Pro), you can place trades during both the regular market session and extended-hours periods. The firm has a pre-market session and an after-hours period.

Extended Hours Time and Fees

The regular market session in New York is from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. Traders at Interactive Brokers IBKR Pro plan can start at 4:00 am and go until 8:00 pm. IBKR Lite plan has shorter, 7:00 am until 8:00 pm time period. There are no surcharges at IB for orders placed outside of normal market hours.

To compare, $0-commission broker Webull’s pre-market session opens at 4:00 am, EST and lasts till 8:00 pm, EST. This is available to all clients. Learn more in 4:00 AM Trading or read WeBull Review.

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Extended-Hours Trading on the Desktop Platform

Interactive Brokers customers can place orders any time of the day or night on the company’s desktop platform. Orders can be specified to fill only during the regular session, which is the default setup.

Interactive Brokers Pre Market Trading

Traders who want orders to fill in the pre-market session can select “Allow pre-open” on the order ticket. This option is in the drop-down menu for duration. Another choice is “Fill outside RTH,” which will allow an order to be filled outside of regular trading hours. This second option permits orders to be filled in either the morning or evening session.

The exact hours a specific instrument can be traded is shown on the order ticket. Just click on “advanced +,” and the software will generate a drop-down menu. Here, click on “Check Margin” and you’ll get another window with information on margin requirements and extended-hours sessions that are available for the ticker symbol entered.

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Extended-Hours Trading on the Portal

The broker’s browser-based portal is another place where extended-hours trades can be submitted. During our exploration, we found the software to be a little easier to use than the desktop system.

To submit an extended-hours trade on the web portal, first you need to go to a stock’s or ETF’s profile page. You can do this in one of several ways. The first is to run a scan using the broker’s security screener. It can be accessed by clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner. Another method is to click on a security’s name in the platform’s watchlist. And a final method is to enter a ticker symbol in the search field.

Once you’re on the profile page, there’s a trade button in the upper-right portion of the screen. Click on this and you’ll have the software’s trade ticket. On the trade ticket, there’s a switch to turn on extended-hours trading. It will say “Outside RTH.” Turn this on and the order will fill in either the regular market session or during extended hours.

Extended-Hours Trading on the Mobile App

The IB mobile app has some very different features compared to the portal, but its trading ticket is very similar. The same switch exists for extended-hours trades. Getting to the order ticket requires the same steps mentioned for the portal.

Interactive Brokers After Hours Trading


Some other brokers don’t provide the same amount of time for extended-hours trading. Vanguard, for example, only has an after-hours session. And E*Trade customers must pay a surcharge for extended-hours trades. See Brokers extended hours trading.

Is Interactive Brokers Open On Weekends?

You can log in and use Interactive Brokers website and app on weekends. However, stock market is closed on a weekend, so any changes to investments you make will take effect on the next business day.

The one exception is crypto trading. It is available 24/7.

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