M1 pre market trading

M1 Finance Extended Hours Trading (Pre Market and After Hours) Trade Window

2023 M1 Finance extended hours (EH, AH) trading fees, broker surcharge, and trade window. How to enter M1 Finance pre market and after market buy/sell orders/trades.

M1 Finance Extended-Hours Trading Time

There is no pre-market and after hours trading at M1 Finance. In contrast, at TD Ameritrade $0-commission brokerage, pre-market session opens at 7:00 am, EST and after hours session ends at 8:00 pm, EST. Learn more in TD Ameritrade extended hours or read TD Ameritrade review.

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M1 Finance Trade Window

The trade window is the window of time each weekday when M1 makes all trades for user accounts. M1's trade window benefits users because it helps keep M1's management fees low since M1 is only trading one time or two times per day, depending on whether you are eligible to trade in the second window. M1 is a long term investing vehicle, not a trading platform, so timing of trades is less important.

M1 Finance Morning Trade Window

M1's trade window begins at 9:00 am CT everyday the NYSE market is open and runs until all orders have been completed. All M1 Finance customers have access to the morning trade window.

Changes to your portfolio made before 9:00 am CT on days that the NYSE is open are generally executed that same day during M1's morning trade window. Accounts that trade will see updates after the trade window has closed.

M1 Finance Afternoon Trade Window

This new trade window, exclusively for M1 customers who are M1 Plus members, begins at 2:00 pm CT. Customers with standard M1 Finance accounts will continue to trade during the morning trade window at 9:00 am CT.

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Is M1 Finance Open On Weekends?

You can log in and use M1 Finance website and app on weekends. However, stock market is closed on a weekend, so any changes to investments you make will take effect on the next business day.

Overview of M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a new brokerage firm that combines elements of robo-trading with features of traditional investing. This hybrid brokerage house offers a unique form of money management that will attract investors from the Millennial generation, but anyone can benefit from the company’s noteworthy style of financial supervision. Let’s check it out.

M1 Finance Investment Method

M1 Finance customers invest in Pies. These are portfolios of stocks, ETF’s, and other Pies. Some of them are created by M1, while others are built by the customer. In either case, a Pie can have up to 100 slices. Each slice is a stock, ETF, or fractional ownership of another Pie. One Pie can be composed of a single stock or ETF.

M1 Finance uses Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to design its own selection of Pies. This investment strategy assumes that risk is a natural part of any project that seeks return. M1’s Pies will attempt to find an efficient frontier, which is the place believed to have the highest level of return for a given amount of risk.

The company’s Pies cannot be adjusted by clients, although the broker updates them once every three months. Custom-built Pies of course can be modified at will, and M1 investors can have multiple Pies.

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As some underlying stocks or exchange-traded funds increase in value, while others decrease in price, a Pie’s original asset allocation will change. M1 rebalances Pies by using contributions to purchase underweight slices. The broker sells overweight slices when customers make withdrawals. Clients can also login anytime and submit a rebalance request without making any deposits or withdrawals.

Cash balances are automatically invested in an account’s Pies. This occurs once every market day at 10 am, EST. Orders placed outside of this short window will be filled on the upcoming market day. M1 says that limiting trades to just once a day keeps costs down. The broker’s investment method is also supposed to be a long-term strategy.

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Opening a M1 Finance Account

Unlike most robo-advisors, M1 Finance does not have a thorough questionnaire. The broker’s application asks just a few questions about risk tolerance and investment objectives. Actually, these questions are required by industry guidelines, so there’s no indication that M1 is a typical robo advisor. The application takes just a few minutes, and an e-mail address must be used as the login ID. The broker does not require any minimum deposit to open an investment account.

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