International Accounts for Non-U.S. Residents at Interactive Brokers in 2022

Interactive Brokers for non-US Citizens

Did you know that non-Americans can open accounts at Interactive Brokers? Yes, it’s true. Keep reading—we’ll show you everything you need to know to get an account open and ready to trade.

Non-US Citizens Outside America

Interactive Brokers allows non-US citizens residing inside and outside the United States to open accounts. Thankfully, the investment firm allows non-US citizens to open accounts using its straightforward and user-friendly online application.

To get started, you simply need to head over to the IB website and click on the red Open Account button located in the upper-right portion of the screen. On the next page, you’ll find the initial application, which requires just a few pieces of information, such as email address and country of residency. More details will be required later, but this start page will get you in the front door.

Before selecting country, you need to select individual or institution for the account type. Next, using the drop-down menu, you can find your country of residence. You should select your country of legal residency (which may be different than your country of citizenship). Trust accounts should select their country of formation.

Interactive Brokers accepts applications from residents of virtually every country in the world. We counted over 200 of them. Only a handful is absent. These are the standards like North Korea and Cuba.

Each country of residency has its own rules and requirements for opening an account. For example, residents of Japan must supply proof of address, which could be in the form of a utility bill or health insurance card. They must also supply proof of identity, which could be from a Japanese passport or driving license.

Residents of Europe must supply information on source of wealth and funds, employer’s name and address, and country of birth. Hungarians must supply an address card that shows a current residential address.

In all cases, a tax ID number must be included on the application. Some non-US citizens may have a Social Security Number, although Interactive Brokers will accept non-US numbers.

Foreign trusts have their own special requirements regarding documents that must be submitted, and there can be differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts. Although the requirements will be similar to US-based trusts, there may be differences in some cases. Proof of address cannot be more than 12 months old for a foreign address, for example.

One really important point is in order here: Interactive Brokers’ commission-free pricing schedule is only available to US-based accounts. If you open an account with a foreign address, you will likely get a unique commission schedule.

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Interactive Brokers Websites Intended for Residents of Foreign Countries

Interactive Brokers maintains country-specific websites for residents of a few countries. Here are some examples:




Hong Kong:

These sites may be of value to residents of the respective countries.

IBKR For Non American

Non-US Citizens Inside America

Non-US citizens who open brokerage accounts inside the United States have an additional step to take. They must fill out Form W-8. The IRS has multiple versions of this form, and the exact one that needs to be filled out is determined by the account type.

The US government has tax treaties with some countries that allow nationals of those countries to have zero or reduced tax withholdings on dividends and capital gains. Other nationals will have somewhere between 0% and 30% withheld. Most EU countries have tax treaties with the US government to allow their citizens to have reduced tax withholding.

IB for Foreign Clients

Global Assets That Can Be Traded

Interactive Brokers is one of the few investment firms in the United States to offer trading in foreign securities and other financial vehicles. These include not only stocks but also bonds, options, and mutual funds. Here are a few exchanges that are accessible with an IB account:

SIX Swiss Exchange
Korea Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Connect
Moscow Exchange
Euronext Netherlands

As already mentioned, trades on these exchanges will carry commissions.

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