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Webull for Non-U.S. Residents in 2024

Is Webull only for US citizens? Can non US citizens open a Webull brokerage account? International account at Webull for non US residents.

Webull For Non-U.S. Residents

Webull does accept new account applications from non-U.S. residents. Webull's supported countries list is as follows:

  • United States
  • UK
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Learn more...

Alternative to Webull For Non-U.S. Residents

If you don’t live in one of these countries, you can still trade stocks and other securities listed on U.S. exchanges. All you need is a brokerage account at Firstrade.

Free Firstrade Account

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Opening a Webull Account

Traders can use the mobile app or a PC to create an account at Webull. To start the process, simply go to the Sign Up page and follow the onscreen instructions.

webull for non us residents

The first splash screen that customers see is a telephone verification tool that allows new users to register their phone numbers. This is an important step as Webull uses mobile verification to increase security.

Once the phone number is verified, the account application process begins.

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Application Process

Press the ‘Open Account’ to get started.

ID Verification & Personal Information

The first part of the application is the identity verification. Upload a valid ID and submit the image files.

Accepted IDs are passport, driver’s license, state ID, or US visa. Accepted visa types are E1, E2, E3, F1, H1B, H3, TN1, O1, and L1. Please note that all new members should present an SSN or ITIN, including those signing up with a US visa.

It is also important to note that signing up on the official website is only available for new traders from the United States and China. Although citizens of either of those countries can use a VPN to access and sign up from anywhere in the world.

For everyone else, the process must be completed via the mobile app.

After successfully verifying the account, several questions are asked pertaining to a new applicant’s financial situation, trading experience, address, and funding information.

Account Type

Applicants are then asked to decide on the type of account that they would like to use.

Available account types at Webull are:

- Individual Cash
- Individual Margin
- Traditional IRA
- Rollover IRA
- Roth IRA

Each trader at Webull is allowed to have one cash, one margin, and one IRA account. To open an IRA account, the trader should first be approved for an Individual account.

Trading History and Risk Appetite

The next step in the process is to decide how much risk an applicant wishes to be exposed to. There is a series of questions that will help the new member and the brokerage decide which permissions to give.

A note for new traders: trading options spreads (buying and selling options at the same time) requires a Level 3 options permission.

Wait for Approval

When all the information is submitted, simply agree to the terms, and submit the application. Approval often comes within 24 hours.

Funding Your New Trading Account

Funding a new Webull account is a straightforward process and there are three basic options to choose from: ACH, Wire Transfers, and ACAT.

ACH Transfers – For ACH transfers, the process of funding a new account is very easy. Simply by creating a link between a personal bank account and the brokerage, transfers can be initiated quickly and securely.

One thing to note about ACH transfers, however, is that it can take up to 5 days for the funds to land into the account.

Fees – Free

Duration – 3-5 days

Wire Transfers – To start a wire transfer, the trader should select the option from the funding options box. Once selected,

Wire transfers are quite fast, but they come with an additional fee.

Fees for domestic wires - $3

Fees for international wires - $12.5

Duration – approximately 2-3 days

Transferring Stocks (ACAT) – the third option for getting funds into a new trading account is to use the Account Transfer wizard.

This option is perfect for anyone with more complex or larger accounts as there is no need to liquidate holdings before moving the account.

Details to note are:

- ACAT transfers must be for more than $500
- A $75 dollar transfer fee is common (from the original broker).

Webull Incentive

Up to 75 FREE fractional shares when you make a deposit at Webull.

Visit Webull Website

Getting Ready to Trade

Before placing your first trade, you will want to consider which type of asset you would like to trade. Then, of course, you should make sure that you have the permissions to make the types of trades that you are interested in.

Click on the icon next to your username.

Then, you will select “Manage My Account.” From the management screen, turning on certain privileges requires checking each one, reading the terms and agreements for each, and making known your awareness of how each works.

After turning on your desired asset classes, a waiting period of 24 hours or less is common.

Updated on 3/15/2024.

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