International Accounts for Non-U.S. Residents at Webull in 2023

Webull For Non-U.S. Residents

Because of laws and regulations introduced in the recent years, it became increasingly difficult for U.S. brokerage firms to maintain international investors who are non-U.S. citizens or residents. That is the reason American brokerage companies don't accept new account applications from non-U.S. residents (even from European Union citizens and expats).

Webull is one of the companies that do not accept account applications from non-U.S. residents aliens (including EU citizens).

Fortunately, there is a U.S. brokerage firm that welcomes international investors - Zackstrade. The company has some of the lowest margin rates in the industry, offers a professional trading platform, and access to 91 exchanges around the world. Learn more about the company in the 2023 Zackstrade Review.

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For a European brokerage firm, we suggest a company called DEGIRO, one of the largest brokers in Europe. Along with low fees, you get access to more than 50 exchanges across 30 countries. Read DEGIRO Review.

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Open DEGIRO Account

Commissions, Fees, and Minimum Deposit

ZacksTrade supports trading in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and bonds. Stock and ETF trades are $0.01 per share ($1 minimum per trade), and for stocks priced below $1 the commission is the greater of $3 or 1% of the trade.

Mutual fund commissions are a flat $27.50. Options trades are $1 for the first contract and $0.75 for each additional contract.

Bond commissions are $3 per bond ($1,000 face value) plus a percentage of the trade which varies based on the size and the type of bond (Municipal, Corporate, or Treasury). The percentage can be as low as 0.005% for trades over $1 million face value or as high as 0.10% for face values under $10,000.

While ZacksTrade doesn’t have any account maintenance fees, they do require a minimum account balance of $2,500. Other fees to be aware of is they will charge you a $10 monthly fee for real-time data unless you trade at least $30 in commission per month. Oddly, ZacksTrade only allows one free withdrawal per month, with all additional ACH withdrawals costing $1. Higher fees apply to withdrawals via check or wire transfer.

Trading Software, Tools and Education

ZacksTrade has a website that is used for managing your account but not for trading, that happens on their web browser, desktop, and mobile platforms. The web browser and desktop platforms offer the standard features you’d expect from all brokers, but charting is superior on the desktop app.

A plus of using ZacksTrade is that your account gets you free access to lots of education and research articles offered through the broker’s various partners, including Zacks Investment Research, Morningstar, and Seeking Alpha. Many of these partners are subscription-only, so free access through your Zacks account is a great deal.


Customer Service

ZacksTrade has an online chat feature; however we haven’t always been able to immediately get in touch with someone through this channel. On the bright side, Zacks also has dedicated phone support during business hours from 9am to 6pm EST Monday through Friday.

Brokerage for Non-US Citizens Summary

In conclusion, ZacksTrade is a popular U.S. broker with great tools that offers international accounts to citizens of most countries.

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