Review transferred all of its client accounts to FOLIO Investments and is no longer in business. See Broker Ratings for more ideas for a brokerage firm. Commissions, Fees, and Minimum Deposit

Stocks and ETFs $15 real-time trades
Stocks and ETFs Basic Plan (BIP) $7 .99 per month, includes 2 free trades; each additional trade is $3.99
Stocks and ETFs Moderate Investment Plan (MIP) $56.25 per month (15 trades per month); each additional trade is $3.99
Stocks and ETFs Diversified Investment Plan (DIP) $122.50 per month (35 trades per month); each additional trade is $3.99
Stocks and ETFs IRA Accounts $3.99 per transaction

Investments stocks, mutual funds, ETFs minimum deposit to open account $0 Pricing, as the name suggests, is one of the brokerage firms that advises using the old fashioned strategy of holding stocks for long term, accumulating dividends, and staying fully invested despite of what may temporarily loom on the horizon.

After opening an account, you'll get three pricing options to choose from. The monthly charge for the first option - Basic Plan - is $8. With this plan a client can execute two free trades per month. Additional trades cost just $3.99 each. All trades in the Basic Plan go through what the company calls a "trade window", which means completed trades are purchased in blocks three times daily despite fluctuations that all investments endure in the course of a day. The plan caters to long-term investors whose strategy is accumulating stable blue chip companies such as Johnson and Johnson. These steady stocks have been around for many years and are considered low risk. Generally, the idea with this brokerage is ownership of stocks that pay dividends. When dividends arrive, the client may reinvest in the stock or keep it as cash.

The obvious problem with "trade window" approach is that you can't specify the price for which you are buying a stock - what other brokerage firms call a Limit Order. Your stock will be bought at the market price at the time of execution.

Second pricing option is the Moderate Investment Plan (MIP), which comes with a monthly fee of $56.25. This plan offers 15 trades per month and each additional trade is $3.99. The third pricing option is Diversified Investment Plan (DIP), it costs $122.50 per month, and includes 35 trades per month. This plan, obviously, is ideally suited for very active investors.

It is worth noting that real-time trades are available in all plans. However, those trades are $15 each in addition to the other fees.

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The website is horribly designed and has a tutorial designed for first timers and clients unfamiliar with trading. It's a target group because many novice investors aren't often concerned with daily fluctuations. tries to show them how to sail through rough waters. The Research option in the main menu provides sortable trading choices by symbols, popularity among fellow clients and market recognized sectors, including consumer goods, energy & utilities, finance, food and beverage, foreign, industrial, medical, recreation, services, technology, telecommunications and transportation.

Once a client contemplates a buy, he or she has access to quarterly and yearly financial reports, latest news, corporate buying data, 52 week highs and lows, charts and fundamentals. The reports open in PDF files and usually run about 100 pages. This makes them hard to read and comprehend for everyone but very knowledgeable investors.

A client's personal account page is somewhat user friendly. You can set up a draft on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. There is a minimum purchase of $20 if you choose this option. Perhaps the most popular tool of the personal account is an automatic dividend reinvestment. IRAs

Traditional, ROTH and Rollover IRAs are available and IRA trades are $3.99 each. These account come with a $25 annual fee. All yearly fees are waived when a monthly or weekly E-ZVestsm purchasing schedule is set up within 30 days of opening the account and maintained throughout the year. The company did not make it into the Best IRA Firms list. Investments

Because of the "trading window", one investor can piggy back on another and buy fragments of stock shares instead of an entire share. This is a great tool for small investors that want to buy high share price stocks.

Stock buying isn't the only investment option. Mutual funds are available as well as close ended bond funds. On the more sour note, almost all other online brokers also offer options, bonds and other investment products.

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As we predicted, is no longer in business. In 2015 BUYandHOLD division of Freedom Investments, Inc. have transferred all of its client accounts to FOLIOfn Investments, Inc.

Very troubling fact is that website looks like it has not been updated for at least 10 years. In fact, the website is the worst-looking out of all brokerage firms we have reviewed. This raises a logical question: doesn't the company have enough money to pay one designer and one computer programmer to improve the website, which is the main part of their business?

Online investing industry is a highly competitive environment. We see no reasons to risk hard-earned money with a company that can't even keep its website in a decent state. There are a lot of other, highly rated brokerage firms to consider. reviewed by Rating: 2