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Dough.com Trading App Review for 2021

Dough app review: trading platform, broker account fees, and investment pricing. Is Dough.com a good brokerage app?

Dough.com Trading App Review

Do you want to make some dough? Opening an investment account at Dough, the brokerage firm, may be your ticket to riches. Or it may not be. The firm doesn’t guarantee market success; but it does guarantee some really low fees and commissions on all of its services. Let’s check it out and see how it compares to other low-priced options out there.

Bulls Emphasize...

Excellent pricing schedule. Dough is another zero-commission broker in a large sea of them.

Penny stocks. Low-priced equities on major U.S. exchanges can be traded with low surcharges.

Free shares of stocks. Dough’s primary method of advertising is offering free stock shares.

Bears Emphasize...

Software is undeveloped. Trading tools are on the basic side, one of many cost-cutting measures from this $0 broker.

Customer service is very limited. Do you know the phone number of this company? If you find it, let us know. We’re looking for it, too.

Many investment vehicles are missing. As of right now, Dough only offers a limited selection of tradable assets.

Dough Pricing and Minimum Deposit

Stocks and ETFs $0
Options $0
Mutual funds not offered

Investments stocks, ETFs, closed-end funds, and options
Minimum deposit to open account $0
FeesDough fees

Available Investment Vehicles

Dough Investment Rating

Dough customers can trade the following securities:

- ETFs
- Closed-end funds
- Options
- Stocks on major exchanges

Dough does not offer over-the-counter stocks, precious metals, mutual funds, foreign securities, cryptocurrencies, futures, warrants, forex, or any other investment vehicle. The brokerage house does offer trading in penny stocks if they’re on the major U.S. exchanges.

Customer Support

Dough Customer Rating

Dough has customer service agents available for chat through its mobile app from 8:30 am, EST, until 6:00 pm. These hours apply to the weekday only. The broker-dealer does not offer any weekend customer support.

On the market day we did our research, we tried using the customer service chat tool on Dough’s app to contact someone, but we received an error message telling us the app could not connect. We tested the app’s other functions and verified that the Internet connection was working. We were able to access market data.

Dough clients who have the same experience we did can reach out for assistance using the broker’s customer service e-mail address. It’s help@dough.com.

The Dough mobile app has a list of FAQs that may answer some questions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a phone number for this company anywhere on its website or mobile app, which is an indication of the cost-cutting measures that are being taken.

You probably have guessed by now that this firm has no branch locations and no robo chat. There also isn’t much of a self-help section on its mobile app; although account documents can be downloaded.

Available Accounts

Dough Trading Account Rating

To trade the securities Dough offers, traders can open individual taxable accounts. The brokerage firm does not currently offer IRA’s, joint accounts, business accounts, or any other account type.

Dough.com Trading

Price Schedule

Dough Cost Rating

Like other brokerage firms today, Dough is emphasizing its low fees and commissions. It charges nothing for stock and fund trades. It does pass on exchange and regulatory fees, but these are very small.

The one time Dough does assess a commission is on stocks priced under 10¢. The trade fee is 0.02¢ per share with a cap of 5% of trade value.

Dough accounts have no on-going fees, such as low-balance, inactivity, or annual charges. An account can be opened with no deposit.

Funded accounts get real-time streaming quotes. Accounts that remain unfunded after 15 days will have delayed quotes.

Margin rates currently range from 5.00% to 8.00%, depending on the loan balance. Paper statements cost $10 each, while hard-copy confirmations are $5 each.


Dough App Rating

Dough has a website, but there’s almost nothing on it. There is no account login; so obviously, there’s no trading capability. The site is used mostly for advertising Dough’s brokerage services. You can’t even open an account on the website.

Dough’s pricing schedule is posted on the site along with links (to Android and Apple sites) to download the company’s mobile app.

Mobile App

Dough Mobile Rating

Dough’s mobile app is where all the action takes place. And when we say “all the action,” we mean customer service, trading, research, account management—you name it, it’s done on the app.

Dough App Trading

Two horizontal bars in the upper-left corner produce the app’s main menu. There is a link for funds transfer (via the ACH system), another for account history, and a third for account documents.

Tapping on the home icon under the main menu produces a graph of an account’s value over time. There is also a search field in the upper-right portion of the app. This is the best way to begin your trading experience on the app. Just type in a ticker symbol to get to a security’s profile.

Dough provides a moderate amount of information for stocks. Major competitors are shown, and a small chart at the top of a stock’s profile shows the asset’s price action up to 5 years. There is only one graph format (line). There are no charting tools of any kind, and a graph cannot be rotated.

While charting is rather disappointing, we did like the inclusion of a price target. It can be displayed on a chart by tapping on the price-target icon, which is next to the 5-year timeline icon. The price target is combined from multiple analysts' forecasts. Both high and low figures are shown.

Trade data are displayed for a stock as well. These numbers include dividend yield, beta, average volume, market cap, YTD change, and bid and ask numbers.

It’s easy to add a security to the app’s watchlist. Just tap on “Favorite+” at the top of the security’s profile.

Dough Trading Watchlist

At the bottom of a stock or fund’s profile is a trade button. Tap on this and you’ll get Dough’s trade ticket. Limit, market, and stop orders are available. There are two duration choices: GTC and day. There are no other features on the trade ticket, and this we view as a weakness.

Dough Stock Chart

Missing on the Dough app is mobile check deposit.


Dough Mutual Funds Rating

Dough does not offer any fund commentary or special fund trading tools. An ETF or closed-end fund’s profile has the same trade data mentioned above that stocks have. And a fund’s profile has the same elementary chart.

Investment Education and Research

Dough Education Rating

Dough does not have a stock or fund screener, and this oversight will subtract one star right off the bat. Security profiles do offer news articles—or at least links to news articles. Some of the sources used include Benzinga and ETF Trends.

Dough Stock Report Card

A stock’s profile has a report card. It includes information from the company’s SEC filings, such as revenue, debt, cash, net income, and earnings. Both quarterly and annual figures can be displayed, and earnings misses are shown as well.

Dough Stock Ratings

During our testing, we found it easy to research competitors because Dough’s app displays icons of rivals at the bottom of a stock’s profile. For example, on Ford’s profile there are icons for Honda, GM, and Ferrari.

On Dough’s search page, there are videos from the broker’s educational arm, The 3Cap. Other icons show the day’s biggest market movers, the day’s earnings releases, sector funds, and stocks with high social sentiment.

Other Services

Dough Service Rating

For reasons already mentioned, there is no auto-investing in mutual funds at Dough. While the broker isn’t publicly advertising DRIP service yet for stocks and ETFs, we were able to add it to our test account by requesting it through the customer service chat tool.

Dough Premium

Dough Premium Rating

Dough has margin services with the launch of Dough premium. As with other margin accounts, Dough premium requires at least $2,000 in assets. Standard 2:1 buying power (and nothing higher) is enabled once an account reaches this level.

In addition to entering long positions with borrowed funds, shorting is also possible in a Dough premium account. The broker charges nothing for its new service other than margin rates.

To check your account’s eligibility for premium, just head over to settings in the broker’s app and tap on Dough premium.

One caveat about the broker’s new service is that premium accounts may not be eligible for securities lending. If you don’t want premium, you can send an opt-out request to help@Dough.com.


Dough Comparison Rating

The two brokers most similar to Dough are Webull and Firstrade. While Dough is mobile only, Firstrade and Webull offer website trading on top of its mobile app.

Besides its trading platform, a major advantage Webull has over Dough is simulated trading with virtual money.

Webull's mobile app is quite a bit better than Dough’s. It has very advanced charting, a simulated trading mode, advanced order types, and extended-hours trading.

Dough Is Giving It Away

In order to attract customers, Dough is giving away shares of stocks. Whenever you open an account, you’ll get one share of a random company. Well, it’s probably not so random. Our stock, Nokia, was valued at $4.29 when we received it. The one share is deposited into every new account with 2-3 business days after it is approved.

Dough.com Free Stock

Besides this free share, you can get more free shares by referring friends to the broker. When they open an account, you’ll get another free share.

Dough requires a $25 deposit before a free share of stock can be withdrawn.


Mutual Fund Investors: Obviously, we can’t recommend Dough here. But Ally Invest has great mutual fund resources.

Individual Retirement Accounts: Same goes here. Fidelity or TD Ameritrade would be a good choice.

Beginners: Dough just doesn’t have the educational materials or customer support that newbies need. We suggest they go to Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

Active Stock and ETF Trading: Although Dough’s commission schedule is enticing, other brokerage firms nowadays have the same pricing with much better software. We endorse Webull and TD Ameritrade.

Long-Term Investors and Retirement Savers: Target-date mutual funds, investment advice, individual 401(k) plans, and a long list of IRAs will be found at Vanguard.

Small Accounts: Finally, one area where we can recommend Dough. But there are better choices out there.

Dough.com Review Summary

Dough has a decent mobile app where stocks and funds can be traded with no commissions. In all other areas, the broker falters, underperforming its rivals and failing to deliver anything worth reporting on.