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Best Brokerage Firm HSA Account in 2019

Online broker with top rated HSA account with low fees, tax-free (pre-tax) contributions, withdrawals for qualified medical expenses, employer contributions.

Top HSA Account

Investors are now able to use powerful and easy-to-learn TD Ameritrade platform to invest in a Health Savings Account (HSA). This award winning company gives users the ability to invest in an HSA by placing trades over the phone, on their mobile device, and online.

Getting started with an HSA through TD Ameritrade is very intuitive. This can be done online by clicking their promotion offer: Trade free for 60 days + get up to $600. A U.S. based customer support line is also available for those who need assistance or prefer to set up an account over the phone. Note, that HSA’s that open online with a $3,000+ initial deposit will enjoy fee-free trading for 60 days.

TD Ameritrade HSA Commission and Transaction Fees

Stocks and ETFs

Commission-Free ETFs: Free/No Commission
Internet Orders: $6.95
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Orders: $14.99
Broker-Assisted Orders: $24.99


Trading: $6.95 + $0.75 fee per contract
(Note: Option exercises and assignments will charge commissions of $19.99)

Mutual Funds

No-Load Mutual Funds: $25
Loaded Mutual Funds: No Fee
NTF Funds: No Fee

Fixed Income

Buy Orders for Bonds: Five-bond minimum ($5,000 par value)
Treasuries at Auction: $25
Online CD Buy Orders: Two-CD Min. ($2,000 par value)

TD Ameritrade HSA Fee Schedule

  • Deposit: $25 each
  • Non-Mandatory and Tender Offers: $30
  • Mandatory: $20
  • Withdrawal from Tender Offer: $10
  • Duplicate Statements and Confirmations: $5 per copy (no charge for electronic documents)
  • Research Fee: $60/hour
  • Custody Holding Fee - $250/year per asset
  • Alternative Investments: $100/transaction (Includes limited partnerships, private placements, restricted securities, and other assets not traded on national market)

TD Ameritrade Mobile App

TD Ameritrade’s brokerage app is viewed by the trading community as one of the most user-friendly and powerful mobile trading platforms available. It is offered on all Apple and Android devices. Mobile users can make deposits, transfer funds, and trade on the fly. TD Ameritrade regularly issues bug-fixes and performance improvement updates so their application continues to run smooth.

A simple sign in process:

An integrated news and research feed:

Stock quotes with details:

Best hsa brokerage account

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TD Ameritrade HSA Website

Like the mobile app, the TD Ameritrade website is also easy to use. It is loaded with indicators, tools, and features.

Advanced security prevents fraud and keeps money safe:

Top rated hsa account

Personalize the platform using the many available settings:

Top hsa account

Analyze target stocks using charts, stay up to date on news, and view earnings information:

best hsa account

Stay up to date on trend analysis from some of Wall Street’s most prevalent financial organizations:

best hsa broker account


TD Ameritrade HSA Pros

  • Quick and easy sign-in process
  • Fast and painless funds transferring process
  • High level of security on all trading platforms
  • Intuitive navigation and stock trading
  • Wealth of research available on stocks, mutual funds and other investments
  • Completely customizable
  • Good promotions for new accounts

TD Ameritrade HSA Cons

  • Somewhat difficult to implement gain/loss tracking
  • The wealth of information and features may be overwhelming for new investors

TD Ameritrade HSA Customer Service

TD Ameritrade’s U.S. based customer service center is excellent. The representatives are knowledgeable and they have a strong understanding of the stock market and the TD Ameritrade platform.

TD Ameritrade HSA Tax Help

Their platform connects with many popular online tax-filing services such as TurboTax. Therefore, filing taxes is easy.

Investment Options

TD Ameritrade as one of the world’s largest online brokerage firms. TD Ameritrade HSA customers can invest in most stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and even options. Other HSA brokers limit investment options to only a few mutual funds and ETF's.

Brick and Mortar Stores

One other unique trait of TD Ameritrade is the availability of brick and mortar facilities. Located throughout the United States, customers are welcome to visit and receive free investment consultations and help.

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account