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Kapitall Commissions, Fees, and Minimum Deposit

Product Price
Stocks and ETFs $7.95
Stocks and ETFs broker assisted $30

Investments stocks, ETFs
Minimum deposit to open account $0

The Company

Kapitall (member of SIPC) is a relatively new investment platform that offers users tons of services. These include, but are not limited to: an automated investment option, traditional brokerage services, and a mock-investment platform. Kapitall is still relatively small but has been gaining a dedicated following. This article will review Kapitall’s overall platform while focusing on their brokerage account offering. What makes Kapitall different from almost every other online broker out there? Keep reading to find out.

Is Kapitall Scam? Is Kapitall Safe and Legitimate Firm?

Some customers ask us: is Kapitall safe to keep my money and investments? Is Kapitall scam? The short answer is that there is nothing to worry - Kapitall is safe and legitimate brokerage firm.

Is Kapitall FINRA Regulated and SIPS Insured?

Kapitall Investing is a member of FINRA and SIPS, and all customer accounts are insured for up to $500,000 for each customer, including up to $250,000 for uninvested cash.

Kapitall New Account Setup

Kapitall Review Account Setup

The initial account setup at Kapitall is a breeze. All a perspective user needs to do is enter some simple personal information and they’re in. They can also create an account using a social media profile, which is a fairly novel idea. After the initial setup is complete, investors are given access to Kapitall’s mock investment platform and mock investment tournaments. These items will be covered in the “What Makes Kapitall Different” section below.

If a user wants to use Kapitall’s automated investing or a traditional brokerage accounts they will have to set those up afterwards. This doesn’t take that long and the questions they ask are similar to those asked by every other online broker. It should be noted that their automated investment service requires a minimum initial investment of $500.

Once the application has been submitted it is sent to Kapitall for review. This process can take up to two business days. Fully setting up and funding your brokerage account will take around a week. This puts Kapitall in at the end of the pack as far as registration time goes.

Website Overview

Kapitall Review

Kapitall’s website is one of the best in the business. It is very slick and sophisticated without being too overwhelming for a new user. Their website has a very modern layout with an urban look to it.

They have great content on top of their great website. The Kapitall site is full of useful information about funds, performance, and the company as a whole. Their website also integrates with users’ social media accounts so they can share their investments and challenge friends.

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The downside of their layout design is that by gamifying investing they make their website a little more difficult to navigate than it needs to be.

What Makes Kapitall Different

Kapitall Reviews

Kapitall has two main areas that set it apart from all the competition: social media integration and mock investing challenges. This section will go into depth on both of these.

Kapitall’s social media integration is very unique. Users who link their accounts can challenge friends to investing challenges, share their performance in those challenges, and even share earnings. The place where their social media offering really shines is that it can help investing feel less lonely. By giving users the ability to share their investing with friends Kapitall helps make investing more fun.

Kapitall’s mock investing challenges offer a great way for people new to the market to get their feet wet. These monthly challenges give investors $100,000 of fake money to invest in a select area of the market. For example, investors in the month of March have $100,000 in fake money to invest in the DOW 30 (the top 30 companies in the DOW exchange). Winners of the challenge can get gift cards, “Koins” (tokens to help them in their next challenge or mock investments), and other forms of recognition.

Aside from the challenges, Kapitall also offers a standard mock investment platform where users can buy any stock on the market and watch it grow… or not. A s mentioned above, this is a wonderful sandbox for new investors to play around in to get used to investing. Initially, investors are given $100,000 in mock money to invest however they want. More cash and larger profiles can be bought with the aforementioned “Koins” if necessary.

Kapitall Fees

Kapitall’s fees are slightly above average at $7.95 per trade. They often run promotions for free or discounted trades on their social media, which is another thing that makes them unique. As an example, they ran a “happy hour” promotion a year or two ago, where users could trade free for a random hour each day. Users would be well advised to keep an eye on the Kapitall Twitter account to try and grab some deals.

Kapitall has only a few extra fees to watch out for. The ones that would catch some users are: a $5 fee on all paper mail they send (statements, confirmations, fund prospectus’s, taxes, etc.) and a $35 annual IRA custodian fee.

Kapitall Review Summary

Overall, Kapitall is an online platform that’s great for young investors or people who want to invest but think investing’s boring. Their modern website is not one of the best among the online brokerages but offers a great user experience. Kapitall’s additional features, like competitions and syncing with existing social media accounts, set it apart from every other company out there. The stock commission Kapitall charges is slightly above average and they don't offer mutual funds, options, or bonds.

To sum up Kapitall review: their wonderful user interface coupled with their fresh take on investing definitely makes it worth to check out for people active in social networks.

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