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Thrivent Financial review, rating, minimum deposit, and account fees for 2022. Is Thrivent Financial a good investment firm? Broker stock trading and IRA cost.

Thrivent Financial Overview

A Fortune 500 company, Thrivent Financial (member of SIPC) has been providing financial services to Lutherans for over a century. In 2013, the company opened up its products to members of any Christian faith, who believe and accept the Apostles Creed. Thrivent is an ideal choice for investors who want to increase their assets in a way that aligns with their beliefs and values.

Types of Mutual Funds

As part of its suite of products, Thrivent offers a wide variety of investments including mutual funds. Mutual funds the firm offers consist of stocks, bonds or a combination of the two. Mutual fund offerings include

- sector natural resources funds
- international partner emerging markets equity funds
- small, mid and large cap growth funds
- money market accounts

Risk types range from moderately aggressive to aggressive, as well as short-term, long-term and high-yield options.

Thrivent Representatives

Whether a newbie to mutual funds or a seasoned investor, a member can utilize the services of a Thrivent representative to help them navigate all Thrivent’s products. With over 2,300 representatives throughout the country, Thrivent assures that most members who want an agent have access to one. Local Thrivent representatives belong to regional financial offices and meet with members in-person in their homes, businesses and places of worship. If a member prefers doing business over the phone or has a quick question, the Thrivent Financial Advice center has a toll-free number and is open Monday through Friday.

Large Cap Stock Fund – Class A

The Large Cap Stock Fund – Class A aims to provide the customer with long-term capital growth. The fund mitigates risk by choosing large-cap growth stocks from companies expected to grow at an above-average rate and value stocks from companies that trade at a lower price compared to market averages. With a global portfolio, the Large Cap Stock Fund is ideal for investors looking for long-term investments with moderately-aggressive risk tolerance.

Account Stats

To open a Large Cap Stock Fund – Class A, an investor needs a $2,000 initial investment for non-retirement accounts and $1,000 for IRA or tax-deferred accounts. The fund also has a minimum $50 subsequent investment. The gross expense ratio is 1.02 percent, which is lower than the national average. Members with a $10,000 investment that grows 5 percent a year can expect to pay $857 in fees and charges over three years, $1,082 over five years and $1,729 over 10 years.

Fund Holdings

With 302 total holdings, the Large Cap Stock Fund’s top 10 holdings include Apple, J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, Johnson & Johnson and Starbucks. Nearly 20 percent of the holdings are financial companies, 17 percent are information technology companies and 14.5 percent health care companies. Compared to the U.S. large cap market, Thrivent’s Large Cap Stock Fund consistently has a risk measure just above the national S&P 500 Index average. The 10-year trailing returns average annual percentage rate is 5.44 percent, while the five-year average rate is 10.09 percent.

Online Account

Each Thrivent member can access all his account and financial products online through the MyThrivent portal. MyThrivent makes it easy to manage an account including changing notification preferences, enrolling in paperless statements and updating contact and personal information. A member can also email his local representative and find answers to questions through his online MyThrivent account.

Account Perks

Thrivent members with mutual fund accounts have access to free and discounted products. Partnering with Experian, Thrivent offers members a free two-year membership in Experian’s ProtectMyID Select program. If a member wants additional protection, he can choose the Experian ProtectMyID program at a discounted $10.35 monthly fee. Members can also receive health discounts including dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug discounts.

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Local Chapters

A big draw for many customers is Thrivent’s dedication to giving back to local communities. Various Thrivent chapters exist throughout the country and each chapter invites members to participate in outreach and social events. Local chapters donate to local causes and participate in events like Habitat for Humanity. Along with giving back, local chapters plan fellowship and social events for members. In Hamilton County, Indiana, for example, the local chapter plans yearly outings to Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Indians games.

Thrivent Review: Company Pros

Thrivent provides an opportunity for Christian investors to spend and grow their money with a company that exemplifies their values. The company sits on the Fortune 500 list and it received an A++ Superior rating from A.M. Best, making it a stable and reliable choice for investors. Along with a range of investment products, Thrivent also offers other perks and members-only benefits.

Finding Financial Advisor

If you are looking for a professional money management service in your area, you can search for a Financial Advisor on this website.

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Thrivent Review: Company Cons

Because it’s a smaller company, Thrivent does not have the other products, like banking and loans, that other investment companies offer. When members make suggestions on where donations should go, it’s just that—a suggestion. Ultimately, it’s up to Thrivent to make the final decision on where donations go, which may upset some members.

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