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TradeMonster has been acquired by ETRADE. For the most up-to-date information go to ETRADE Review.

TradeMonster Commissions, Fees, and Minimum Deposit

Stocks and ETFs $4.95
Stocks and ETFs broker assisted $4.95
Options$4.95 + $0.50 per contract
Mutual funds $20
Futures $1.50 per contract

Investments stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, futures, ETFs
TradeMonster minimum deposit to open account $0 for cash account, $2,000 for margin account
FeesTradeMonster fees
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TradeMonster New Account Application

We opened a regular brokerage account, and the application process was very quick: it took us about 12 minutes to complete it. Some of the forms could be better designed, granted, but we had no major problems. Thanks to the electronic signature option (we actually drew the signature with a mouse), there are no forms to print and mail.

TradeMonster's ACH money transfer setup requires the verification of two small deposits to the customer's bank account, which takes up to three business days to complete (though it took only one day for us). Some online brokers now offer instant bank account setup and money transfers, and we would love to see that made available at TradeMonster.

A new virtual trading (practice) account is immediately funded with $100,000 of virtual money, enabling the customers to start practicing trading, and playing with the various trading tools right away. Website/Trading Platform/Tools

TradeMonster offers a powerful and flexible webbrowser-based trading platform, where just about everything is customizable. There are also great tools for charting, trending, drawing your own patterns on the charts, and scanning for opportunities.

While the company's complex platform is great for advanced traders, it can be very confusing for beginners and for anyone who has used Scottrade, TD Ameritrade or any other big brokerage firm. The design is not intuitive at all, and even simple things like stock order entry, takes too long to complete. On the other hand, the platform is loaded with features, for example, allowing the construction of a spread with up to eight legs.

The firm developed an excellent mobile application that offers the majority of the features of their stand-alone program and it works on just about any mobile device.

trademonster mobile app

TradeMonster Review: Pros

  • Low commissions
  • Free streaming quotes
  • No fee IRA accounts
  • No maintenance or inactivity fees or volume requirements
  • Free check-writing privileges
  • Free DRIPs/Dividend Reinvestment (complete, non-fractional shares only)
  • No surcharges for large orders or extended hours trading
  • Low margin rates
  • Free virtual trading

TradeMonster Review: Cons

  • For stocks priced $2 or less that are not options eligible, add $0.005 per share for the entire order
  • Non-intuitive online broker for beginner investors

TradeMonster Review Summary

In the beginning of last year TradeMonster completed merger with another discount brokerage house, Optionshouse, which later was acquired by ETRADE. TradeMonster brand is now discontinued. For up-to-date information on the company go to ETRADE review.

TradeMonster offers powerful, browser-based trading tools especially beneficial for options traders. The firm provides very good pricing for mutual fund investors - $15 to buy a mutual fund and free to sell - and for options traders who trade a lot of contracts per order: $0.50 per contract with a minimum of $12.50 for single leg orders. Their stock and ETF rates are also very cheap at $4.95 per trade. There is, however, a 1.5 cent per share surcharge on extended hours trades and a $0.0005 per share fee on stocks priced under $1. This makes extended hours and penny stocks trading prohibitively expensive.

Barron’s magazine rated TradeMonster 4.5 stars (the highest rating), and gave them the best scores in Mobile Technology, Trading Experience, Usability, Research Amenities, and in Customer Service and Education categories. They also got the second highest score in Portfolio Analysis and Reports category, and the firm was rated the "Best for Options Traders".

One of TradeMonster's best features is ability to practice trading stocks or options with virtual money, using all of the tools available. Another interesting feature is Exit Plan, where users create exit strategies for their trades by focusing on profit targets, and by monitoring their stop-loss and exit points.

TradeMonster is a brokerage targeting options traders as its main customers. The firm developed its trading interface with them in mind. Also, no other company is rolling out new features and updates to existing tools more often then TradeMonster, making it one of the most innovative firms in the industry.

We end TradeMonster review with recommendations: the broker is great for options traders - on this group the company concentrated the majority of its efforts. The company also drastically slashed its stock and ETF commissions making it very attractive to stock traders too. Investors who do not hold mutual funds for years will love TradeMonster's $0 commission on sale of mutual funds.

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