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U.S. Bank Brokerage Investments Review for 2022

U.S. Bancorp brokerage review. U.S. bank investment fees, rating, online stock trading cost, IRA account minimums, and mutual fund offering.

U.S. Bank Brokerage Pricing

Stocks, ETFs and closed end funds $4.95
Stocks and ETFs broker assisted $33.95
Options $4.95 + $1 per contract
No-load mutual funds $25
No-load mutual funds broker assisted $50
Bonds on a net yield basis
U.S. government securities $50

Is U.S. Bank Brokerage Safe?

In addition to a full range of banking products and managed brokerage accounts, U.S. Bank also offers self-directed brokerage accounts which allow customers to make all their investment decisions themselves. The brokerage service is a member of both FINRA and SIPC, therefore client accounts are insured in up to $500,000 in case of the company's bankruptcy.

U.S. Bank Brokerage Website and Trading Tools


U.S. Bank self-directed investment website is not the most attractive and well designed, but it is easy to navigate. Users can review their account (including asset allocation and unrealized and realized gains/losses); access market information; view investor education and financial calculators as well as trade stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and options. They also have access to real-time quotes and market news.

Investment research in the form of stock and mutual fund reports is available from the industry leader, Morningstar. Customers can also view companies' profiles and use interactive charts to compare them to other stocks or indices.

U.S. Bancorp investment website allows investors to create watch lists, view options chains, screen stocks and mutual funds. Customers can also access their statements, trade confirmations, and 1099 forms.

Advanced Trading Platform

Unlike many other discount online brokers, U.S. Bank is not offering its customers an advanced trading platform.

Mobile Trading

U.S. Bancorp Investments mobile app is available for iPhones and Android devices. The app is rated at a low 2.7 star rating at Google Play store. The app allows customers to review their account balances, holdings and transaction history; place trades on stocks, mutual funds and options; get quotes, market news and charts.

Bancorp Investments

U.S. Bank Investing Fees

U.S. Bank's brokerage commission on stock and ETF trades at $4.95 per trade is higher than the average in the industry. Many large and well known brokerage houses charge much lower commissions Ally Invest and Webull are at $0 per trade. At U.S. Bank brokerage placing securities orders with assistance of a broker will cost $33.95.

No load mutual funds at U.S. Bank brokerage account are priced at a much more competitive rate of $25 per trade. But this is still higher than commissions on the same funds at Ally Invest ($9.95) and Firstrade ($0). Buying mutual funds with a help of a broker will add $25 more to an online commission. There are over 10,000 mutual funds available at the broker.

For foreign securities a clearing fee of $75 will be added to the underlying base commission (Canadian issues excluded) for both buy or sell transactions.

U.S. Bank brokerage is one of the few online brokers still charging an account inactivity fee. The fee is $40 per non-IRA account if no trade activity occurred within the prior calendar year. The firm is also in a small list of discount brokers charging an annual IRA fee ($40 per account).

If a customer decides to move their brokerage account from U.S. Bank to another brokerage firm, account transfers and IRA closeout fees of $75 per account will be charged. Domestic wire transfers will set a customer back $25. A list of all broker commissions and fees is located here.

U.S. Bank Brokerage Summary

Investors who are already using U.S. Bank banking services get a convenience of having all or most of their major financial accounts at one firm. They also get the same-day transfers between U.S. Bancorp Investments (non-retirement) brokerage account and eligible U.S. Bank accounts. For everyone else there are much better and lower priced brokerage companies to consider.

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