Consumer Reports Best IRA And Online Brokerage Firms (2020)

Consumer Reports ratings for online stock investment companies. Consumer Reports best IRA accounts (ROTH and Traditional).

Consumer Reports Best Online Brokers

Consumer Reports last year updated their article called Brokerage service buying guide. The main conclusions of the Consumer Reports article in their own words:

"Our readers were generally satisfied with the services provided by major investment companies. Vanguard, the mutual-fund giant, scored very highly overall among both large investors (those who have more than $500,000 invested) and small investors (those who have less than $500,000 invested).

Among small investors, Vanguard and Dodge & Cox, were rated more favorably than 60 of the 67 rival firms. USAA and T Rowe Price also received high overall satisfaction scores and got high marks on all attributes across the board. At the other end of the spectrum, Citigroup was rated less favorably than all other firms and was the only one to get dinged on each of the five attributes. Putnam and Invesco don’t fare much better, with less favorable ratings than the overwhelming majority of rival firms.

Large investors were very satisfied with all of the firms we rate. But Vanguard beat out each of the other 30 firms in our Ratings and is the only one to get a top mark for returns on investments. T Rowe Price and USAA also performed especially well in our Ratings, besting a majority of their competitors." Discount Broker Ratings

Below you could find online broker ratings (we are not affiliated with Consumer Reports). The list includes U.S. stock brokerage firms that have had significant number of clients in 2020. All of these firms we have reviewed, and you could read the reviews by clicking on links on the right-side of the table. All companies in the article are U.S. government regulated, have to comply to strict government-imposed rules, and are members of regulatory bodies - SIPC and FINRA.

Broker Website Rating Stock/ETF
to Open
Broker Review
Ally Invest Ally Invest rating

$0 $0 Review
Ameritrade TD Ameritrade rating

$0 $0 Review
Charles Schwab Charles Schwab rating

$0 $1,000 Review
ChoiceTrade Choicetrade rating

$0 $0 Review
Etrade Etrade rating

$0 $500 Review
Fidelity Fidelity Investments rating

$0 $2,500 Review
Firstrade Firstrade rating

$0 $0 Review
IB Interactive Brokers rating

$0 $0 Review
LightSpeed Lighspeed Trading rating

$4.50 $10,000 Review
M1 Finance M1  rating

$0 $0 Review
Merrill Edge Merrill Edge rating

$0 $0 Review
Public 4-star brokerage rating

$0 $0 Review
Robinhood Robinhood Trading rating

$0 $0 Review
Sofi Invest Sofi Invest rating

$0 $0 Review
Sogotrade Sogotrade rating

$4.88 $0 Review
SpeedTrader Speedtrader rating

$2.95+ $0 Review
TastyWorks TastyWorks rating

$0 $0 Review
TradeStation Tradestation rating

$0 $500 Review
Vanguard Vanguard rating

$0 $1,000 Review
Webull WeBull rating

$0 $0 Review
WellsTrade Wellstrade rating

$0 $1,000 Review
ZacksTrade ZacksTrade rating

$1.00+ $2,500 Review

We listed only U.S.-based companies but some of them accept international customers - when you start account application process, you'll see very soon if applicants from your country are accepted.

We also provide 5-star rating system for the brokerage firms. The online broker ratings you see on this website are our own opinion. Make sure to do additional research with other sources on any company that spikes your interest.

Some of the companies listed here offer promotional deals for opening either regular brokerage or IRA (or both) accounts. Make sure to check the section at the bottom of each review (or just click here) for these offers before opening an account.