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This article will list Merrill Lynch fees for their wealth management account. To see Merrill Lynch's fees for their self directed brokerage account go to Merrill Edge fees article. Their you'll find Merrill Edge charges on individual retirement accounts (IRA's), account transfer fees, broker trading commissions, and margin interest rates.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Account Annual Fee

There is no annual fee for Merrill Lynch wealth management account.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Account Fees

Table below shows Merrill Lynch fees for their managed account:

Account BalanceMerrill Lynch FeeStyle Manager Fee
Under $1 million2.70%0.14% to 0.40%
$1 million – $2 million2.15%0.14% to 0.40%
$2 million – $5 million1.80%0.14% to 0.40%
$5 million – $25 million1.50%0.14% to 0.40%
Over $25 millionNegotiated0.14% to 0.40%

The amount of charge called "style manager fee" depends on the portfolio or strategy the client chooses. There is no style manager fee for IRA accounts. In some cases, fees may be reduced by mutual fund fees. Merrill Lynch has a few different managed packages that aim to meet different investment goals. In some locations, some customers may be successful in negotiating lower fees.

Merrill Lynch accounts are charged quarterly.

Merrill Lynch Managed Account Commissions

There are no commissions charged for stock, mutual fund, or ETF transactions for Merrill Lynch wealth management account.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Account Other Fees

Merrill Lynch charges markups and markdowns on fixed-income transactions, accounts exchange fees, and interest on margin loans and short sales. The company also offers financial planning services. The cost of this service is not stated on their website, and has to be negotiated between Merrill Lynch and the customer.


Online advisory firm Personal Capital examined anonymous data from 155,924 of its users to investigate the true client costs from both advisory and fund-related fees across 11 brokerage firms. The data showed TD Ameritrade had the highest average advisory fees at 1.53%, but among the lowest asset management fees on its mutual funds and ETFs (0.21%). The biggest offender was Merrill Lynch, who had the highest average expense ratios on mutual funds and ETFs (0.68%) and the third highest average advisory fee (1.3%) for an average total fee to the client of 1.98%. According to the report, that would cost the average $500,000 account $936,390 in fees over 30 years of investing, assuming annual returns of 7% and fees that remained consistent over that time frame.

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Merrill Lynch fees are as of 2017 and are subject to change. For the most recent information on Merrill Lynch charges visit their website:

Merrill Lynch

Updated on 2/10/2017.

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