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Public App Hidden Fees

Public is well known for its low fees, but the broker is not completely free. Like any investment platform, there are some additional costs to keep in mind.

Continue reading to learn about the Public’s hidden fees.

Is Free?

Firstly, Public offers a range of free services. No commissions are charged for stock and ETF investments, and no fees are charged for trade execution. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about a conflict of interest between yourself and Public since the broker does not engage in payment for order flow.

However, it should be noted that Public is not entirely fee-free.

Money Movement

Public charges fees for using cash management features and transferring money. For example, domestic wire transfers cost $25, outgoing ACATs cost $75, and domestic overnight check delivery costs $35. Other fees include returned checks, ACH reversals, and debit card chargebacks ($30 each), stop payments and reversals on wire transfers ($30 each), and instant withdrawals (up to 3.5% of the amount withdrawn, with a minimum fee of $1). Premium

Public offers a premium membership plan called Public Premium, which comes at a cost to its members. The monthly subscription fee is $10, and the annual fee is $96.

Public Premium offers access to research reports, a personalized news feed, and a broader range of investment options. Members also get free access to extended and OTC trading. Trading Fees

Public does not charge any fees for most trading activity. However, certain investment vehicles may have associated fees.

Public Premium members can access Extended Hours and OTC trading for free, while non-members must pay $2.99 for these opportunities.

For cryptocurrency transactions, there is a hidden fee of a 1-2% spread on each transaction. You can set up recurring crypto orders to access Public's lowest cryptocurrency spread (1.25%).

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Investment Plan Fees on Public App

Investment plans come with a small transaction/management fee that varies based on the number of symbols included. Plans consisting of 1-3 symbols have a fee of $0.49, 4-10 symbols have a fee of $0.99, and 11-20 symbols have a fee of $1.99. Alternative assets included in Investment Plans have a fee of 2.5%.

Account Maintenance Fees

If you stop using your Public account, there is a $5 quarterly inactivity fee. To avoid the fee, you must maintain a balance of over $20 and make at least one trade every 90 days.

Regulatory and Clearing Fees

Finally, there are regulatory fees to consider. SEC regulatory fees cost $5.10 per $1,000,000 (this fee applies only to sales). Trading activity fees cost $0.000119 per share (applies only to sales) and will not exceed $5.95. These fees are not specific to Public, and it is quite normal for brokers to pass them on to investors. Fortunately, they are small enough to go unnoticed by most.

Is Public as Budget Friendly as it Seems?

If you plan to invest in standard securities, such as US-listed stocks and ETFs, for the long term and keep your account relatively active, you can use Public's platform at no extra cost. However, if you wish to take advantage of some of the broker's more advanced features, you will need to pay some fees. Promotion

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