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SureTrader Fees and Commissions Schedule, Brokerage Account Trading Cost

2020 SureTrader fees schedule, commissions, broker stock trading cost, charges, online investing account pricing, and cash sweep rates.

Suretrader is Out of Business

Suretrader is not in business anymore. As an alternative, you can open an account with $0 commission broker Webull if you are in the U.S. or Zackstrade if you are an international investor.

Open ZacksTrade Account

Open ZacksTrade Account

SureTrader Commissions Structure and Investment Products

Monthly Volume Price Per Share Per Trade Min Per Trade Max
0 – 250,000 $0.01 $4.95 $50
250,001 – 500,000 $0.008 $3.95 $50
500,001 – 750,000 $0.006 $3 $50
750,001 – 1,000,000 $0.004 $6.95 $50

Options $4.95 + $0.50 per contract

Investments stocks, options
Suretrader minimum deposit to open account $500 for cash account, $500 for margin account

SureTrader is a low commission broker that boasts zero hidden fees. While their fees are not hidden, they are quite broad and extensive and are listed throughout the SureTrader website throughout multiple different web pages.

SureTrader offers different pricing on commissions based on monthly trade volume. Those who make less than 250,001 trades per month are subject to a minimum of $4.95 per trade (that’s $4.95 when shares are bought and $4.95 when sold). For a trade of more than 495 shares, users are charged one cent per share thereafter up to a maximum of $50 for a trade of 5000 shares or more. Per trade minimums decrease to $3.95 for accounts maintaining trade volumes between 250,01 and 500,000, $3 for trade volumes of 500,001 to 750,000 and are as low as $6.95 for up to 1,000,000. Note that per-trade maximum remains static at $50.

All call in trades are subject to a fee of $25 per call.

Regulatory Trading Fees

As with any broker in the U.S., traders will need to provide the SEC their cut. Regulatory trading fees are nominal and may even go unnoticed to the average stock trader. The SEC automatically charges a fee of $25.60 for every $1,000,000 of principal sold in the market. This amounts to $0.0000256 per dollar traded, rounded off to the nearest cent. In other words, the SEC charges one penny for every $432.90 (or less) sold. Second, TAFs (Trading Activity Fees) are fees obtained by FINRA to cover their costs of supervising and regulating firms. TAFs are also minimal at $.000119 per share sold. This is rounded up to the nearest cent and cannot be greater than $5.95.

SureTrader Penalty Fees

When funds of any amount are transferred out of SureTrader, a fee of $40 will be charged to the user. If a user makes less than 15 trades per quarter, they will be charged $50 as an inactivity fee. Additionally, any hard to borrow short locate fees will be passed onto the user and settlement fees will be charged for trading non-DTC eligible securities.

SureTrader charges several fees for overnight holding of positions. For example, any short position held overnight will cost the account holder 0.5% of the total position value.

Fees are charged for margin calls maintained overnight as well. Equity margin calls to any account with margins larger than 6:1 ($25 per symbol plus a $25 “trade desk fee” which amounts to a total fee of $50), and holding margin positions overnight (0.003% per night which equals to 7.5% annually). In other words, any user borrowing money or shorting stock must close these positions by end of day or pay to hold them overnight.

SureTrader Margin Fees and Rules

Margin is only made available to accounts with over $500 in equity. SureTrader will “retire” or hold $2.50 for each stock traded on margin with a value below $2.50. In other words, if 2,000 shares are shorted at $1.89 per share, there will need to be at least $5,000 of equity in the account to be held by SureTrader until the shares are resolved and that money is returned to the account. Accounts with a 6:1 margin to equity ratio in intraday trading and accounts with 2:1 margin to equity ratio at market close are subject to a $50 trade desk plus margin call fee and all or a portion of the account may be liquidated. The $50 trade desk plus margin call fee will also be charged on accounts using margin to trade options, penny stocks, sub penny stocks, OTCBB Options, Pink Sheets, equity falls below $100, or any stock below $3.

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SureTrader Platform Fees

While web-based trading is free for all SureTrader users, SureTrader Pro costs $49 per month and includes the iPhone or Android Application. The mobile application will cost $35 per month if purchased alone.

As for Level-1 Exchange MONTHLY Fees, Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX are free for non-professionals (NP), however, professional (P) users will be charged between $40 and $65 for these level 1s.

Pink Sheets, OPRA Options, and E-Mini Features will cost a fair amount as well, $15 for NPs and $30, $25, and $0, respectively, for Ps (monthly).

Need Level 2, news, or other data, SureTrader has monthly fees for all of these. Level 2 for Regional quotes cost $15/month for NP and 60/month for P. For Nasdaq Totalview, users are looking at a charge of $20/month for NPs and $100/month for Ps. Pink Sheets and OPRA Options run $50/month and $75/month for NPs and Ps respectively. Want news from SureTrader? Expect a charge of $25 each month.

Finally, access the NYSE ARCA Book for $15 or $60 per month and CME Features for $50/month – or free for professionals. SureTrader notes that these fees and rates are subject to change without notice.