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Tradestation Fees, ACAT, Margin Interest Rates, IRA Trading Cost

2020 Tradestation fees, commissions, IRA, margin rates, broker trading costs. ACAT/Account transfer fee, platform, charges, wire, and inactivity charge.

Tradestation Fees and Trading Commissions

Stocks and ETFs flat-rate plan$0
Options $0.60 TS Select plan; $0.50 TS Go plan
Futures $1.50 TS Select plan; $0.85 TS Go plan
Mutual funds $14.95
Bonds $14.95 + $5 per bond
Forexcommission-free with tight spreads and fractional pips

Investments stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, futures, forex, ETFs
Tradestation minimum deposit to open account $2,000 for cash TS Select account, $0 for cash TS Go account, and $2,000 for margin account
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Flat-fee equities commissions, which under certain circumstances may be lower and more advantageous to larger-share-per-order traders, are primarily designed for use by individual traders who value execution quality and speed, and desire the highest level of flexibility with their execution costs. As such, the intelligent-routing algorithm may favor less expensive execution destinations including market makers.

TradeStation Margin Rates

Debit Balance Margin Rate
under $25,000 9.50%
$25,000 - $49,999.99 9.50%
$50,000 - $499,999.99 8.75%
$500,000 - $999,999 8.75%
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 5.50%
above $2,000,000 3.50%

TradeStation Cash Rates

Dollar Range Interest Rate
$0+ 0.00%

TradeStation Miscellaneous Rates and Fees

All Accounts
Service Fee
Return Mail Fee $5 per item
Stale Dated 180 Days Void Check Fee for Un-cashed Check $50.00

Equities Accounts TradeStation Fees

Service Fee
T-Bills $50
Hardcopy Statement/Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per page
Transfer and Ship (Physical Certificate) $500 per certificate + overnight fee
Physical Certificate Deposit $500 per certificate
DWAC (Deposit or Withdrawal)  $150 per settled transaction 
DRS Transfers (Book Entry Held at the Agent) $25 per issue (incoming or outgoing)
DRS Transfer Reject $100
DTC Free Receive or Deliver $25 per issue
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires - Equities Account $25
Sending Wires - International Account $35
Outgoing Account Transfer $125
Overnight Delivery $15
International Overnight Delivery $45
Extensions $20
TradeStation IRA Account Termination $50
Restricted Security Processing Fee $500 per issue
Returned Check $25
Returned ACH $25
Legal Transfers $50 per issue
Options Exercise/Assignment $14.95
Early Assignment/Early Exercises $1.50 per contract ($5.95 min)
Voluntary Tenders $50

Mandatory Corporate Actions

Maturities, Redemptions, Calls $20
Margin Liquidation $50
Option Liquidation $50
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Re-registration Fee $150 per issue
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Custody Fee $100 per issue
Stop Payment Fee $25
Short Debit Fees Fees Vary
Broker Assisted Transaction $50
Non-transferable and/or Worthless Security $25 per CUSIP per year

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Futures Accounts TradeStation Fees

Service Fee
T-Bills $10
Hardcopy Per-Trade Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per copy
External Transfer $25
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires from a Futures Account $25
Sending Wires from an International Futures Account $35
Futures Overnight Check Request $15
Deliveries, per contract $50
Extensions $20
Futures IRA Fees See fee schedule included with Futures IRA application
Futures Returned Check $25
Delivery Liquidation $50
Margin Liquidation $50
Liquidation $50
Broker Assisted Transaction $50
Exercise/Assignment/Expiration $1.20/contract + any applicable exchange and regulatory fees

Tradestation Incentive, Review and Website Link

Read full Tradestation Review.

Tradestation incentive: Get $0 per trade stock and ETF commissions.

Tradestation fees are as of 2020 and are subject to change. For the most recent information visit their website:


TradeStation IRA Review

TradeStation Securities offers three commission plans: pay-per-share, flat-rate, and unbundled. Flat-rate commissions are lower than the average in the industry - $5 per stock or ETF trade for non-retirement accounts. For IRA accounts that fee drops to just $4 per trade!

TradeStation also offers traders pay-per-share commission plan, which is even cheaper: first 500 shares cost $0.01 each, thereafter its $0.006 per share, with just $1 minimum per trade. This pricing makes all trades of up to 100 shares cost just $1.00.

Options traders will find tremendous value at TradeStation IRA account as well: the firm is charging $4 base plus only 30 cents per contract. This is as low as it gets and its especially incredible to have this incentive on a retirement account.

TradeStation is known for one of the best trading platforms among online brokers with powerful strategy creation, useful testing tools, and custom-built analytics. The firm is targeting very active investors (daytraders), and it is most popular among futures traders because of low futures commissions.

Firm's powerful trading platform has a steep learning curve, and will be too complicated for beginner investors. Most prospective customers will be better off with easier-to-use and no-platform-fee brokers such as Ally Invest or TD Ameritrade.

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TradeStation Fees


TradeStation was created for professional traders and day-traders. But after canceling its monthly trading platform fee and an annual IRA fee, it became very attractive company for many regular investors. Mutual funds investors, complete beginners, and inactive investors, however, should look elsewhere.