WeBull Fees Schedule, Brokerage Account Investing & Stock Trading Commissions (2020)

WeBull commissions schedule, fees, broker stock trading cost, annual and inactivity charges, and online investing account pricing.

WeBull Pricing and Minimum Deposit

Stocks and ETFs $0
Options $0
Mutual funds not offered
Treasury Bills, Notes, Municipal and Agency Bonds, Zeros & Strips not offered

Investments stocks, options, ETFs
Minimum deposit to open account $0 for cash account, $2,000 for margin account
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WeBull Annual Fee

WeBull does not charge annual fee for regular brokerage individual, joint taxable accounts as well as IRA accounts.

WeBull Inactivity Fee

WeBull does not charge account inactivity fee.

WeBull Maintenance Fee

WeBull does not charge annual maintenance fee on all accounts.

Broker Review

WeBull rating

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Margin Rates

Debit Balance Margin Rate
under $25,000 6.99%
$25,000.01 - $100,000 6.49%
$100,000.01 - $250,000 5.99%
$250,000.01 - $500,000 5.49%
$500,000.01 - 1,000,000 4.99%
1,000,000.01 - 3,000,000 4.49%
>3,000,000.00 3.99%

WeBull Mutual Funds

WeBull does not offer mutual funds investing at this time.

WeBull Options and Bonds Trading

WeBull does not offer options and bonds trading ability at this time.

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WeBull Fees

Bank Transfer (ACH) Incoming $0
Bank Transfer (ACH) Outgoing $0
Domestic Wire Transfer Out $25
International Wire Transfer Out $45
Domestic Wire Transfer In Transfer $0 for first wire and for over $25,000 wires; $8 otherwise
International Wire In Transfer $0 for first wire and for over $25,000 wires; $14 otherwise
ACAT Incoming $0
ACAT Outgoing $75
SEC Fee $13.00 per $1,000,000 of principal (sells only), minimum $0.01
TAF (Trading Activity Fee) $0.000119 per share (equity sales); $5.95 max.

WeBull Stock and ETF Commissions

Trading is 100% commission-free on WeBull. You can trade stocks and ETFs on the WeBull platform without any trading fees. WeBull will pass on to you the small regulatory fees that are charged on proceeds of sales, but these are usually pennies per trade and are passed onto investors by all brokers. Opening and maintaining your WeBull account is also free of charge, so if you’re even a little bit interested in taking WeBull for a test drive, there’s little reason not to.

WeBull Review: Stocks Trading

WeBull Fees Conclusion

Looking strictly at WeBull’s transaction costs, we would say they’ve done really well in this category by entirely eliminating all commissions. They are on the right path, following in the footsteps of Firstrade, but they fall short of being the next Firstrade in a critical way.

WeBull’s failure to offer some of the most basic investment types – options, bonds, futures, and mutual funds – puts them squarely behind the competition. Most short and long-term traders alike would find themselves at least somewhat handicapped without access to these securities. We wouldn’t be surprised if WeBull plans to add some of these securities to its platform in the future given the disadvantage their absence creates for the low-cost broker, but until that happens we see no reason to choose WeBull over Firstrade.

WeBull Promotion

Get 2 FREE stocks between $2.5 and $1400 + $100 in ACAT reimbursement.

Open WeBull Account