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Edward Jones Review, Broker Fees, and Trading Commissions for 2021

Edward Jones rating, fees, broker review, account rates, online stock trading commissions schedule. Full service Edward Jones investing costs, pros and cons.

Edward Jones: The Full-Service Approach

Edward Jones is a full-service brokerage represented by local advisors with the ability to invest, provide retirement planning, prepare taxes, and offer access to an enormous base of research and qualified experts. Unlike many brokerages, they do not provide any personal banking services.

With Edward Jones, depending on your local representative, your level of service will depend largely on how involved you want to be with your investments. Most advisors, in addition to monthly statements, will offer quarterly or biannual meetings to discuss performance. Some agents are well-known for being exceptionally proactive and providing great service to their account holders. Each advisor’s asset management is largely guided by the company’s investment philosophy of maintaining a healthy mix of stocks, bonds, and actively-managed mutual funds (mutual funds that receive regular updates to achieve above-market returns). Additionally, Edward Jones steers agents away from advising clients to take on “hot buys” or companies without long histories of financial stability. The underpinning of every Edward Jones financial strategy is a long-term investment with a solid return.

Account Features

Local Offices

One of the best features of Edward Jones is their extensive network of local representatives; in fact, with over 11,000 offices nationwide, most small- to mid-sized towns will be home to at least one Edward Jones advisor. Most agents stick to Edward Jones’ open-door policy and if you relocate, it’s easy to move your finances with you.

Edward Jones Review

Online Account Statements

Edward Jones offers all the convenience of a monthly statement without the waiting or the waste. The firm regularly updates online account statements, so that account holders can review their investment performance at the touch of a button. Another important benefit of the online access feature is the ability to export tax information regarding your investment account(s) at any time.

No Online Trading

Edward Jones’ absence of online trading may be irritating to the savvy investors that want to easily manage their own funds. To the beginner, however, this lack may be a blessing in disguise. The official company position is to forego online trading to avoid rash or ill-advised investment decisions, which is in keeping with the Edward Jones philosophy regarding long-term investing.

Edward Jones Fees and Commissions

With a $40 annual fee on IRAs, plus a 2% fee on stock trades, dollar cost averaging and reinvested dividends, Edward Jones' fees and commissions are comparable to other full-service brokerages (e.g. Wells Fargo Advisors, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc.). But when it comes to discount online brokerages (e.g. M1 Finance and others) Edward Jones is not competitive on price.

Edward Jones agents are also “fee-based” as opposed to “fee-only” advisors. In short, Edward Jones advisors receive commissions for selling their clients stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with a sales load (as opposed to no-load funds). This compensation strategy may lead to some conflicts of interest in regard to investment advice, particularly in situations where the best investment strategy for the account owner doesn’t reflect the best compensation for the advisor.

List of all Edward Jones' fees is located under this link.

The other potential conflict of interest lies in Edward Jones’ revenue sharing policy. Edward Jones financial agents receive revenue sharing payments from certain fund companies; this type of policy almost inevitably leads to preferential treatment of those funds when agents go to advise their clients.

The Sales Pitch

One of the most distinctive features of Edward Jones is their knack for showing up on your doorstep, asking for the privilege of managing your money. Advisors undergo intensive training designed to educate them on how to go door-to-door in their community to discuss their neighbors’ investment strategies and offer the Edward Jones philosophy as a supplement or alternative. This often breeds a love or hate relationship with the firm, as it can be perceived as personal attention or annoying sales tactics.

Finding Financial Advisor

If you are looking for a professional money management service in your area, you can search for a Financial Advisor on this website.

Find Financial Advisor

Edward Jones Pros

  • Local representatives provide expertise through face-to-face service
  • Online portal offers instant access to account statements
  • Long-term investment strategies promote financial well-being
  • No online trading may prevent novice investors from making rash decisions

Edward Jones Cons

  • High commissions compared to discount brokers
  • Revenue sharing and commissions create conflicts of interest
  • No online trading may frustrate experienced investors

Edward Jones Review Summary

In the world of investing, the only individual that has your best interests at heart is you; however, since many of us lack the time and/or financial savvy to manage our own investments, we often find ourselves compelled to turn to an expert. In short, if you are capable of taking a lead role in managing your investments, you can certainly find a cheaper brokerage than Edward Jones; however, if you are a new or time-strapped investor looking for a breadth of investing knowledge (and aren’t afraid to say no to biased advice) then Edward Jones may be the right choice for you.

For anyone who is worried about conflict of interest at Edward Jones, there are a number of alternatives. First, you might be able to find better priced Financial Advisor. Second, online brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, are popular choices. If you want a professional portfolio management for a fraction of the cost charged by Edward Jones then M1 Finance robo advisor with their low 0.0% (zero) fee is a great option.