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Global largest brokerage firms in 2019. Biggest international brokers in the world for retail investors.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab rating

The Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the largest online brokers in the world with more than $2 trillion in customer assets. It also has one of the largest lists of no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds—currently above 3,100. Brokerage customers can also trade more than 200 ETF's without paying any commissions. Customer service is available 24/7 over the phone. The broker also operates over 320 branch locations throughout the U.S. Active traders will benefit from the broker's advanced website, sophisticated desktop platform, free mobile app, and Apple Watch platform.

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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments rating

Fidelity is a strong second largest brokerage firm in the world by total assets under management, a large part of Fidelity's assets are in its proprietary mutual funds. The company is also the clear leader in custodial account management, mainly through client companies that invest their employees' pension and 401k funds with Fidelity.

Investors who are looking for a great value in brokerage services will be well pleased with Fidelity. The broker is offering stock and ETF trades for $0. Mutual fund investors have more than 11,000 products to trade as well. And all customers will benefit from the company's great customer service, including 180 branch locations dotted across the U.S. The company is also one of the few firms to offer an app for Apple TV.

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade rating

TD Ameritrade is an attractive choice for individual investors and one of the largest brokers in the world. It bought Scottrade and in the result surpassed Charles Schwab in terms of number of customers. However, thanks to its own family of mutual funds Charles Schwab is ahead in terms of total Assets Under Management (AUM). TD Ameritrade is an excellent choice for beginners thanks to easy-to-use website as well as for experienced investors thanks to their outstanding trading platforms — Thinkorswim and Trade Architect.

The brokerage investment research is one of the best. When combined with the company's PaperMoney virtual trading program, this helps first-timers learn the investing ropes before requiring them to invest real money.

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Firstrade rating

If you are an international investor (non-U.S. citizen or legal resident) then it will be hard for you to open an account at one of the above firms. However, there is a United States brokerage firm called Firstrade that welcomes customers from other countries. What's amazing about this broker is $0 commission on stocks, ETF's and mutual funds. Learn more in Best international broker article.

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Largest Online Brokers in the World

Above is the list of the top largest global online brokers. These are also three out of six biggest investing firms in North America. The five long-time online investing industry leaders are TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab and Scottrade. The sixths largest broker, offering low commissions and quality customer service, is Ally Invest. If you are interested to see the total assets under management of these firms for 2019 click here.

By "largest" we mean the total number of clients and assets the firms have had in 2019. All of these brokers have a proven track record and reputation for reasonable commission structures. Their size allows them to rely on a volume of customer trades, and they work on expanding customer offerings to retain and attract new investors. With all of these large stock brokers, investors can buy stocks or ETFs for $10 or less per trade, with similar discount pricing for options trades. Not all companies mentioned here offer futures or currency trading as TD Ameritrade does. One company is focused on being the least expensive among top players - this strategy is chosen by Ally Invest.

When you are a customer at a big brokerage house, you may not receive constant personal attention, but you can be assured that the broker is well capitalized and has the infrastructure to meet your investing needs. Whether offerings of IRA accounts, online trading platforms or investor education, all biggest online brokers are finding ways to maintain their position in a competitive and growing marketplace. An investor will have to choose one over another based on differences in offerings and personal preferences.

Several online investing companies such as Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab are well known names in the investment world, but have real competition from newer brokers such as Ally Invest. For investor trying to decide which company is the best for his of her needs, it is worth exploring firm's websites, research their investing tools, banking options, educational services, and read expert and customer brokerage reviews. In the end it may be style over substance that is the deciding factor, as one needs to feel a broker’s approach will fit with personal investing priorities.

You can read detailed brokerage firm reviews on website. The reviews contain the lists of broker advantages and disadvantages, fees and commissions, trading tools and client services descriptions. You can also see current and former customer comments as well as take advantage of promotional offers these major online investment companies currently offer.

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