Best ETF Brokers With The Lowest ETF Trading Fees in 2023

WeBull rating


Webull ETF Commission

$0 per trade

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J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Rating

J.P. Morgan Chase

JP Morgan ETF Commission

$0 per trade

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Best ETF Brokers

For investors who primarily trade exchange traded funds, there are several companies that offer the lowest broker commissions for ETFs trading. The attraction of ETFs is that one can select an exchange traded funds that represents a stock index such as the S&P 500, commodities such as gold, oil or sliver, and even a stock sector like biotech. It saves the investor from having to select a specific stock and minimizes the company risk associated with single stock investments. The ETF world has grown considerably, and there are now options that multiply returns (and losses) by 100-200%.

Since some traders like to use ETFs for shorter time frames, commissions are an important factor when selecting the best ETF broker. The lowest ETF commissions brokers are Webull and JP Morgan Chase. An examination of these brokers’ commissions and services reveals a few differences to consider.


The commission at Webull is $0. This, combined with no account maintenance or inactivity fees, as well as easy to use trading tools makes this ultra-low-cost exchange traded funds brokerage company one of the best brokers for ETFs. One is limited in the areas of research and education, but that may be a low priority for ETF investors.

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase’s ETF commission is $0 per trade. The broker doesn’t have account minimums as well as inactivity or maintenance fees. JP Morgan Chase offers excellent trading tools, educational resources and customer service, so a trader does receive more value.

Webull or JP Morgan Chase?

As with most broker choices, exchange traded funds traders will have to make a selection based on the services rather than significant differences in commissions. Therefore, if you want the lowest ETF commissions, then Webull is your broker.

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