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TD Ameritrade Promotions 2021

Current TD Ameritrade promotion offer. October 2021 best TD Ameritrade promotion code for opening new account or for existing customers depositing money into regular brokerage account, traditional or ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover IRA.

Current TD Ameritrade Promotion

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TD Ameritrade $600 Cash Bonus - Expired

This TD Ameritrade offer has expired.

TD Ameritrade Overview

In addition to generous new customer promotion, TD Ameritrade offers several good trading tools to help investors meet their financial goals. Let's take a look at each trading system and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

TD Ameritrade Website

The first trading tool that TD Ameritrade offers is the website. It's more sophisticated than what other brokers, such as Vanguard and Wellstrade, offer. It's an advanced trading tool that has a lot of useful features. Traders can contact customer service, research possible trades, or plan for retirement. The site is easy to learn and navigate.

At the bottom of the browser is SnapTicket. This is a trade ticket that makes order entry for stocks, ETFs, and options quick and easy. At the top of SnapTicket, vital information is displayed, such as last trade price and bid-ask spread. Trades for stocks and ETFs can be placed with SnapTicket in one of two modes: basic and rapid. The basic version displays a small chart along with the usual order fields, such as quantity and order type. The rapid version allows for a string of characters to be entered, such as b100msft31.33, which is an order to buy 100 shares of Microsoft at $31.33 or lower.

The website is also very good for researching markets and securities. Educational tools cover a variety of topics, from bond trading to retirement planning. Users have access to IPO's, educational planning, and trading ideas. The broker also has important information on its site covering forex and futures trading, which it offers.

Trade Architect

Investors who don't want to buy and sell on the website should consider Trade Architect, a Java-based system. It's launched from the website and creates a separate window. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Traders can watch CNBC free of charge. Financial news is available in U.S., European, and Asian versions. The live stream can also be detached from the platform into a separate window, which allows the video to be displayed full-screen.

TD Ameritrade Promotions

Trade Architect is customizable. Users can choose three background colors: blue, white, or black. The information in the account summary can be customized. User can add or delete such categories as mutual fund balance, unsettled cash, long stock value, or option buying power.

In the middle of the screen is a row of tabs: Trade, Account, Watchlist, Chart, and Ideas. These tabs present important information just as their names imply. The Ideas tab presents a stock and option screener along with market movements and an events calendar.

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Current TD Ameritrade Incentive

In 2021 TD Ameritrade offers cash promotion for making a deposit when you open new brokerage or IRA account or add more funds into your existing account.


Stock and ETF trades are $0. Option contracts are 65 cents, and exercises and assignments are $0. Placing a trade over the phone costs $25.

TD Ameritrade Cash Promotion


TD Ameritrade (stock symbol AMTD) is a large-size brokerage firm that specializes in advanced trading technology. The company has over $3 billion in annual revenue and employs over 10,000 people. These numbers are impressive, and they are some of the largest in the industry.

TD Ameritrade is a perfect choice for securities investors who are also interested in forex and futures trading. TDA is one of the few brokers that offers futures and forex along with the normal line of securities. Commissions are low, and even better, futures and forex can be traded on the broker's advanced platform, Thinkorswim, along with stocks, ETFs, and options. By many financial publications the broker is rated the Best Online Trading Firm in 2021.

TD Ameritrade Bonus Disclaimer

2021 TD Ameritrade cash incentive offer details to open a new account (IRA or taxable) could change at any time without notice.