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Current Capital One Investing promotion offer, referral code, bonus incentive. 2019 best Capital One Investing (ShareBuilder) promotions for opening new account or for existing customers depositing cash into regular brokerage account, ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover IRA.

Acquisition By Etrade

Etrade acquired Capital One Investing, fully integrated it and discontinued the brand. For this reason take a look at Etrade and Other Broker Promotions »

Capital One Investing Promotion

Capital One Investing Promotion Details

There are two steps to be eligible for the cash bonus from Capital One Investing. The first stage is to open a new joint, individual, custodial, or retirement account using the promo code RAF16*2100003415052. Account opening must occur no later than the expiry date: June 30, 2019. A Social Security number or other tax I.D. number is required to open a securities account with Capital One Investing, LLC.

The second step is to make a transfer, rollover, or net deposit of funds. This must be completed within 3 months of account opening. To receive a $50 bonus, you must deposit $5,000 or more. A $100 bonus will be received for a $15,000 deposit, a $200 prize for $50,000, a $300 bonus for $100,000, and a $600 prize is given for a deposit of $200,000 or more.

If an eligible deposit is within $100 of the next bonus level, Capital One Investing will consider it to have reached that level. Capital One Investing subtracts any withdrawals from transfers and deposits when calculating eligible balances. Changes in market value are not considered, however.

Transfers from a Capital One 360® IRA or Capital One Investing account to do not qualify for this promotion. This Capital One Investing promotion offer is not valid with ESA’s or any other promotion, and is non-transferable. There is a maximum of one bonus per client or custodial beneficiary.

Any eligible Capital One Investing bonus will be deposited to the new account in approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the 3-month period. The bonus cannot be withdrawn for 3 months after it is received. Furthermore, qualifying assets must also stay in the new account (not considering any investment losses) for 9 months or longer after the 3-month period. Otherwise, Capital One Investing will withdraw the bonus amount from the new account. If it is discovered that the new client violated the broker’s Account Agreement, the bonus may also be reclaimed or refused.

Tax obligations incurred while using a Capital One Investing account are the responsibility of the account holder. Because the Capital One Investing bonus is a cash award, it will not be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as an IRA contribution. You should seek legal or tax advice from a financial professional regarding the proper tax treatment of this offer and IRS rules on IRA contribution limits.


Capital One Investing’s incentive would be the best choice for small investors who don’t have a large sum to deposit. On the other hand, TD Ameritrade or would be a wise decision for anyone with a bit more dollars to invest.

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Capital One Investing Review and Rating

Capital One Investing rating

Depending on the initial deposit amount, Capital One Investing offer cash bonuses ranging between $50 and $600. As far as actual trading goes, trades can be completed for as little as $6.95, and the bank has a pretty solid selection of funds to choose from. Or, those that are part of their Sharebuilder plan can buy stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs for as low as $3.95 per trade.

In addition to paid trades, Capital One also offers a decent selection of no-load funds, with over 400 different funds that are free of fees as long as the trade is made online. It’s also nice that Capital One Investing has Vanguard funds available, considering a large number of people have their retirement savings in a Vanguard Target Retirement Fund. Although the fees for Vanguard funds or any mutual fund for that matter are a bit extravagant. To buy a mutual fund or to place money in a target retirement fund for example, the fee is 19.95 per transaction. So those that like to move money into specific funds or to a mutual fund on a monthly basis are probably better off somewhere with lower transaction fees.

As for portfolio management, Capital one also offers professional management options, but they can get a little pricey as well. A better option may be to simply use the research tools, assets, and third-party analysis provided by Capital One and then manage the portfolio free of charge (with the exception of fees). Capital One Investing also offers what they call the PortfolioBuilder plan, which is a pretty sweet deal because it lets users create a full, balanced portfolio of exchange-traded funds using asset allocation models that align with the user’s specific style or approach to investing. By using this feature, users can purchase an entire portfolio for $18.95. Although, whenever any assets from the portfolio are sold, regular trading fees of $6.95 per trade are applied, which can add up quickly for users that like to buy or sell often.

Capital One Investing Promotion

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So overall, Capital One Investing is a very solid trading platform that can compete with the likes of T. Rowe Price, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and other similar online services. Although, it appears that Capital One is more for investors that are somewhat new to investing, are investing relatively small amounts, or that already have other bank/credit card accounts through Capital One. For users that do have other accounts with Capital One already, the ability to see a checking, savings, investment, and credit card account on the same dashboard is an excellent feature, and almost alone makes it worthwhile to have a Capital One Investing account.

But while the fees associated with trading are relatively inexpensive, they are still not very ideal for someone that invests a large amount of money unless they’re a Sharebuilder member, which gives slightly better pricing options for buying and selling. For users investing large sums of money or those that like purchasing company-specific funds like Vanguard or Fidelity managed funds, it’s most likely cheaper to simply create an account through that company. Especially considering that the fees on some of those funds can range up to $19.95 per transaction through Capital One Investing. This isn’t a huge deal for someone who likes to make a lump-sum deposit all at once, but for those that like to slowly move a portion of each paycheck into an investment or retirement account bi-weekly or by the month, Capital One Investing is probably not the cheapest option.

Capital One Investing Promotion Disclaimer

Current ShareBuilder Capital One Investing promotion offer incentive details could change at any time without notice.