Charles Schwab Promotions, Offers and Codes 2021

Current Charles Schwab promotion, offer code, and cash bonus incentive. March 2021 best Charles Schwab promotions for opening new account or for existing customers depositing cash into regular brokerage account, ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover IRA.

Charles Schwab Promotion:

Charles Schwab Promotion Details:

This Charles Schwab promotion offer is good for 500 free on-line trades with an eligible net deposit of at least $100,000. The qualifying deposit must be made within 45 days of account opening. Eligible deposits are funds that are transferred into the enrolled account minus any funds withdrawn or transferred out of the new brokerage account. Only funds transferred from outside Schwab qualify for this offer, although transfers from Schwab Retirement Plan Services will be accepted.

The commission-free trades will be credited to the new account within 7 days of verifying the qualifying net deposit. The 500 trades from Charles Schwab Incentives can be used to buy and sell exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) and stocks. They can also be used to pay for option commissions and per-contract fees, with a maximum of 20 contracts per trade. The normal per-contract commission will apply for extra contracts. The Charles Schwab promo code for free trades cannot be used to pay for regulatory and exchange fees or foreign transactions, and they must be placed on Schwab.com, Schwab wireless apps, or other Schwab trading platforms. They cannot be applied to previous trades. The 500 trades Charles Schwab offer code expire 12 months after being credited to the new account, and unused trades have no value.

The broker can change or terminate the rules of this Charles Schwab promo offer at any time, with or without notice. An account can have only one special Schwab offer, with a maximum of one account enrolled per client. A limit of 500 trades may be received per customer in a period of 365 days.

This Charles Schwab promotion offer is not valid for securities accounts that are signed up for an advisory package, managed by independent financial advisors, ERISA-eligible retirement accounts, education savings plans, some tax-qualified retirement accounts, or the Schwab Global Account™. This promotion is not saleable, transferable, or valid when combined with any other special promotions. Only U.S. residents are eligible.

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Charles Schwab Overview

Charles Schwab has offered brokerage services since 1971 (when it was founded) and has since become one of the world’s biggest online brokerages. The company has a great reputation thanks to its stellar customer service and reasonable fee structure--making it appealing to expert traders and novice investors alike.

When evaluating a brokerage firm, it’s important to consider the fees involved, the quality of service provided, the financial products the firm offers, and any perks that make it stand out from the crowd. This review considers all of these areas.

Charles Schwab Brokerage at a Glance:

- Commission: $0 per online equity trade, $0.65 per contract per option trade
- Investment Minimum: $1,000 minimum to open an account*
- Account Maintenance Fee: None

*The $1,000 minimum is waived if you set up an automatic transfer of $100/month through direct deposit or Schwab MoneyLink, or you can open a Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account (linked to your brokerage account).

Trading tools at Charles Schwab are definitely above average. All the screens are well-designed, and orders are executed reasonably fast.

Charles Schwab Promotions

Customers can get access to StreetSmart Edge - an advanced yet easy to use trading platform that has charts, news, order entry, live data, options chains, as well as technical and fundamental research - all in a single window. The platform is fully customizable. Charting is done well with over 30 different indicators available. It is necessary to call customer service to have access to this platform set up.

StreetSmart Edge, however, lacks the richness of features and versatility found in more advanced trading platforms, such as ThinkOrSwim from TD Ameritrade.

Charles Schwab created apps for all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, as well as mobile web. With these apps users can view real-time market data, place trades and even watch a live stream of CNBC from their smartphone or tablet. Investors wanting sophisticated trading technology will have to look elsewhere but for a beginner or average investor the apps offer all they need. Charles Schwab app is rated with a low, 2.5 star score at iTunes app store.


Schwab has actual brick-and-mortar branches, which could come in handy for new investors. Some of Schwab’s competitors, such as Firstrade and Vanguard, don’t have local branches.


Schwab’s initial funding requirement of $1,000 could be a real turn off to those who don’t need a checking account. Other brokers such as Ally Invest and Firstrade have no minimum initial deposit and no checking account requirement.

StreetSmart Edge does have a demo account where investors can view the platform and place mock trades. Unfortunately, the demo platform maintains a zero balance, which prevents customers from being able to track gains and losses in a practice account. TradeStation, for example, offers a virtual account that starts traders with a $100,000 balance. The balance can also be reset.

Current Charles Schwab promotion offer will benefit only very few rich customers. Many online brokers offer promotions that benefit much wider range of investors.

Two Schwab competitors, Webull and ZacksTrade, offer virtual platforms, and they have no monthly account fees.

Schwab offers some good benefits to first-time investors, but they might want to check out a different broker that offers practice trading.


Charles Schwab offers dividend reinvestment plans for stocks. However, only stocks that are currently trading above $5 per share are eligible for DRIP. At this time approximately 6,000 securities can be used in dividend reinvestment program at the broker.

Clients will have to enroll in specific security DRIP via Charles Schwab web application. To do this, type "DRIP" in Charles Schwab search box on top of the site, then in "Top Searches" box click on the "Dividend Reinvestment" link and then click on "Enroll in a DRIP" link. The page with all your stocks eligible for DRIP will come out. Check the boxes next to each stock you want to enroll.

ADRs and ETFs, unfortunately, are not eligible for DRIPs at Charles Schwab.

Stocks ETFs Options Mutual Funds Bonds
Etrade $0 $0 $0.65 per contract $19.99 $1.00 per bond
TD Ameritrade $0 $0 $0.65 per contract $49.99 $25.00 or net yield basis
Charles Schwab $0 $0 $0.65 per contract $49.95 buy / 0 sell $1.00 per bond
Firstrade $0 $0 $0 $0 subject to a markup or markdown

Charles Schwab Bonus Offers Disclaimer

Current Charles Schwab promo code details to open new account could change at any time without notice. Read bonus offer details carefully before depositing any money.