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Charles Schwab Promotions (2024 Schwab Offer Code)

Current $2,500 Charles Schwab promotion, offer code, and cash bonus incentive. June 2024 best Charles Schwab promotions for opening a new account or for existing customers depositing cash into a brokerage account, ROTH IRA, or 401K rollover.

Charles Schwab Promotion

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Charles Schwab Promotion #2

For now, Schwab only has another promotion-type program: referring a friend can get them up to $1,000 when they sign up.

This is interesting because the appeal lies pretty much exclusively with the friend. Typically, referral programs offer some form of benefit to the person making the referral so that they’re incentivized to refer as many people as possible.

With Schwab, as their website copy says, using their referral program makes you a “true-blue friend.” It would appear, then, that Schwab is relying on people who genuinely appreciate Schwab and want to help their friends benefit from both Schwab’s services as well as some extra cash.

How to Use Schwab Promotion

Schwab’s friend referral program is quite straightforward. Simply login to Charles Schwab website, hover your mouse over “Service,” and select “Refer A Friend.”

Then, you’ll see an area that says, “Share your referral code.”

Simply copy and paste this referral code and send it to your family or friends.

Charles Schwab Promotion

Once they open an account using the link, and fund it within 45 days of opening it, Schwab will deposit the Bonus Award into their account after the 45-day qualification period.

It should be noted that only certain accounts are eligible for the Referral Offer:

- IRAs
- Schwab Intelligent Portfolios
- Schwab Managed Portfolios
- Schwab Managed Account Select
- Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking (when combined with Schwab One accounts)
- Schwab Global Accounts and certain tax-qualified retirement accounts, as well as ESA and accounts managed by independent advisors do not currently qualify.

It should also be noted that this program cannot be combined with other temporary offers that Schwab might put out, and you won’t be notified when a friend or family member opens the account (for privacy reasons).

It is possible, however, for two new clients living in the same household to receive the bonus, so long as they set up individual accounts and make the qualifying net deposit within 45 days.

Charles Schwab Referral Code

Use REFEREPB86NZJ referral code to get up to $1,000 cash bonus.

Schwab Promotion Code

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Charles Schwab Promo Code Disclaimer

Current Charles Schwab promo code details to open a new account could change at any time without notice. Read bonus offer details carefully before depositing any money.

Updated on 6/5/2024.

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