Etrade Bonus 2022

ETRADE Promotion: $3,500 Bonus 2022

Current ETRADE promotion offer: up to $3,500 cash bonus. July 2022 best ETRADE promotions for customers opening a new account or for existing clients depositing cash into brokerage account, traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, or for 401K rollover IRA.

E*Trade Promotion

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E*Trade Promotion Details

E*Trade is literally giving money away through its customer referral program. If you currently have an E*Trade brokerage account and have any friends or family who are thinking about opening a new brokerage account with any sizable amount of money, this could be the right time to help them do just that. Keep reading for the E*Trade promo details.

E*Trade Referral Program

E*Trade’s referral program is designed for current E*Trade customers who refer new customers to the brokerage firm. Under the special, E*Trade will give a $50 Amazon gift card to the existing customer (also known as the referrer) for sending a new customer to the broker. That new customer can also receive a cash bonus for making a minimum deposit. The amount of the cash bonus varies based on the amount of the deposit.

E*Trade Promo Fine Print

Of course, there’s some fine print in all of this:

- The new customer must open an investment account and fund it with at least $500.

- Deposits of cash and transfers of securities both qualify for minimum funding purposes. In either case, funds must come from outside of E*Trade (Morgan Stanley accounts are considered part of E*Trade).

- New funds must remain in the E*Trade account for at least 12 months.

- There is a maximum of 10 gift cards per calendar year, for a maximum benefit to the existing customer of $500.

- Gift cards are subject to terms and conditions from Amazon. Amazon gift cards never expire.

- E*Trade’s promotion does expire.

- Only individual, joint, and custodial brokerage accounts are eligible under the customer referral program. IRAs and other types of retirement accounts do not qualify. Same goes for business accounts, futures accounts, and bank accounts.

- The new account must be opened within 60 days of the expiration date. Once opened, the account holder has 60 days from account opening to fund it with the minimum funding amount (as already mentioned, that’s $500).

- The new customer must actually be new (they can’t have an existing E*Trade brokerage account).

- The new customer can only open one account and cannot open a second account for 60 days.

Etrade Promotion Offer

E*Trade Cash Bonus

The cash bonus for the new customer varies between $0 and $3,500. Here is the tiered schedule:

Etrade BonusDeposit or Transfer
$3,500 $1,500,000+
$2,500 $1,000,000 - $1,500,000
$1,200 $500,000 - $999,999
$600 $200,000 - $499,999
$300 $100,000 - $199,999
$200 $50,000 - $99,999
$100 $20,000 - $49,999
$50 $10,000 - $19,999
$0 less than $10,000

Under E*Trade’s rules, the minimum funding can come in multiple deposits. For example, two deposits worth $7,000 and $3,000 would qualify for the $50 bonus as long as the two deposits were made within the 60-day funding deadline.

Some of the larger cash prizes, such as the $3,500 bonus, may be received in multiple smaller cash deposits. All cash bonuses will be deposited into the new brokerage account only.

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E*Trade Bonus for Current Customers

E*Trade knows that some of its current clients will want to get in on this deal, so it has created a bonus schedule for them, too. It’s the same schedule with no bonuses after $600:

Etrade BonusDeposit or Transfer
$600 $200,000+
$300 $100,000 - $199,999
$200 $50,000 - $99,999
$100 $20,000 - $49,999
$50 $10,000 - $19,999
$0 less than $10,000

And there’s one more difference: existing customers who are able to deposit an extra $500,000 will get a $600 bonus. This is true no matter what the initial account balance is. So the maximum prize for an existing account is $1,200.

As with the rewards for new customers, cash prizes for current clients will be deposited within 7 days of the 60-day expiration point.

For this special, any new customer who opens a second account within 60 days of their first account will be considered an existing customer by E*Trade. This means they wouldn’t qualify for the $2,500 and $3,500 bonuses.

Etrade Bonus

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Linked Accounts

E*Trade wants to make this promotion as complicated as possible, so it has created yet another way to earn even more money. If a second E*Trade brokerage account is linked to the first account, that linked account is eligible for a $1,900 bonus. To get it, the second account has to receive a deposit or transfer of $1 million.

A transfer or deposit of $1.5 million in a linked account will garner a cash prize of $2,900. As with the $1,900 bonus, this one will be deposited into the linked account within 7 days of the expiration date on the bonus.

Updated on 4/4/2022.

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