Interactive Brokers Sign Up Bonus

Interactive Brokers Promotion Bonus ($1000 in 2024)

Current Interactive Brokers promotion and bonus offer for $1,000 in IBKR stock. July 2024 best Interactive Brokers promotions for customers opening new account or for existing clients depositing cash into brokerage account, traditional IRA or ROTH IRA, or for 401K rollover IRA.

Interactive Brokers Promotion

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Interactive Brokers (IBKR) Bonus Offer

If IBKR is on your list of brokers to try out, now might be a good time to give them a chance. The popular broker is offering a welcome bonus offer for new customers, paying up to $1,000. Keep reading to find out more about the offer.

Key Takeaways

• IBKR’s bonus stock offer is for new customers who open a standard brokerage account or an IRA.

• IBKR’s free stock bonus is a 1% deposit match bonus, paying a maximum amount of up to $1,000.

• The free stock program has a long-term focus and is suitable for investors with similar goals.

interactive brokers new account bonus

The IBKR Bonus Offer

Interactive Brokers’ bonus offer pays new customers up to $1,000 in bonus stock. Getting the bonus is straightforward, but there are some important details to know about.

But first, here’s how the IBKR bonus works.

Every deposit made into a new IBKR account receives a 1% match bonus until the bonus reaches $1,000. A cumulative deposit of $10,000 earns $100 of bonus stock, and a deposit of $100,000 earns the highest bonus possible.

IBKR Promotion

Payout Calculation and Timeline

The payout calculation and timeline that IBKR uses for its welcome bonus are a bit different from similar bonuses at other brokers. If you want to take advantage of the offer, there are two primary things to know. One is that deposits can come in at different times instead of in one lump sum. The other is that the timeline is best suited for investors with a long-term approach to investing.

The calculation used to determine the size of a bonus is dynamic, meaning that each new deposit or withdrawal automatically recalculates the total bonus amount. If you reduce the deposit amount by taking a withdrawal, the bonus also gets smaller. The opposite is true if you make additional deposits, as your bonus will increase.

That said, each deposit triggers its own one-year timeline. Money used to earn free stocks, as well as the stocks themselves, must stay in the account for one year before they can be managed.

Given the relatively long waiting periods, many investors choose to make the bulk of the deposits within the first month and then add them to the account over time if needed.

Interactive Brokers Promotion

IBKR Bonus Requirements

As with all bonus offers, there are some important rules and requirements to know about.

To receive the deposit match bonus, you must use a referral link to open a new account.

You must not have been an IBKR account holder before using the referral invitation.

This offer is intended for the US marketplace. To use it, you must be able to open an account using the US-based version of IBKR.

The bonus offer is valid in several countries, but some are off-limits. Residents of Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Israel, and Japan are not allowed to participate in the program.

Reasons to Choose IBKR

Investors choose Interactive Brokers for several reasons. The platform is known for its low fees, especially for high-volume traders, and offers access to global markets. Investors can also choose from a diverse selection of securities, including stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, mutual funds, and fixed-income products. Additionally, Interactive Brokers provides investors with a wide range of tools and resources, including advanced trading platforms, comprehensive research, and educational materials.

Interactive Brokers Bonus

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Updated on 7/1/2024.

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