Tradestation Promotion Code For Bonus (2022)

Current Tradestation promotion code for $5,000 cash bonus. 2022 funds deposit, IRA, new account opening incentive offer.

Tradestation Promotion

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Tradestation $5,000 Promotion Details

The more funds you transfer into your account – the more cash Tradestation deposits. Click on the above link, hit "Learn More" button under Tradestation $5,000 offer, and complete the form below to enroll in this special cash offer.

Ally Invest BonusDeposit or Transfer
$5,000 $5 MM+
$3,500 $2 MM - $5 MM
$2,500 $1MM - $1.99MM
$1,200 $500k - $999.9k
$600 $200k - $499.9k
$300 $100k - $199.9k
$200 $25k - $99.9k
$50 $10k - $24.9k

TradeStation promotion

Tradestation Promotion Code For $600

Open and fund a new TradeStation account and get up to $600 - Offer expired.

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Simulated Trading Within the Browser Window

There are two virtual trading platforms at TradeStation. One is on the firm’s browser-based trading system. To reach it, you simply need to go to TradeStation.com and click on ‘LOG IN’ at the top of the page. A short drop-down menu will appear. One of them is ‘Web Trading – live,’ and the other is ‘Web Trading – Simulated.’ Clicking on the second option produces a login screen that requires a user name and password. You will need to have a TradeStation account to access this paper trading platform.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to all the great features that the regular platform has. These include option chains, hot lists, balance information, orders, and positions. The simulated trading environment starts with a $1,000,000 account balance.

Inside the virtual trading environment, you can easily toggle between a real account and a practice account by clicking on ‘SIM’ in the upper-right corner of the platform and select ‘Live Trading.’ The simulated environment actually displays an account number. It begins with SIM, so it’s easy to know which account you’re working with.

The charting in TradeStation’s browser platform is the most notable of the software’s features. It comes with a variety of technical studies and drawing tools. Limited customization is also available, providing OHLC bars, candlesticks, mountain, and line as graph formats.

The all-important trade bar sits at the top of the browsing window. There are several complex orders that can be practiced. Besides limit, these include order cancels order, and exotics like ‘Entry Short – with exit – stop market only.’

Paper Trading on the Desktop

Traders who demand even more sophistication can find it on the broker’s desktop platform, which offers both live trading and a practice environment. Like its browser cousin, the desktop platform has two choices at login: live trading and a practice environment. Instead of a login button, TradeStation simply has two buttons, one for the paper-trading account and one for the actual account.

All of the platform’s advanced features are available in the practice environment. These include advanced option search tools and charting that is more complex than the browser-based software. Available order types that can be practiced (and that aren’t on the browser platform) include ‘Entry – OCO Breakout/Fade Buy (Buy Limit/Buy Stop) With no Exit Order.’

Virtual Trading Using the Mobile App

The broker’s mobile app also has a simulated trading account. Like the other two platforms, you simply choose simulated or live when logging in. The mobile platform has all the app’s regular features. These include good charting tools, including technical studies and a drawing program. Watchlists are available along with alerts, positions, and the simulated account’s balance information.

TradeStation Promo Code Disclaimer

Current TradeStation promo code offer details to open a new account could change at any time without notice.