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TSTVAGFD: current Tradestation promotion code for $3,500 cash bonus. 2023 funds deposit, IRA, new account opening TradeStation offer.

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Please use TSTVAGFD Tradestation promo code for up to $3,500 cash bonus.

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TradeStation Promo Code Overview

The brokerage world has become saturated with so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. What platforms are the most reliable, have the best tools, and give you the best chance to being successful? If you are serious about taking control of your financial future, TradeStation is an excellent place to start. And now, by taking advantage of their newest promo code, TradeStation can help you get started with up to $3,500 in cash rewards with qualifying deposits when you open a new account. Let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of this great offer to help jumpstart your trading journey. 

TradeStation Promo Code Details

Only individual (non-institutional), joint equities, and futures accounts will be eligible to take advantage of this offer. To get started, simply enter a valid promotional code on the new account application or speak directly with a TradeStation representative over the phone when setting up a new account. Once this is complete, the new account must be funded with at least $4,999.99 worth in new assets such as cash or securities from another financial institution other than TradeStation. Assets from another TradeStation account will not qualify for new assets. This process must be completed within 45 days of account enrollment. 

Once the account has been funded with qualifying assets, a 270-day holding period will ensue, during which time your cash reward will be determined by the amount of qualifying assets in the account. See the table below more details: 

TradeStation promotion

One month after the 270-day holding period, your cash reward will be deposited into your account! 

Additional TradeStation Promo Details

As stated above, only non-institutional individual, joint equities, and futures accounts are eligible to take advantage of this Tradestation promo code.  Individual retirement accounts (IRA) or other tax-qualified accounts are not eligible. Your account also will not qualify if funds (new assets) are transferred to a different account or withdrawn during the initial 45-day period after your account was opened.

This is a one time cash offer, and those who have received previous cash rewards from TradeStation are not eligible. Other factors such as your financial situation and trading experience may also affect your eligibility for this offer. 

TradeStation promotion

Why choose TradeStation

  TradeStation is an excellent brokerage platform for people who are serious about managing and growing their finances. It offers commission-free stock trades with exceptional order fill times as low as 0.038 seconds. Commissions for options are $0.60 per contract, and $1.50 for futures contracts (per side). 

The platform is aimed primarily at active and more advanced traders. It includes a vast array of fundamental and technical analysis tools, indicators, stock screeners, as well as educational content. Real time data is included for stocks, ETFs, stock options, futures, futures options, indices and cryptocurrencies.

TradeStation Promo Code Conclusion

For those looking to enter a new brokerage platform to begin or continue their trading journey, TradeStation is a great option, and with this current cash reward opportunity, it’s a great way to jumpstart the process. The main points to remember with this particular deal are as follows:

- Cash rewards from $150 to $3,500 available for qualifying deposits (see table above).

- New account must be funded with at least $4,999.99 of new assets within 45 days of opening the account.

- New assets can be cash or securities from a different platform. Assets from another TradeStation account are not valid as new assets.

- Only individual (non-institutional), joint equities, and futures accounts are eligible.

- There is a 270-day holding period after your new assets are deposited, one month after which your cash reward will be deposited into your account for those that qualify.

Take advantage of this deal while you can!

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