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TD Ameritrade Mobile Trading App Review

With the continuous development of smart phone technology, more and more brokerage firms are beginning to create mobile applications for use of their services on the go. Over the past couple of years, we have been using the TD Ameritrade mobile application to assist with our investing needs and have been quite impressed with the dynamic capabilities of the program. The functionality and access that clients have at their disposal truly make this application stand out as one of the best available in the marketplace.

TD Ameritrade mobile is available to anyone who downloads the application to their smart phone. However, in order to get full access to the program, you will need to have an account already established with the firm. Since we are using the Android platform, installation was completed through the Google Play store simply by selecting the application and completing the free download. Upon opening the program, you are given the opportunity to log in to your personal account. For those who haven’t done this yet, there’s a link to open a new TD Ameritrade account on the configuration page that when clicked, will take you right to the TD Ameritrade website to begin the process. In the meantime, non-account holders can still create an investment watch list and access delayed stock quotes when using the application. For existing account owners, this is where the fun begins.

Once logged in, there are a number of tabs at the top of the page where one can easily navigate the platform. This menu includes; Quotes, News, Account, Trade, and Configure. The Quote page is shown as the default starting point. For investors looking to keep an eye on their favorite stocks, this is where users can create and edit their own watch lists. These stocks, along with any watch lists previously created by the user on the desktop site can be integrated into the application and will be accessible during future sessions. Stocks that appear on this page show real time streaming quotes, bid/ask information, and the price change for the day throughout normal market hours. Selecting a specific ticker symbol from the watch list will give the user a subset of additional choices like trading, level II quotes, charting and options information, as well as access to company news. This can be extremely useful to have in a pinch, most notably for the level II quotes, as this shows an in-depth look at the market maker’s order book for a particular company. This is considered to be a more advanced feature that is not often found in other brokerage mobile applications.

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The News tab at the top of the page is a nice way to get a quick summary of current financial events. The news feed source is also customizable to be set up through either Midnight Trader, Yahoo Finance, or Google Finance depending on the user’s preference. This helps make the experience more interactive and allows one to get a good sense of the market at moments notice.

The Account tab lets the user get a quick snapshot of their account. This screen displays account values and buying power available along with a specific balance breakdown of applicable funds in cash, margin, and savings. You can also see a nice summary of both your current account positions and recent transaction history. Having this information readily available is certainly a benefit for its convenience and ease of use.

The Trade tab provides access to an extremely dynamic order entry screen that gives investors multiple choices with which to complete their trades. Users can make stock or options transactions from this platform by simply entering order details and utilizing the designated hot buttons and scroll down menu.

For novice investors looking for broker all the way to the most expert trader, we think that TD Ameritrade’s Mobile application has many beneficial features. Whether you are at home or on the beach, using this platform gives you instant access to the market right on your cell phone. Based on the success we’ve had using TD Ameritrade Mobile, we would certainly recommend this application for investors who are looking to stay connected.

Updated on 1/2/2017.

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