J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program in 2022

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J.P. Morgan Chase Friend Referral Bonus

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JP Morgan Chase Brokerage Account

If you’ve been using JP Morgan Chase for your banking needs, you should check out the financial conglomerate’s new online discount broker. Called You Invest Trade (member of SIPC), this new ultra-low-cost firm offers free trades, managed and self-directed brokerage accounts, IRA’s, and more. Let’s check it out.

Chase Investment Choices

J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Securities Rating

To start our investigation, let’s take a look at what assets can be traded at JP Morgan Chase’s brokerage firm. J.P. Morgan Chase offers stocks, bonds, ETF’s, and mutual funds. Unfortunately, options are not available at this time, and this absence will turn many traders away.

We also discovered that J.P. Morgan Chase does not offer margin accounts yet. This is another significant blunder that will cost the new broker customers. J.P. Morgan Chase is a new firm, and we expect Chase to add more features in the future.

More esoteric products like futures and forex are also off the list right now. Chase is obviously starting out small and will probably test out the demand for its service before adding new financial instruments.

Chase Trading Platform

J.P. Morgan Chase Trading Platform Rating

After logging into our account, we immediately noticed the lack of trading resources for J.P. Morgan Chase customers. There is no trade bar for quick buying and selling of securities. There is also no browser-based platform on the Chase's brokerage site. At this point, you probably have already guessed that there isn’t a desktop program, either.

All trading at J.P. Morgan Chase takes place on the Chase website. Brokerage accounts are shown along with bank accounts. The trading side is pretty simple at this point. This does mean that trading is fairly straightforward. Beginning investors may find this environment a little easier to handle.

J.P. Morgan Chase Online Trading Platform

The Chase's website trading ticket offers just four order types: market, limit, stop, and stop limit. A quantity field will tell you if you have enough cash in your account, a helpful feature. Time-in-force options include day, GTC, on the open or close, and immediate or cancel. The order ticket shows updated information on bid and ask prices and sizes. There is also balance information and an estimated order value.

The trading ticket changes somewhat when moving from ETF’s and stocks to mutual funds. Available actions here include buy, sell, sell all, exchange, and exchange all. Most recent NAV is shown instead of bid and ask figures.

The Chase's bond trading form actually starts with a search tool. This will be discussed in the security research section below. After finding a fixed-income product, you just need to click on the ‘Trade’ button, which will generate a fixed-income trading ticket.

Charting on the Chase trading platform is essentially non-existent. There is a small graph on a stock’s profile page. It shows just 1-day, 3-month, and 1-year return histories. The chart cannot be expanded full-screen or even half-screen. Comparisons, indicators, and company events aren’t possible. A chart can be turned into a daily price history, which is the only positive feature graphing has.

We did like the ability to create a watch list. In fact, multiple lists can be created. Mutual funds can be added in addition to stocks and ETF’s. The watch lists show the most recent price and the day’s and past year’s price ranges.

Mobile App

J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage App Rating

Just as the J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing website is integrated into the Chase site, likewise J.P. Morgan’s mobile app is simply the Chase app. After logging into a brokerage account, investment information is presented instead of banking tools. We were disappointed in the lack of features here. There is no streaming financial news, for example. We also couldn’t find mobile check deposit or a charting feature.

JP Morgan Chase Trade App

Security information is shown in a similar format that the website uses. It’s the same information as well. Watchlists synch across the website and mobile platform. The same small graph is shown with the same timeframes, for example.

There is a trading ticket for stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds. Although the website allows for the trading of fixed-income products, we couldn’t find this ability on the mobile system.

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Mutual Funds

J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Mutual Funds Rating

Using the J.P. Morgan Chase mutual fund screener, we found 2,614 mutual funds. All of these are no-load funds. This produces a decent list of low-cost funds, but the overall list is still under 2,700, pretty small by industry standards.

The screener can search by Morningstar rating, fund family, expense ratio, return history, dividend frequency, and several other characteristics. It’s also possible to search for socially-conscious investments.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Mutual Funds

A fund’s profile page does show some good information. This includes Morningstar ratings, including an interest rate sensitivity map. Top ten holdings are shown, along with a turnover ratio, 30-day yield, and manager tenure.

We also liked the performance history that is shown in bar format. Portfolio composition is shown in pie chart format.

Customer Service

J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Customer Rating

A J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing associate can be reached anytime from 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening, EST, Monday through Friday. The brokerage firm also hosts a 9-5 session on Saturday, but is closed all day on Sunday. During a recent test call, it took 6 minutes for us to reach an agent. We were required to go through several layers of security questions to get to the Q&A session, which seemed rather excessive.

We did not find a robo or human chat function on the J.P. Morgan Chase website. Although there are thousands of Chase Bank branch locations, there are no J.P. Morgan Chase locations as of yet.

One nice feature we liked was the incorporation of an internal messaging feature within our account. It was quick and easy to send an e-mail to customer service, and Chase promises a response in one business day.

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing is integrated with the Chase family of companies, and some services that are available to brokerage clients are the same services that are available to banking customers. These include the Chase Twitter page and a feedback section on the Chase website.

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Cash Management Features

J.P. Morgan Chase Brokerage Cash Management Rating

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing itself does not offer any type of cash management features. However, the J.P. Morgan Chase site is part of the Chase.com site, and a brokerage account can easily be linked to a Chase bank account. Funds transfers between a J.P. Morgan Chase account and a Chase deposit account occur simultaneously; so it’s easy to get necessary funds to a securities account quickly. Chase offers checks and debit cards with its many checking account options. Savings accounts are also available.

The Sapphire Checking Account mentioned above comes with unlimited ATM fee rebates around the globe plus zero forex surcharges. The fee structure is rather pricey, though.



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