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Etrade Mobile Stock Trading App Review

Brokerage firms are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the more recent ways of doing this has been through the use of smart phone technology. During the past year, we have been using the E-Trade mobile application to assist with our investing needs and have been extremely satisfied with the extraordinary capabilities of the program. We believe that the functionality and plethora of information available to clients help make this standout amongst its competitors as a top notch investor resource.

E-Trade mobile app is available to anyone. However, in order to get access to all the features of the application, you will need to establish an account with the firm.

Etrade Referral Bonus

Upon opening the program, you are directed to the main dashboard. This page displays quotes for the major market indices and also includes a quote search option, list of market related events for the day, and a recent headline from In the top left corner, a menu button is displayed, which when selected, will take you to where you may log in to your personal account. Once sign in is completed, the number of items in the navigation list will be linked with your account. Amongst the default favorites list includes; Dashboard, Portfolios, Quotes, Trading, and Watch Lists pages.

The Portfolio page provides a quick overview of the user’s account. For investors looking for a summary of their portfolio’s market value, total gain, day’s gain, and positions currently held, this is the place to check. What’s also nice about this particular section, is the user’s ability to select a stock or option from the positions list for instant access to order entry. This can certainly be a valuable and convenient tool when looking to place a trade quickly.

The Quotes page is where an investor can receive detailed price information about a specific stock or fund. For users looking to build their watch lists or set alerts for their favorite investments, this page is ideal to get started. After typing in the symbol, real time quotes are displayed on the page including; price of the last trade, bid/ask information, volume, and the price change for the day. For stock quotes, additional information is also available, such as the company’s current P/E ratio and when the next earnings date is scheduled. Earnings dates can even be integrated into your account events calendar from this page as a reminder. Mutual Fund quotes provide additional details as well with regard to investment parameters, previous performance, and fees and expenses. All of this information, along with the easy access to charting, news, and research gives an investor multiple resources for due diligence right at their fingertips.

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The Trading page provides access to a simple order entry screen that also gives investors a handy calculator feature to help quickly input their trades. Users can make stock, options, or mutual fund transactions from this platform by entering in order details and utilizing the designated hot buttons to move forward in the process. The user’s net account value, margin and non-margin purchasing power are conveniently displayed at the top of the page for a quick reference guide. Once the transaction is placed, you can check the status from the Orders page which will provide a summary of the order and details about whether the trade is still open or has already been executed.

The Watch Lists page provides investors the opportunity to keep track of a number of investments right on their handheld device. Once the stock or fund symbols are entered, this page will display the last price, change for the day, and volume for the equities listed. Selecting a particular stock or fund from the list will then take the user to the quotes page where more detailed information is available.

Besides the pages listed on the favorites menu, there are a number of other extremely user friendly features available in this program. While it seems typical for most mobile applications to lack in functionality when compared to their desktop sites, in the example of E-Trade mobile, this is certainly not the case. Just like the user has the ability to deposit or transfer funds on the desktop site, this is also made possible to mobile users with more than $1,000 in their accounts. E-Trade clients also do not even lose their bill pay access or their CNBC programming on the application, as both of these are options are available on the featured menu. There is also a neat feature that allows the user to scan a bar code that when recognized, will display the company who makes the product and gives the option to pull up a stock quote for more information.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced investor, the E-Trade Mobile application offers users a very unique and customizable experience. No matter where you are, this application keeps you feeling connected to the market and provides all of the essential tools needed for success.

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