Fidelity Referral Bonus: Refer a Friend Program for 2022

Fidelity Investments friend referral bonus program offer code for recommended friend or family member to open new brokerage account

Fidelity Friend Referral Bonus

You can recommend your family or friends to open an account with Fidelity Investments using Fidelity referral program under this link.

Unfortunately, neither you nor your recommended friend will receive any cash bonus, gift cards, or any other perks. If you want to be rewarded with free stocks valued up to $12,600 for referring clients to a brokerage, use Webull's referral program instead.

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How Fidelity Investments Referral Program Works

It's actually very simple. Click on the Fidelity referral link provided above. On the page that opens click on "Refer Your Friends and Family" button. After logging into your account, Fidelity will provide a page to enter your referral's names and email addresses.

Fidelity Referral Bonus

After that's complete, the broker will email them a special invitation to join Fidelity, with a link that lets them explore what the company offers.

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Fidelity IRA Overview

Financial advisors frequently sing praises about Roth IRAs. This is because earnings grow federally tax-free, and withdrawals are tax free, so it’s a good way to earn more for retirement. Often, the question is not why but who. There are hundreds of companies that offer Roth IRAs, so who to go with is often the question.

People who are looking for a company where they can manage many different accounts under one umbrella while receiving excellent customer service should look at Fidelity, a mutual fund company. These two things combined make it an excellent company for both novice and pro investors. However, they have a high minimum opening balance and the information on the web site can be, at times, hard to understand.

Opening an Account

At Fidelity, the minimum starting balance of a Roth IRA is pretty high: $2,500. Once a client has the money, however, Fidelity makes it pretty simple to open an account. Clients who are starting from scratch can do everything they need to do online. If transferring from another retirement account, such as a 401K, clients need to fill out a form. Customer service may help fill out the form if contacted over the phone. However, Fidelity will often leave it there; it is up to the customer to follow up.

Customer Service

Possibly the best thing about Fidelity is their customer service. They provide 24/7 customer service via phone, as well as online chat (limited times only). In addition, they have recently introduced a new message board where customers can pose questions to other Fidelity users.

Overall, the customer service representatives are well-versed in their trade. They know the pros and cons of various accounts and can help guide clients if they are not sure exactly what’s the best method to invest their money. This is why Fidelity is so good for novice investors.

In addition to traditional customer service routes, they have an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as several video tutorials. Although they don’t have physical branches in every state, their in-office customer service is also fantastic. The offices themselves are clean with modern decor. Again, the representatives are knowledgeable and professional, as well as nice. On a recent visit with two rather unhappy kids, the representative offered each child a frog beanie baby. Bonus? They provided gourmet chocolates and coffee to their adult patrons.

OptionsHouse vs Fidelity Outline

Investors looking for good trading tools with reasonable commissions should consider opening an account at either OptionsHouse or Fidelity. Both firms try to keep prices low while still providing good-quality investment services. This article will compare the two against each other and determine which one is the better value.

Customer Service

Fidelity clients can talk to a customer service rep over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The broker's website also has an on-line chat service. Fidelity offers many phone numbers that can be used in foreign countries for customers who are temporarily outside the U.S. There are 180 Fidelity offices in 39 U.S. states for traders who want in-person service. Investment advice and portfolio management services are also available. An additional cost may be charged for these services.

OptionsHouse doesn't offer 24/7 customer service. Its agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. It does have an on-line chat function during these hours. An phone number can be used by clients who travel internationally. Regrettably, there is no network of OptionsHouse locations, and the firm does not provide financial advice.

Fidelity wins the first category.

Investment Education

The Fidelity website provides a large amount of securities education. These resources come in video, infographic, article, webinar, and course format. There is an option to search through the information according to advanced, intermediate, or beginner level. The learning materials go over many topics, such as international investing and searching for options. The broker's website also has several tools and calculators to help its clients plan for retirement and education expenses.

OptionsHouse has far fewer materials on its website for learning the ropes of the investment world. The broker's website does host some articles that cover the basics of options trading. Several recorded videos of webinars are also available, and there's a handy glossary of financial terms that could benefit new traders.

Fidelity wins again.

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OptionsHouse vs Fidelity Investments - Funds

Investors at Fidelity can buy and sell more than 11,500 mutual funds. Approximately 1,800 are no-load, no-transaction-fee products. The NTF funds carry a redemption fee of $49.95 if the shares are liquidated in less than 2 months. Funds that aren't transaction free are always $49.95 on the buy side. More than 80 ETFs are also available commission-free.

OptionsHouse doesn't have any ETFs that are commission-free. The company also doesn't emphasize mutual funds. It has no list of NTF funds, nor does it have a mutual fund screener. All funds are $20 per transaction.

OptionsHouse is beaten again.


Trades at OptionsHouse are placed on a web-based platform. The website does not have a lot of material on it; it is used primarily for account management. There is no charge to use the platform. It has several nice features, including watchlists, security research, and charting. A graph can be shown full screen. Comparison to stocks and indexes is possible. Both the platform and the broker's mobile app have paper trading, a feature that Fidelity does not offer.

Fidelity's website can be used for trading. A useful trade ticket in the left-hand side of the monitor can be used to buy and sell mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks. A simple web page can also be used for trading. Charting on the website is sophisticated. A graph can be expanded to fill the entire monitor. Drawing tools can be used along with technical studies. An advanced desktop platform is available to active traders. A very sophisticated mobile app offers mobile check deposit and live streaming of Bloomberg business news in HD, neither of which OptionsHouse offers. There is also a Fidelity app for Apple TV.

This category is a tie.

The Price of Trading

OptionsHouse customers are charged $0 for ETF and stock transactions. This is one of the lowest commissions in the industry. Options are just 50¢ extra. Stock and ETF transactions are the same rate at Fidelity. Derivatives are an additional 65¢ per contract.

A brokerage account can be opened at OptionsHouse with no deposit. Fidelity, on the other hand, requires a minimum of $2,500. Neither broker charges any special account fees, such as inactivity or annual charges.

OptionsHouse is victorious here.

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Alternative Investments

Futures can be traded at OptionsHouse. Customers just need to request to add the feature to a regular securities account. Contracts are $1.50 per trade. Options on futures can also be traded. The broker has futures specialists to help traders during the broker's normal business hours, and some webinars are devoted to futures trading. Unfortunately, Fidelity does not offer trading in investments beyond securities.

OptionsHouse wins the last category.

Fidelity vs OptionsHouse: Results

Fidelity won tree categories, and OptionsHouse was victorious in two, and there was one tie. The winner by a close margin is Fidelity. Notwithstanding Fidelity's victory, OptionsHouse remains a better choice for option, stock, and futures traders.

Fidelity Investments refer a friend Program Disclaimer

Fidelity Investments referral bonus terms can change at any time without notice. For the most recent information on Fidelity refer a friend program offer to open account visit their website.

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