Interactive Brokers Referral Bonus: $1,000

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) referral bonus program code for recommended friend trader to open a new brokerage account in 2023

Interactive Brokers Referral Bonus

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Interactive Brokers Referral Program

If you have an Interactive Brokers account, listen up: the company has a refer-a-friend program that could put serious cash in your pocket. Here are the details:

interactive brokers referral

Free Cash, Free Stock

This is how the IBKR referral bonus works: the account owner, who could be an individual or a firm, invites another person or firm to open an account. The inviting party gets $200 of cash. The invited party receives shares of stock in Interactive Brokers (ticker symbol IBKR with a current market price of around $80).

Opening the New Account

In order for both parties to qualify for this referral bonus, Interactive Brokers requires the inviting party to share a link with the friend, who must open the new account through the link.

To get the necessary hyperlink to an existing account, log into the website and head over to the Settings page. This can be accessed by clicking on the head-and-shoulders icon in the top-right corner of the website and then selecting Settings in the drop-down window.

IBKR Referral

On the Settings page, scroll down to the Account Configuration section. There will be a link for “Refer a Friend.” Click on this link to get a new page. It will have the account’s hyperlink that is necessary to send to friends. This referral link can easily be copied (there’s a copy link button right next to it).

IBKR Referral Bonus Fine Print

Before you run off and start inviting long lost relatives to become Interactive Brokers customers, there’s quite a bit of fine print on this deal that you should be aware of first. Not following the rules runs the risk of not getting the bonuses, which are sort of the point here.

The first rule is that the inviting account must have a net liquidation value of at least $2,000 at all times. It should not fall below this level.

Second, some account types are not eligible at all. Only joint, individual, trust, and some organization accounts can invite friends. IRAs are not eligible, nor are hedge funds, institutional accounts, proprietary trading firms, or financial advisors.

Residents of Israel, Spain, and Japan are not eligible, either. Residents of Canada can get the cash bonus but not the IBKR shares. Residents of Australia and India have restrictions. Employees and affiliates of Interactive Brokers are not eligible for this promo.

Third, the inviting account must not have any involvement with the new account once the referral is done. This rule includes training the new account holder in the use of IB’s software, acting as a point of contact between the broker and the new account, or trading in the new account.

Fourth, this may be obvious, but the old account cannot refer itself. It also cannot refer anyone within its household. Apparently, friends don’t include family members.

Fifth, the invited account must deposit and maintain at least $10,000 for one year.

Sixth, if that balance is successfully maintained for a full year, the account will receive $1 in fractional stock of IBKR for every $100 in assets. The maximum payout is $1,000. This would require a deposit of $100,000, ten times the minimum.

Seventh, the inviting account can only refer up to 15 friends in a single year and a total of 30 over the lifetime of this deal.

IBKR Referral Bonus Assessment

This is a very lucrative offer judged by the total amount that can be earned on both sides. It does take more than a year to receive any payouts, though, so patience is an absolute requirement.

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IBKR Referral Bonus Disclaimer

Interactive Brokers referral bonus terms can change at any time without notice. For the most recent information on IBKR refer a friend program offer to open an account, visit their website.

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