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Merrill Edge Friend Referral Bonus

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Merrill Edge Pricing

To buy or sell a stock or exchange-traded fund (ETF) at Merrill Edge costs $0 per trade. Each trade can be for any number of shares, and the trade is the same price.

New investors might want some extra assistance placing a trading. Merrill Edge has representatives who can help investors over the phone to place a trade. The charge for this service is $27.95.

Merrill Edge requires no minimum opening deposit for its brokerage accounts. There is also no minimum balance requirement. These policies are perfect for new investors who want to try out a securities account.

Retirement accounts are also available. These have no annual account fee or minimum balance requirement. The firm does charge a $49.95 fee for transferring or closing a retirement account.

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge IRAs

Bank of America offers a few options for an IRA account. Below we will talk about their most popular retirement solution, a discount brokerage service that goes by the name Merrill Edge. Merrill Lynch created this self-directed investing arm in an effort to compete with large companies in online stock brokers list. For customers who prefer to do their own investing, Merrill Edge makes it as easy and convenient.

After opening an IRA account at Merrill Edge and signing in into their account, users have access to a number of research and trading tools. Here is a short list:

- Stock screener examines thousands of stocks to determine their suitability as investments based on parameters set by the user

- Customizable charts let users know how their stocks are performing in real time

- Up-to-date information from third-party investment research firms such as Standard & Poor's and Morningstar

- Financial comparison tools rank securities based on earnings, growth, ratings, and fundamentals

- Company profiles give members all the information they need about a stock on a single page

- Educational resources help traders of all skill levels learn or review the basics of investing

Merrill Edge Friend Refer Program Disclaimer

Merrill Edge referral bonus terms can change at any time without notice. For the most recent information on Merrill Edge friend refer program offer to open account visit their website.