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Ally Invest Friend Referral Bonus

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Ally Invest Friend Referral Bonus

Ally Invest have temporary suspended its Friend Referral program.

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Ally Invest

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Ally Invest (also known as TradeKing) is one of our favorite online brokerage companies -- we rated it as one of the top online brokers in 2017. We have pretty good reasons: the firm offers extremely low, $4.95 commission on stock or ETFs trades, it provides award-winning customer service, and a helpful online member community. The company keeps constantly improving in every area - new features and updates are rolling out regularly.

Since majority of retirement account holders invest in mutual funds, the selection of funds and the pricing is imperative for any IRA. Ally Invest charges just $9.95 for no-load transaction-fee mutual funds (this is the lowest rate, matched also by OptionsXpress). The company offers over 8,000 mutual funds, including load and no-load funds from most leading fund families.

Ally Invest doesn't charge IRA account setup and annual (also known as custodial or maintenance) fees. There are no minimum balance requirements or hidden fees. Beginner investors can place broker-assisted equities trades for the same low price of $4.95 as online trades, and can learn to trade and get investing ideas in the website's friendly user community.

Clients can open either a traditional or Roth IRA with Ally Invest, and like many brokerages the account can be actively traded, but margin trading is not allowed. The account is easy to open, and the forms are all available on the website. Users can either make a deposit or transfer an existing IRA, and the company will reimburse the transfer fees up to $150. There is the ability to trade options in the Ally Invest IRA, providing the investor can demonstrate option-trading experience. Ally Invest canceled its inactivity fee and now all of its brokerage accounts come with no fees.

For the active investor, Ally Invest is a good choice for an IRA account given the low pricing, the comprehensive trading tools, research and education available. Naturally, they offer all of this to encourage trading in the account, which is how they generate the most revenue.

Ally Invest is now the sixth largest brokerage company in the United States. We strongly recommend it for retirement accounts (Traditional, ROTH, SEP, Simple, Rollover IRA) provided you could avoid inactivity fee.

Updated on 7/7/2017.

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