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Webull Friend Referral Bonus

Existing Webull clients who refer a friend to the broker will receive a free stock. If a referral makes a deposit of at least $100, a referring client will receive a second free stock. To get a referral link, an investor can sign up to Webull with a promotion offer above, and then get their own link from within the Webull website or the app.

About Webull

Webull is a broker that is catering to the “cost-sensitive” investor, or those who want to get their feet wet in the market with a small amount of capital. This is because Webull’s main selling point is that they don’t charge any commissions – trading with them is 100% free. This is pretty cool, but on the flip side Webull doesn’t offer you the same functionality and investment options you’ll find with the Ameritrades of the investing world. In this article, we will review Webull, going over the pros and cons.

Commissions and Trading Costs

As we mentioned, the best part of your Webull account will be the commission-free trading. All trades are free for as long as you have an account with them. As a small disclaimer, Webull will still pass on to you any small regulatory fees that result from your trades, but these generally amount to pennies per trade and all brokers pass these on.

WeBull Referral Program

Account Fees or Minimums

Some brokers will charge you an account maintenance fee if you don’t trade enough or if your account balance is under a certain minimum. Not Webull, they will never charge you an account maintenance or inactivity fee and they won’t charge any fees if your balance drops to zero.

Investment Offerings

Now that we covered the best part of Webull, it’s time to look at the trade-offs. The biggest con to trading with Webull is the lack of choices you have. Webull lets you trade thousands of U.S. stocks, options, and ETFs, which is a good selection, but they don’t support any other security types. That’s right – mutual funds, bonds, and penny stocks are all off limits. Depending on how diversified of a portfolio you were planning to build, this could be a pretty big drawback, especially when considering other free brokers, like Ally Invest, do offer all of these investment choices.

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Transfer Fees

Although Webull’s platform is largely free of hidden fees there are a few that apply to certain transfers. Electronic/ACH transfers are always free at Webull but they charge between $8 and 45 for both incoming and outgoing wire transfers (the exact amount of the fee depends on if it’s domestic/international and incoming/outgoing). If you ever want to transfer your entire portfolio to another broker it will cost you $75, although most brokers you move to may reimburse you for this fee.

Trading Platform

Webull’s mobile app is very sophisticated, rich in functionally, and great for trading. In the app you can see how world markets are doing using major indices from most countries as a proxy. The app includes company and global market headlines, financials ratings and of course stock charts.

Customer Service

For any basic inquiries, you should start with Webull’s self-help section with common questions and answers. For anything that isn’t addressed here you can use their in-app messaging service.


Stock Alerts and Calendars

Another nice Webull feature is the ability to set customized price and volume alerts in the app for stocks in your portfolio and on your watch list. They also provide you with a customized financial calendar that tracks earnings and other important dates for the companies you are following.

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Virtual Trading Feature

Webull also offers a virtual paper trading account where you can practice trading without actually using any money. Paper accounts are great for beginners and experienced traders alike to get their feet wet and practice new strategies before risking capital.


In summary, the best features of Webull are hands-down the free trading (and the lack of fees in general), the paper trading account, the mobile app, and their customizable stock alerts and financial calendars.

Webull refer a friend Program Disclaimer

Webull referral bonus terms can change at any time without notice. For the most recent information on Webull refer a friend program offer to open account visit their website.

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