Webull Referral Bonus: Up To $1,850 In Free Stocks Refer a Friend Program (2021)

Webull referral bonus: 2 free stocks valued up to $1,850. June 2021 Webull refer a friend program offer code to recommend a family member to open a new account.

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Webull Friend Referral Program Overview

In an investment world full of platforms giving customers a reason to use their service over the competition, Webull offers an expansive incentive system. The inclusion of free stocks upon account creation and even more stocks when referring friends is hard to turn down.

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Webull Account Creation Promotion

For the simple task of creating a Webull brokerage account, the company is willing to give you one free stock. These stocks are currently being valued between $2.50 and $250, not bad when you consider that it’s free money.

Once you make an initial deposit of $100 or more Webull will then give you a second stock valued between $8 and $1,600. You will have access to these stocks as soon as your deposit settles, which usually takes around 5 business days.

The stock selection pool is comprised of securities that have a market cap of $2.5 billion, are U.S. based and of course trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Their website states that when you open your account you have a 1/100 chance of being awarded securities from either Facebook, Proctor&Gamble, Starbucks, or Snap.

However when you deposit your initial $100 you have a 1/50 chance to garner a stock from this list of companies: Google, Facebook, Proctor&Gamble, Starbucks, Kraft Heinz, or Snap.

In addition to these odds, the terms of service further go on to explain your chances of ending up with securities of a certain value. Both your initial stock and the stock you receive after your deposit have different odds that you should be aware of.

Webull Referral Program

Initial Opening

Odds of stock valued at $2.5 to $10 approx. 1 in 1.02

Odds of stock valued at $10 to $50 approx. 1 in 52.63

Odds of stock valued at $80 to $100 approx. 1 in 1,111.11

Odds of stock valued at $100 to $250 approx. 1 in 10,000

After $100 Deposit

Odds of stock valued at $8 to $30 approx. 1 in 1.02

Odds of stock valued at $30 to $100 approx. 1 in 52.63

Odds of stock valued at $100 to $200 approx 1 in 1,111.11

Odds of stock valued at $1,000 to $1,600 approx 1 in 10,000

Webull Friend Referral

Along with their account creation promotion, Webull also offers a Refer-a-Friend type of program. However, this bit of promotion is slightly less straightforward in terms of the way that their instructions are read.

Unfortunately, you won’t receive any free stock just because a friend you refer opens up a new account. This friend will have to deposit a minimum of $100 within the first 30 days of their account being open for you to reap the rewards.

A good upside to this incentive is that you can repeat it indefinitely, with diminishing returns after the first two referrals have met completion requirements.

According to their terms and conditions, which are more clearly worded than the promotion itself, the benefits of the referrals are as follows:

Upon completion of your first successful referral, you will receive four free stocks.

Your second successful referral will award you with seven free stocks.

Each subsequent referral will award you two additional stocks.

This stock selection pool is similar to the one previously described in the account opening promotion. They will be from companies traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ that are U.S. based and have a minimum market cap of $2.5 billion.

However, unlike the account opening promotion, there does not seem to be a 1/50 or 1/100 chance to acquire securities from certain companies. But it does follow identical odds to your initial $100 deposit:

Odds of stock valued at $8 to $30 approx. 1 in 1.02

Odds of stock valued at $30 to $100 approx. 1 in 52.63

Odds of stock valued at $100 to $200 approx 1 in 1,111.11

Odds of stock valued at $1,000 to $1,600 approx 1 in 10,000

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Instructions for Webull Friend Referral

Webull consistently does a great job making these promotions as easy as possible for their consumers. This two-step program is no different.

All you must do to benefit is grab your unique referral link found on the same page as this promotion and share it with your friends. This can be found by going through the promotion center on either the desktop app or mobile.

Through this page, you can either directly email this link to your friend or copy and past it to wherever you want to share it like your various social media platforms of choice.

When someone uses this link to open and deposit $100 into their account you will be able to claim your free stock.

Webull Refer a Friend Program Disclaimer

It is important to note that with basically any free promotion there are going to be some caveats, Webull is no exception to this rule. All of these can be found in their terms of service as well.

When you receive a free stock through either one of these promotions you will have 30 days to claim it else it will be forfeit back to Webull.

After you receive your stock you will be able to hold or sell just like your own securities. However, under the TOS, you will only be able to withdraw any money made from the sale 30 days after the date of sale.

Any of these promotions will only work one time per SSN and the user of the brokerage accounts must be 18 years or older and must be a U.S. resident.

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Get 2 FREE stocks valued up to $1,850.

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