Online brokers with no minimum deposit

Online Brokers With No Minimum Deposit or Balance. Stock Trading Firms With $0 to Open a Brokerage Account.

2020 list below contains the best online stock trading brokerage firms with no minimum deposit or initial balance requirements to open an account. Cash brokerage accounts could be opened with low, zero ($0) initial deposit; margin accounts always require at least $2,000 initial investment.

Ally Invest rating

Ally Invest
Ally Invest

Ally Invest is one of the industry's lowest-cost brokers, charging $0 per trade for stocks and ETF's. Options are $0.50 extra per contract. Mutual fund traders pay $9.95 per trade. Ally Invest offers a no minimum brokerage account: $0 is required to open and maintain an account at the firm.

In addition to very low trading fees, Ally Invest accounts also have no maintenance or hidden fees. Customers get free real-time quotes, and good customer service. The broker also offers no-fee IRA's and free DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) service. Ally Invest has a variety of educational resources. For investors who want professional portfolio management, Ally Invest offers $0 fee Ally Cash-Enhanced Managed Portfolio.

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Up to $3,500 cash bonus + $0 commission trades.

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TD Ameritrade rating

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is the largest brokerage firm with no minimum deposit and no minimum account requirements. Both IRA and non-IRA accounts could be opened with $0 down.

Trading stocks and ETF's at TD Ameritrade costs $0. Placing a trade using the broker's interactive voice response (IVR) telephone system is $5. Using a living, breathing broker is $25. Options are an extra $0.65 per contract. No-load mutual funds that carry a transaction fee are a rather pricey $49.99. The broker does, however, offer over 4,200 mutual funds that are no-load and carry $0 transaction fee.

TD Ameritrade charges nothing extra for large orders, listed penny stocks, or after-hours trading. There are no inactivity fees or account maintenance fees, including for IRA accounts. The broker also offers DRIP services free of charge. Research reports are available at no cost from 12 independent providers. Investors also get access to professional trading platform, thinkorswim, which comes with free streaming quotes, including Level II quotes. Investors can practice trading with Paper Money, a virtual practice account, or discuss ideas in myTRADE, an on-line trader community. There are 450 retail locations for investors who want personal guidance.

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Trade stocks and ETFs for free + get up to $600 bonus.

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Firstrade rating



Firstrade is a medium size brokerage firm that made waves by cutting commissions to the lowest level in the industry. They charge $0 for stock, options, ETF trades as well as for mutual fund transactions. There are no hidden fees at the company.

Firstrade created easy to use and well-designed website. Their mutual funds offering is impressive and the broker offers all ETFs commission-free. Of course, this is one of the online brokers with no minimum deposit or account balance requirements.

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Up to $600 cash bonus + $200 in transfer fee rebates.

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Motif Investing rating


Motif Investing

Motif Investing also offers online trading accounts with no minimum deposit or account balance requirements.

This broker charges $4.95 for stock and ETF trades. Options and mutual funds are not offered. However, clients can create their own mutual funds called motifs.

Motif Investing is known for its low commissions and good deals on margin rates. The broker offers its clients no-fee IRA's. The firm has no volume requirements, no maintenance fees, and no inactivity fees. DRIP services are available at no cost, but only for whole, non-fractional shares.

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USAA rating



At USAA investors can open an online trading account with no minimum deposit. Margin accounts at USAA and all other brokerage firms require at least $2,000 to open.

USAA Investments charges its customers $0 per trade rate for stocks and ETFs. An additional $0.01 is charged for every share over 1,000. Options are an additional $0.75 per contract for both pricing systems. Mutual funds are a pricey $45.

Compared with other brokerage firms, USAA charges very few fees. The broker has no account maintenance, inactivity or hidden fees. Customers also have access to no-fee IRA's and good banking services with USAA bank accounts.

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