Best Crypto Currency Brokers

Best Crypto Currency, Bitcoin Trading Brokers in 2021

Top 3 crypto currency trading firms. Best brokerage companies for bitcoin (BTC), etherium investing account in 2021.

Cryptocurrency Trading at Webull

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to tap into the cryptocurrency market, Webull could be the answer you’re looking for. The brokerage firm currently offers trading in these digital assets:

Bitcoin Cash

Buying and selling these coins couldn’t be any less expensive as Webull charges zero commissions on crypto trades. The broker does use a 1% spread from the midpoint for both the ask and the bid. This will result in a 2% cost in a round-trip trade.

Actual trading of coins at Webull takes place on a mobile app, desktop platform, and a browser system. All three programs are user-friendly on one hand but powerful on the other.

Best Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Orders for crypto assets at Webull can be submitted as either market or limit orders. There are two time-in-force choices: immediate or cancel (for market) and day (for limit). Only buy orders can be used on the opening side.

The quantity field on Webull’s order ticket can be toggled among three choices: dollar amount, coin amount, or percent of crypto buying power. In all three cases, a fraction of a whole number can be used.

Crypto assets can be charted at Webull with the same software that stocks and other securities use. This means a graph can be displayed the full width of the monitor with 8 display styles. Webull has recently added to its list of technical indicators; we found approximately 30 of them. There are several drawing tools in Webull’s tool palette, including several Fibonacci widgets.

Best Crypto Trading Brokers

Crypto settlement at Webull is trade date plus one business day (T+1). The end of a business day is approximately 9:25 pm, EST. Although Webull does offer Individual Retirement Accounts, cryptocurrencies can only be traded in individual cash and margin accounts.

Webull customers cannot transfer digital currencies into a Webull account or out of one, which obviously will be a drawback for some traders. More in Webull crypto trading »

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Cryptocurrency Trading at eToro

Traders who want to move cryptocurrencies out of an account should check out eToro. The broker has a digital wallet that permits moving cryptocurrencies from the eToro website (there is no desktop platform this time) into a linked eToro digital wallet (but not in the other direction).

The process is very simple. Just click on a holding and then click on Transfer to Wallet in the pop-up window. There is a fee associated with transferring a coin. The exact fee varies by coin.

Best Crypto Currency Brokers

Speaking of fees, eToro doesn’t charge commissions on crypto trades, although it does make money off of the bid-ask spread, just as Webull does. Spreads vary from 0.75% (on Bitcoin) to 2.9% (for Cardano and Dash).

As with Webull, eToro charges no account fees. However, eToro does require a $50 deposit to access research information on cryptocurrencies. eToro also has a $25 minimum trade amount (for US-based customers). Webull only has a $1 minimum.

But eToro offers many crypto services that are completely unavailable at Webull. For example, eToro offers copy trading. With this scheme, it’s possible to literally copy the portfolios of other traders on the eToro platform. The account minimum for this is a little higher (it’s $1,000), but eToro doesn’t charge anything for it.

If you’re undecided on copy trading, you can add traders to a watchlist and monitor their portfolios before making a decision. Or you can invest in a crypto portfolio created by eToro itself.

Best Bitcoin Brokers

And if you want to analyze specific coins before making any type of investment at all, you can conduct a great deal of research on the eToro platform. Just click on the Research tab on a coin’s profile (this is the tab that requires a $50 deposit).

Here, eToro presents trade signals from technical indicators like MACD, exponential moving average, and RSI. The same tab presents news articles on cryptos (which Webull also has). The Chart tab has several useful graphing tools.

One feature Webull doesn’t have that eToro does is a digital bulletin board for each crypto. Just click on the Feed tab on a coin’s profile to access comments on that asset by eToro users.

As for the specific coins available for trading at eToro, there are currently fourteen of them. All of the majors are there except for Ripple.

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eToro USA LLC; Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.

Cryptocurrency Trading at Coinbase

If you are involved in cryptocurrencies, you have likely heard of Coinbase. The popularity of the company comes from its ability to offer a solid, all-around solution for crypto investors, and it is known for its accessibility and ease of use.

Geared towards novice and experienced investors alike, Coinbase provides several distinct platforms to reach various user types. Traders can use the platforms to buy and sell a large list of crypto pairs, including stable coins, NFTs, and tokens.

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Platforms and Apps

One thing that makes Coinbase so popular among relative newcomers to the crypto space is the simplicity of the main platform and smartphone app. Users who would like to buy and hold or trade between currency pairs can do so easily. Exploring the vast list of available coins and tokens and utilizing Coinbase as an extension of their traditional bank is also intuitive and convenient.

For serious traders, Coinbase also offers Coinbase Pro on desktop and mobile. Coinbase Pro is a fully featured trading platform that allows investors more control over the prices they buy and sell at. Coinbase Pro integrates seamlessly with the main Coinbase platform and transfers between the two are instant and free.

Coin Availability

Coinbase users should have no trouble finding enough coins and coins pairs to trade on Coinbase. All of the main digital asset options, and many of the lesser-known ones, are available to Coinbase users. Users can trade between various stable coins – including Coinbase’s own USDC, cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens, and many more.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are simple with Coinbase. Users can link a bank account to their Coinbase account and initiate transfers at any time. There is a 10-day hold on deposited funds to avoid issues with money laundering. However, investor accounts are credited with the amount of the deposit allowing them to either hold, purchase cryptocurrencies, or trade between currency pairs.

Depositing via crypto wallet is also a possibility. If Coinbase users have cryptocurrencies that they can transfer from another wallet or service, they can utilize the Coinbase wallet to send and receive crypto as they would with any digital currency wallet.

Perks and Bonuses

Coinbase offers its users several perks and bonuses to incentivize users to explore the world of blockchain and crypto more, and to spread their enthusiasm to their friends and families.

The learning program on offer is interesting and it is one that isn’t found on many other platforms. Essentially, users are paid to learn about new projects that come onto the scene. Users can watch videos and answer some questions to earn digital assets.

Coinbase also offers bonuses for referrals and recurring deposits. Users get $10 for successful referrals and $5 dollars for successful recurring deposits into their Coinbase account.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to get into cryptocurrencies or is simply interested in using a stress-free platform to handle their digital asset needs, Coinbase is a great choice. The rewards program, asset availability, ease of use, and training program, are all attractive aspects of the platform. The fact that Coinbase also offers solutions to appease serious traders and institutions, only strengthens the case for Coinbase. More in Coinbase crypto trading »

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