Citibank Bitcoin Crypto Currency Buying (2021)

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Want to Trade Bitcoin at Citibank? Here’s How

With a Citibank brokerage account, you can make certain investments that will give you exposure to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Although trading in the coins themselves is not possible, trading securities that are connected to the new digital assets is.

Blockchain Equities

A quick and easy way to tap into the cryptocurrency sensation is to trade a stock that is heavily involved with crypto technology. The most common form of crypto tools is the computer hardware required to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Mining is the electronic process of creating more coins of a cryptocurrency. It requires a lot of powerful hardware, and that’s where tech companies come in.

One company that manufactures computer hardware that miners often use is AMD. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, its microchips are used by miners all over the world.

Citibank bitcoin

AMD trades on the Nasdaq with its eponymous ticker symbol. Citibank’s website shows 4 stars out of 5 from CFRA and a rating of hold from the ResearchTeam Consensus Report. This last report is compiled from multiple analysts and includes the likes of MarketGrader and TheStreet.com.

Other stocks that build mining hardware include TSM and NVDA, both of which are available on the Citi platform.

Blockchain Funds

AMD has a beta of 2.18, which represents a very high level of volatility. If that’s too much for your taste, you could switch to blockchain funds. Because these baskets hold multiple stocks, they tend to have less volatility.

For example, the Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF (with ticker symbol KOIN) has a beta of just 1.05, less than half of what AMD has. KOIN is available at Citi with the same pricing schedule as other ETFs.

On Citi’s profile for KOIN, the fund shows a total return rating of 2 out of 5, a consistent return score of 1 out of 5, and a preservation rating of 3 out of 5. On Lipper’s scorecard, 5 is the highest rating.

If KOIN’s low ratings cause you to hesitate, there are other blockchain funds available at Citi.

Cryptocurrencies at Webull

If Citibank’s outdated pricing schedule causes you to hesitate, you could open a Webull account and buy and sell cryptocurrencies themselves. The brokerage house charges no annual fees and no commissions.

This would be direct cryptocurrency trading. You would buy and sell the coins themselves.

How to buy bitcoin on Webull

Webull requires just $1 to make a purchase of a cryptocurrency. At Citi, you will have to buy a whole share (of an ETF or stock) or a whole contract (in the case of an option trade). Learn more...

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Options on Blockchain Securities at Citi

Or you could opt to trade options on blockchain funds and stocks. On Citi’s profile for AMD, we found lots of contracts—thousands, in fact, for the nearest expiration date. These make an easy opportunity for short-term trades on AMD. Some contracts do go out to 2023, so it’s also possible to make a mid-term play on the underlying instrument.

Grayscale on Citibank

If all the crypto derivative plays don’t suit your fancy, there is always direct Bitcoin trading. Grayscale Investments is one company that manages funds that hold actual coins. Citibank offers a large suite of Grayscale products, including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin funds.

Citibank Fees and Commissions

Citibank hasn’t quite jumped on the $0 bandwagon yet. Commissions range from $65 to $0, depending on a wide variety of factors. These include the price of the security, whether you have a linked Citibank account, and how much money you have on deposit with Citi.

Option trades in all cases carry a base charge of $2.95 and a per-contract fee of 75¢.

And then there are the annual fees, which require deep pockets to avoid.

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