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tastyworks Crypto Trading (2022)

tastyworks crypto trading. Can you buy Dogecoin, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) alt coins cryptocurrencies on tastyworks?

Can I Trade Bitcoin at tastyworks

tastyworks now has Bitcoin trading. Even better, it is giving the cryptocurrency away. Keep reading—you don’t want to miss out.

Existing Customers Must Enable Bitcoin Trading

Although tastyworks has launched cryptocurrency trading, it will not automatically appear on existing accounts. To enable this great service on an existing tasty brokerage account, you’ll have to click on the MY ACCOUNTS tab in the top menu of the broker’s website and then select TRADING PREFERENCES from the drop-down list.

On the new page that appears, you’ll see a green button to enable cryptocurrency trading. The broker’s new service is only available in individual cash or margin accounts at this time.

tastyworks currently offers these coins:

tastyworks crypto

Bitcoin Promotion

tastyworks is currently running a promotion to advertise its new Bitcoin trading service. A deposit of $200 into a new tasty account will earn you $50 of digital currency, while a $2,000 deposit earns a $200 bonus. Unfortunately, the special is valid only for new customers.

How to buy bitcoin on tastyworks

Open tastyworks Account

Open Tastyworks Account

Direct Bitcoin Trading

Once you have crypto trading enabled, it’s time to place some trades. Before you do, you need to be aware of tasty’s commission schedule on currency trading. The broker assesses 1% against every transaction amount. This commission is applied on both purchases and sales and has a $10 maximum.

Orders for Bitcoin or any of the other 3 coins can be submitted through tasty’s desktop program or browser platform. During our investigation, we were not able to place crypto trades on the mobile app.

On the browser platform, a good place to start is in the right-hand column. Just enter a coin’s three-letter code in the search field.

After you enter the ticker symbol, you’ll get the most recent trade data on that particular coin. Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trade 24/7, you’ll always get fluctuating bid and ask prices.

To pull up the software’s order ticket, just click on a bid or ask price. The order ticket defaults to buy to open whether you click on bid or ask. This is because cryptocurrencies can’t be shorted at tastyworks.

You can also get the platform’s order ticket by clicking on the TRADE tab in the left-hand menu.

Orders for cryptocurrencies can be placed in whole-coin amounts, fractions of a coin, whole-dollar amounts, or fractions of a dollar. There are two order types: market and limit.

Crypto-currencies trading on tastyworks

Although the browser platform can get the job done, better crypto trading tools will be found on tasty’s desktop program.

Once you have the software downloaded and installed, login with your credentials and click on the TRADE tab that appears in the vertical column towards the left of the screen. Then click on CRYPTO in the horizontal menu. You’ll see four graphs with four trading tickets beneath them.

Each graph can be switched to another coin using a drop-down menu in the top of the graph. Up to 3 months of price data can be displayed. The order ticket shows a quantity of 1.00000000, although this amount can be changed. To trade coins using a whole-dollar amount, just select Dollar Market in the order type menu.

Futures on Bitcoin

If you would rather stick with tasty’s original mission of derivative trading, you could opt for Bitcoin futures contracts. tastyworks does charge $1.25 per contract, per side, which may or may not be a better deal.

Ethereum contracts begin trading on the CME on February 8, 2022, and these crypto derivatives will be available at tastyworks.

Open tastyworks Account

Open Tastyworks Account

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