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Fidelity Mobile App Review For iPhone, Android, and iPad

Fidelity mobile app review for stock trading in 2022. Fidelity iPhone/iPad app vs desktop. Fidelity Android app.

Fidelity App Review

Today, more and more people are trading and investing through brokers’ mobile apps. As a result, Fidelity has been forced to up their game with its mobile app to compete with the many popular broker apps in the market. We reviewed Fidelity’s Android, iPhone, and iPad Tablet apps and we discuss our findings in this article.

Through Fidelity’s app, you can place trades, perform market research, watch your portfolio, receive customized alerts, deposit checks, and much more — all while being away from your computer and on the go.

Fidelity’s app is available to all investors for free and all the features included with the app are free. Whenever Fidelity happens to be testing a new version of the app, you can change between the classic experience and the new experience in the app.

Fidelity iPhone app

Fidelity Android Mobile App

Fidelity’s Android mobile and tablet apps are available for download through the Google Play Store. All of the same features are included in both apps. The Fidelity mobile app for Android offers the ability to create a watch list widget and a quick task widget on your phone’s home screen.

Fidelity iPhone Mobile App

Fidelity’s iPhone mobile app is available for download through the Apple App Store. The iPhone app has the very cool ability to send stock quotes, market data, and charts through iMessage. You can also integrate the iPhone app with your Apple Watch to view quotes and get push alerts on your watch.

Fidelity iPad Tablet App

Fidelity’s iPad app is available for download through the Apple App Store. Fidelity’s iPad app comes with all the same features as the iPhone app. The iPad app is perfect for utilizing the Bloomberg TV live streaming feature as well as watching webinars and educational videos in the app’s Learning Center.

Google Play and Apple App Store Ratings for Fidelity App

The Fidelity app has a 4.2/5 star rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.8/5 star rating on the Apple App Store. Combined in both stores, the app has over 200,000 reviews. A few positive themes in the reviews are comments about the dark theme setting in the app and comments praising the research abilities in the app. A few negative themes in the reviews are comments about having to repeatedly log back in due to being timed out of the app and comments about various bugs in the app.

Cost Comparison

Broker Review Broker
Mutual Fund
Option Promotion Offer
Ally Invest
Ally Invest rating

$0 $9.95 $0.50 Up to $3,000 cash bonus + $0 commission trades.
4.5-star brokerage rating

$0 na $0 12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.
TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade rating

$0 $49.99 ($0 to sell) $0 commissions + transfer fee reimbursement.
Fidelity Investments rating

$0 $49.95 $0.65 Get $0 stock commissions.

Fidelity Apps User Interface

The current interface hosts a menu at either the top or bottom of the screen, depending on which device you are using, that contains navigation tabs to quickly access your accounts, watch lists, market data, and perform trades and transactions. In the top right of the interface, you can search for quotes or access the app settings. Many users shared a similar sentiment of feeling like there is an incredible amount of information available in the app, but the information is not presented in the most user-friendly way.

Many of the comments in the app reviews used the same word “clunky” when describing the user interface of the app and we completely agree with that assessment. We would also describe the interface as feeling boxy and archaic. The silver lining is that Fidelity does seem to be working on making major updates and improvements to the user interfaces of its app.

Fidelity App Homepage

Unlike a lot of other broker’s apps, Fidelity’s app doesn’t offer a homepage or feed experience upon startup. You have a choice of three different standalone start pages which are accounts, watchlist, or markets. The markets start page is the closest experience to any kind of feed. The markets page provides a nice overview of the U.S. and international markets including the top news, market movers, and futures.

Fidelity Android app

Real-Time Streaming Quotes

A great feature of Fidelity’s app is access to free real-time streaming quotes for all investors. The default quotes are delayed so, you need to go into the app settings and change the quotes to real-time under the quotes settings. When first changing to real-time quotes, you will need to sign the terms and conditions.

Research Tools & Information

One of the greatest strengths of Fidelity’s app is its research tools and information. The first tool is a research section in the main menu that has a list of undervalued and overvalued stocks, stocks with the most positive and negative social sentiment, and a bull and bear pick of the day. The second tool is an ETF screener that functions all inside of the app. The third tool is the news + live TV section in the main menu which includes top news from many different sources, investing ideas, and market insights.

For stocks, you can view research reports, fundamental valuation breakdowns, technical analysis sentiment, and key statistics about the company. For ETFs and mutual funds, you can view analyst ratings, distribution information, and top holdings. For options, you can view all of the Greeks data as well as a detailed quote of an individual option contract.

Charting on the Fidelity App

One of the major weaknesses of Fidelity’s app is the charting features. Charts on Fidelity’s iPad and tablet apps are of course much better for viewing on the larger screens, but the majority of users are on mobile phones.

Fidelity app charting

Firstly, the mobile app charts only give you two technical indicators to pick from which are just moving averages. The charts have very limited timeframes, and you can’t even tell anywhere on the chart what timeframe each candle represents. Lastly, the timeframes on the bottom of the chart sometimes overlap the volume making the volume unviewable.

Trading on the Fidelity App

Depending on what you want to trade and whether or not you already hold an existing position, there is a multitude of ways to access the trading screen on the app. The first way is to select the trade option from the trade + transact submenu within the main menu and then use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to choose what type of security you want to trade.

The second way is to search for a symbol and then once you are on the overview page of the security, click the green trade button. The third way is if you already have a symbol on your watchlist, click on the symbol in your watchlist and then click the green trade button. The fourth way is if you already hold the position you want to trade, go into your account, choose the positions tab, then select your position and click the green trade button.

How to Place a Stock/ETF Trade

On the stock/ETF trading screen, you can choose the default ticket which provides more detailed options for experienced traders, or the quick ticket which makes entering an order extremely easy for beginners. The stock/ETF trading screen has a clean layout that includes your account buying powers, detailed quote information, and order entry options. Fidelity even provides question mark bubbles on some of the order entry options that provide helpful explanations for beginners as well as an optional link to a video that explains the trading ticket for new traders.

Fidelity app stocks trading

How to Place an Option Trade

In addition to using the steps outlined above in the “Trading on the Fidelity App” section, you can also access the options trading screen by clicking on the strike price, bid, or ask of an option from the option chain screen. To view the option chain, you first need to go to the overview page of the stock or ETF you want to trade either by searching for a quote or selecting the symbol from your watchlist or positions. The option chain does not look as glamourous as it does on other broker’s apps, but it has a clean, easy-to-read layout and solid functionality.

Fidelity mobile app

Experience option traders shouldn’t have any trouble navigating through the option order entry screen. Although even for experienced traders, placing an order for multi-leg strategies on the app can be a bit confusing to navigate through at first. For new option traders just looking to place a single-leg trade, the order entry process is fairly intuitive.

Purchasing CDs on the Fidelity App

Fidelity’s app offers the ability to purchase New Issue CDs — a rare investment type that not many other brokers’ apps offer. With quickly rising interest rates making CDs much more attractive investments, this is an important feature that might be a big appeal for Fidelity’s app. To view Fidelity’s available inventory of CDs, select the trade + transact submenu within the main menu and then select the buy new issue CDs option.

Fidelity iPad app

Fidelity App Review Summary

Fidelity’s app has fantastic functionality, but the app’s design, user interface, and ease of navigation are all considerably lacking compared to competitors. If you can get past the look of the app, you will be extremely happy using the app for its amazing amount of research information and to execute trades.

Updated on 6/18/2022.

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