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Webull Mobile App Review For iPhone, Android, and iPad

Webull mobile app review for stock trading in 2023. Webull iPhone/iPad app vs desktop. Webull Android app.

Webull App Overview

The Webull app has surged in popularity alongside the surge of new investors in the markets in the last few years. Webull’s app has some amazing features and some unique social aspects to it that not many other investing apps have. In this article, we provide a detailed review of the Webull app.

Even though Webull is a relatively new broker that launched its mobile app in 2018, the app is light years ahead of a lot of the apps of the larger and more popular brokers. The Webull app has an incredible user interface and is absolutely feature-packed with dozens of features for both investors and traders. The app is completely free to download and use.

Webull Android Mobile App

Webull’s Android mobile app is available for download through the Google Play Store. The Android mobile app allows you to set up four different widgets on your phone including a widget to watch the price of an individual stock or a widget to view your entire watchlist.

Webull iPhone Mobile App

Webull’s iPhone mobile app is available for download through the Apple App Store. The iPhone app allows you to search for symbols and place trades using your voice. The app also allows you to log in using your Face ID.

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Webull iPad Tablet App

Webull’s iPad app is available for download through the Apple App Store. The iPad app comes with all the same features as the iPhone app. The iPad app is a perfect workspace for taking advantage of the full power of Webull’s remarkable charting features.

Google Play and Apple App Store Ratings for Webull App

The Webull app has a 4.4/5 star rating on the Google Play Store with over 171,000 ratings and a 4.7/5 star rating on the Apple App Store with over 271,000 ratings. Positive comments in the reviews praising the app include how users love the clean, intuitive user interface as well as how good the charting features are such as the drawing feature on the charts. Negative comments in the reviews criticizing the app include feelings of how all the social aspects of the app are unnecessary and poor customer service within the app.

Webull App User Interface

The user interface of the Webull app is clean, sleek, user-friendly, and overall, extremely well designed. The navigation structure is intuitive for finding wherever you would like to go in the app. At the bottom of the app for mobile and the side of the app for tablets are 5 different menu buttons which are feeds, watchlists, the Webull icon, markets, and menu. Four of the buttons are self-explanatory and the mysterious Webull icon button brings you to your accounts and positions page.

Webull App Feeds

The feeds page of the app looks similar to most social media feeds today consisting of mostly scrollable news and posts from other Webull users. In the top right of the feeds page, there is a search icon as well as a plus symbol button that allows you to write a post to the Webull community, ask a question of the Webull community, or create a Wefolio.

The first item displayed on the feed is a slideable version of your favorited quotes watchlist. The second item is a small window of streaming top news. The third item is a section containing two buttons — one to access the learning section of the app and the other to view any Wefolios you are following. Underneath all of this is where the familiar-looking scrolling feed starts showing news and posts.

WeBull Mobile App

Market Research

The market research page on the Webull app presents an overwhelming number of tools and information (in a good way). To cover all of the details of the market research page would require an entire article of its own so, we will only touch on some of the most powerful and unique features of this section.

Firstly, you can choose which market you want to research from a customizable list of tabs at the top of the page such as the crypto markets, U.S. markets, or an explore tab. In the explore tab, there is a Market Watch feature which is a bubble chart that shows symbols of stocks with major news inside the bubbles. The size and color of the bubbles represent which stocks have the biggest negative and positive news for that day.

WeBull App IPO

In the United States tab, there is an IPO Center feature that shows all IPOs that are available to all Webull customers and only require a minimum investment amount of $100. Also in the U.S. tab, is an Industrial Heatmap feature that shows a heat map of all the different industries’ daily performance and allows you to click into an industry to view a list of all the stocks in that industry.

In the cryptos tab, you can view a list of all the available cryptos for trading with Webull. In the Global tab, there is an interactive globe that you can rotate with your finger, and it shows the daily performance of the main indexes of each country across the globe.

WeBull App

Stock Overview Page

Similar to the market research page, there is an overwhelmingly good number of tools and information available on the stock overview page so again, we will stick to the main features. Towards the top right of the page, there are little icons that you can click on that will show information about the stock such as if the stock is marginable, the allowable leverage, if the stock is hard to borrow, and what the borrowing fee is.

Also towards the top of the page, there are six different tabs such as Chart, News, and Analysis. In the chart tab, there is an Order Flow Distribution feature that shows information about the inflow and outflow of all the small, medium, and large orders happening in the stock. Also in the chart tab, there is a Short Interest section that shows detailed information about the short interest in a stock.

In the feeds tab, there is a Stock Sentiment feature that shows the combined sentiment of the stock for that day as voted on by all Webull users. In the Company tab, you can browse easy-to-read graphs showing all of the company’s key financial metrics. In the Analysis tab, there is a Quant Rating feature that provides a score of 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, based on five key categories of the stock such as growth, value, and quality.

Charting on the Webull App

The charts in Webull’s app have to be in the top three if not the outright best mobile app charts in the industry. First off, the charts are clean and beautifully presented. You can switch between the standard portrait view or landscape view for full-screen viewing.

WeBull Android App

The charts offer over 50 different technical indicators, 5 different time frames, 15 different time intervals, 17 different drawing tools, 8 different chart layers, 8 different chart types, the ability to compare multiple securities at the same time on the same chart, the ability to compare two different charts at the same time, the ability to display corporate actions, the ability to display your open positions, closed positions, and open orders, and a replay feature that allows you to watch a live replay of a chart on a previous day.

Incredibly, you can edit and customize each of the 50+ indicators, the 17 drawing tools, and the 8 different chart types. The variety of time frames and intervals range from a yearly view all the way down to a 1-second view with everything in between. In addition to everything mentioned, there are even more general chart settings to customize including the chart height and displaying extended hours.

Trading on the Webull App

Webull’s app provides an intuitive and seamless trading experience for stocks, ETFs, options, IPOs, and crypto. A big advantage of trading with Webull is that they offer trading in the entire pre-and post-market sessions between the hours of 4 – 9:30 am ET and 4 - 8 pm ET. Another advantage is that all non-professional Webull users get access to free real-time streaming quotes for stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto as well as a three-month free subscription to Level 2 quotes for stocks and ETFs.

WeBull iPhone App

There are a variety of ways to start a trade within the app and ultimately get to the order entry screen. You can start by selecting a position from your watchlist, portfolio, or Wefolio, searching for a quote, or selecting a symbol from anywhere within the markets research section in the app. For options, you can click anywhere on the row of your desired contract in the options chain including on the bid or ask. The order entry pages offer great customization options including a classic page style that looks similar to most order entry screens on other investment apps or a big button page style that makes the order entry process a lot quicker.

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Order Entry Pages

The order entry pages for stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto all offer multiple customization settings. A feature of all the order entry pages that can help speed up the process of placing a limit order is the ability to click on the bid or ask price in the quote at the top of the page to use that price for your order. Another helpful feature is being able to use a sliding bar to set your limit price and/or your order quantity. If you are a newer trader or you are unfamiliar with order types, you will appreciate the brief descriptions automatically included under each order type.

Options Chain

Like the rest of the Webull app, the options chain is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. However, it functions a bit differently than on most investment apps so, it can be confusing to use at first. A feature in the options chain that some options traders may find either very annoying or very helpful is that the in-the-money and out-of-money options are separated by a red line showing the underlying’s current price sitting right in the middle of the list of strike prices.

Webull iPad App

The options chain has two different scroll settings to choose from when viewing the details of the contracts. You can change between the two by clicking the little blue line icon that appears above the strike price column at the top of the chain. You can customize the option chain settings including what details you want in each column such as the midpoint, implied volatility, or theta as well as choose the order of the columns. You can choose to see both calls and puts or just one of the two and choose the strategy you are viewing in the chain as well.

When choosing the options strategy that you are viewing in the chain, you can click on the little “i” button next to the strategy which pops open a window giving a description of the strategy and a chart explanation of the strategy. This is an incredibly valuable feature for new option traders as well as intermediate traders looking to dive into more advanced types of options strategies. Two unique and wildly informative features of Webull’s option chain are the volume statistics tab and the probability analysis tab.

Webull Paper Trading

One of the amazing features of Webull’s app is paper trading. You can paper trade stocks, ETFs, and options. To access paper trading, choose the menu tab in the bottom right of the app and then choose the paper trade button under the shortcuts section.

WeBull App Paper Trading

Your paper trading account looks similar to your real account — allowing you to view your order history, track your performance information, and see open positions. By default, you start with $1,000,000 of paper trading buying power which you can use however you want. One of the great features of Webull’s paper trading is that you can completely reset your portfolio at any time and simply start over.

Performance Tracking

Webull presents your account and portfolio performances in some unique ways compared to other brokers. Some of the ways you can view your performance include a distribution graph showing your profit and loss in each security type, a calendar showing your overall gain or loss on each day, and a classic profit and loss chart. To access your performance data, go to your accounts page and click on the P&L tab.

Price Alerts

For stocks, ETFs, and crypto, Webull’s app has an amazing selection of customizable alerts you can create. You can create multiple customized alerts including alerts based on price level movements, percentage movements, or even a scheduled price alert to just see the price not based on any conditions. Specifically for stocks, you can create price alerts based on volume, news, or over a dozen different technical indicators and signals.

Webull Lessons & Learning

Webull has tons of free lessons and courses about trading stocks, crypto, options, and more included in its app. There are lessons designed for beginners and above. To access the Learning area, go to your feeds and click on the little box labeled “Learning” in the middle left of the screen.

Webull Community & Social Aspects

The community and social aspects of Webull’s app make it very different from most other brokers’ apps. Webull’s app overall feels like a trading/investing app combined with Stocktwits and Reddit. The social and community features of the app include having a public profile, making posts that show up in other users’ feeds, commenting on the individual feeds for each stock, creating a Wefolio, earning Webull points based on making stock predictions, and joining forum groups.

Webull Profile

You can create your own Webull profile that includes your choice of a username and a profile picture. Other users can follow your profile and see posts that you have made, Wefolios that you have, a history of your paper trades, and stock predictions that you have made.

Webull Wefolio

A Wefolio is essentially a fake portfolio that you can create, track the performance of, and share with others in the Webull community. Other users can choose to comment on and follow your Wefolio and you can do the same for others’ Wefolios. You can also compare how your Wefolio is performing versus all other Wefolios.

Webull Posts & Comments

Webull allows you to create posts that show up on other users’ feeds, just like how most social media works now, as well as comment on other users’ posts. You can make regular text posts, ask a question to the Webull community, or create a public poll. In addition to posting to the main feed, you can also comment on the “Feeds” section of individual stocks and ETFs.

Webull Groups

Webull groups are a way to join a smaller community within the app that usually focuses on discussions around the specific topic of the group. You can join a group and instantly get involved with the discussions by either making posts within the group, commenting on posts, or just viewing the discussions in the group.

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Webull Points & Stock Predictions

Webull points are sort of a mysterious feature of the app. Points are earned by completing tasks such as completing lessons or publishing posts in the community as well as by making correct sentiment predictions on stocks. Webull allows you to make either a bullish or bearish prediction on a stock from the “Feeds” tab of the stock page.

In the past, Webull points could be used to enter paper trading competitions in the app but at this point, it doesn’t appear that Webull has any paper trading competitions planned in the future, so points are essentially just for bragging rights from making stock predictions.

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