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2023 Quotestream review: platform cost, trading software requirements, pricing, fees, charting features. Is Quotestream good and free?

Review of Quotestream

Did you know that Ally Invest customers can trade securities on a desktop platform? Yes, it’s true. Besides its website and browser platform LIVE, Ally Invest also provides access to Quotestream, an advanced desktop program. Here are the details:

Ally Quotestream Requirements

To be able to trade on Quotestream at Ally Invest, you will need to place at least 10 trades per month. This shouldn’t be too painful as the broker now offers stocks and ETFs commission free.


Quotestream will work on Windows Vista and above. It is also compatible on a Mac running OS X 10.12 or higher.


During our trial of Quotestream, we found many useful tools. These include the following:


A very good watchlist is a standard feature on Quotestream. It can be printed or exported as a spreadsheet. Data streams in real-time, although the stream can be paused. Ticker symbols can be easily added or deleted at will. If a security has news articles or upcoming earnings, these events will be displayed in the watchlist with icons.

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Earnings Calendar

This isn’t an economic calendar. As the name suggests, it is a calendar of earnings only. Nevertheless, it does have the strength of displaying multiple exchanges, including the Toronto exchange and the over-the-counter marketplace. As with the watchlist, the information can be exported or printed.

Waterfall Ticker

Although Quotestream does have a streaming horizontal ticker tape at the very bottom of the screen, it also has something called a waterfall ticker. This launches from the Float tab, which is located in the top menu.

The window streams trades from top to bottom. Data points include ticker symbol, trade price, size of the trade, time, and exchange. It’s also possible to stream both trades and quotes. There’s a drop-down menu to make this selection.

Quotestream Review

Time & sales

If you have one symbol you want to monitor, just enter it into the time & sales window. Quotestream will show you all the trades that take place for that one stock, with the exact price, time, and exchange of each trade. This is a little different from the waterfall ticker, which shows details of multiple stocks within a sector.


A heatmap window can also be found in the Float tab. A drop-down menu presents the investment sector, such as real estate services or semiconductors. Stocks are displayed on tiles from highest gain to largest loss. It’s possible to sort by ticker symbol if you wish.

Quotestream Trading Platform


Quotestream’s charting program offers up to 25 years of price data. It’s possible to save a chart as an image in png format. Alternatively, you can simply print a chart. Although area is the default display style, Quotestream offers several other options, including candlestick and dot. We found approximately 50 technical studies and a handful of drawing tools. The best feature is perhaps a full-screen mode that will expand a chart into the full width of the monitor.

Ally Quotestream Platform

Option Chains

The option chain window displays calls and puts plus several strategies, including butterflies, verticals, and iron condors.

Stock screener

Quotestream includes a widget that can scan the US stock market based on many criteria. There are pre-defined screens such as small cap value and Dogs of the Dow. If you want to run your own screen, you will have many choices, such as:

- Dividend rate
- Return on equity
- Market cap
- 5 year annual income growth rate

One really nice feature on the stock screener is a histogram that displays results by market cap in bar chart format.


It’s possible to create a new layout, which Quotestream calls a workspace. After you’ve saved one, you can also delete or rename it. It’s easy to switch back and forth. Just click on the Workspaces tab in the top menu and choose the layout you want to work with.


Quotestream offers a great deal of customization. Font sizes can be adjusted and colors can be changed. There are two basic themes: light and dark.

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