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2021 TD Ameritrade Trade Architect trading software cost, charts, pros and cons. Is Trade Architect gone?

Trade Architect is Discontinued

TD Ameritrade has discontinued Trade Architect platform. Learn about TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim Trading Platform.

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TD Ameritrade Trade Architect Overview

Trade Architect, from TD Ameritrade, is a web-based and Java-based trading platform that offers investors a host of features, such as Level II quotes, streaming news, customizable charts, and much more. Let's check it out.

TD Ameritrade Trade Architect Cost: is it Free?

Trade Architect platform is available to all TD Ameritrade customers free of charge.

Trade Architect Trade Tab

Upon logging into the regular web site, TD Ameritrade customers will see an icon in the upper-right of the browser that says "Launch Trade Architect". Easy enough. A new window appears with a plethora of very useful features. Investors can watch live streaming of CNBC, including not only the U.S. version, but also Asian and European versions.

TD Ameritrade Trade Architect

In the middle of the screen is useful quote information on individual securities, displaying not only standard trading information, such as streaming bid-ask data, but also valuation metrics, such as P/E ratio and market cap. Investors can place trades quickly and easily using the red sell button or the green buy button.

Underneath the stock's basic information is a selection of important tools to help investors evaluate a potential buy or sell opportunity. There is a charting tool, which includes several technical analysis tools and indices to compare against. The research tab has links to research reports from third-parties such as, S&P Capital IQ, and Credit Suisse. The news tab displays both market news and news related to the particular stock under evaluation. Also available here are Level II quotes and option chains.

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Trade Finder

Trade Architect has a nifty new options search tool called Trade Finder. To use this feature, investors simply type in the symbol of the stock they're interested in, and input a few pieces of information, such as time horizon, and whether they're bullish or bearish. Trade Architect returns a selection of potential trades that the investor can analyze. Such a tool reduces the amount of time and work required to research potential options trades.

Account Tab

Under the account tab is general account information such as positions, order history, and transaction history. The data are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Ideas Tab

Under the Ideas tab there are some really useful tools to help investors find trade possibilities. There is an S&P options screener, heat maps of major indexes, a valuable stock screener, and a very handy event calendar with dates for IPO's, dividends, earnings announcements, and conference calls. There is also important information occurring on the current market day. The wealth of information under this tab can help traders keep track of important happenings in the world of investing.

Chart Tab

TD Ameritrade would not want investors to confine their charting to the smaller graph under the Trade tab, so they added a Chart tab to give traders the full monitor to view price action and perform technical analysis studies. The wealth of technical analysis tools include moving averages, RSI, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci tools, MACD, stochastic oscillators, and much more. A stock's price action can be displayed using candlesticks, OHLC bars, line graph, or an area graph.

A stock's chart can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 15 years, with trade data displayed anywhere between 1 minute and 1 month.

At the bottom of the chart is an order entry system. Traders can easily buy or sell the security displayed on the chart, and even add an option to the order. Such an order placement system is convenient for traders because they don't have to switch back to the home screen to place trades.

Traders who prefer a faster method of order entry can simply click on the chart and select buy or sell at the displayed price.

Trade Architect does allow users to compare a stock's price action against indexes and other stocks on the graph. Unfortunately, the chart can only display one index or stock at a time to compare against. Some free charting programs on-line, such as Google Finance, have the ability to compare multiple stocks and indexes at the same time.

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Other Features

Trade Architect also displays the account's watchlist, which can be detached to form its own window. Clicking on the help button opens a browser window with a selection of educational Trade Architect videos on YouTube to help customers learn the trading platform.

The platform is very customizable. Users can select three different background colors: white, black, or blue, all of which look sharp. Various sections can be detached to produce their own individual window.

The platform also has a section displaying various market indexes, including bond, futures, and international indexes.

Trade Architect vs. Competition

Unlike Fidelity's and Scottrade's flagship platforms, Trade Architect is available to all of TD Ameritrade's clients, not just active traders. Schwab's StreetSmartEdge is available to all Schwab customers; so it does rival Trade Architect in its availability. StreetSmartEdge has many comparable features and is a downloadable program rather than browser-launched, which some traders may prefer. Ironically, Trade Architect's most prominent competitor comes from the same company, TD Ameritrade, and it's called Thinkorswim.

Trade Architect Review Summary

Trade Architect is an easy-to-learn platform with a lot of useful features that many investors will find helpful in managing their stock portfolios. With TD Ameritrade's history of customer service and competitive brokerage fees, this platform is a good investment.

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