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Webull System Requirements. How to Download a Webull Desktop Platform on PC/Mac?

2022 Webull trading platform system requirements, desktop software, widget. Setup/download Webull for Windows computer or Mac.

Webull Desktop Platform Is Here

Webull has rolled out a new desktop platform for on PC and Mac. Let’s check it out.

Webull Platform Cost

Webull trading platform is completely free to all customers.

Webull System Requirements for Windows

Windows 7 or above (Windows 8, 10)
RAM: 8G+
Processor: Intel i5 (recommend i7)

Webull System Requirements for Mac

System 10.12 or above.

Downloading the Webull Platform on PC/Mac

First, you need to open a new Webull account. They currently run a great promotion offer: 12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.

With your account open, to download Webull’s new software, just head over to Webull's website and click on the DOWNLOAD link. It’s located at the top of the site.

webull desktop download

You’ll get a new tab with several icons. Each one represents an operating system and a platform version. The old version is listed at the top, while the new version is listed below.

If you have the broker’s old platform installed, you can download new version by clicking on the gear icon (located in the far-left column at the bottom) and then selecting About in the new window. A link to download new version will be here.

Webull Desktop Dark Mode

Once installed, you’ll get a similar trading experience with a few differences. For example, the new platform’s default interface has a light background instead of a dark background. It’s very easy to change this setup if you wish. Just click on the gear icon and select the dark theme.

Webull Desktop Charting and Trading

Charts now have 25 technical indicators, more than double the previous amount. Drawing tools remain the same. A Level II window is included by default now; although a monthly subscription is required to receive data. The order ticket is the same; although a new version (labeled Active Trade) is now available. Just click on the Active Trade tab on the order form.

webull desktop dark mode

New Account Promotion

12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.

Open WeBull Account

New Layouts

The old vertical menu appears at the left-hand side. Paper trading is at the very bottom, and this of course is a good place to practice. One difference between the old platform and the new version is that the latter offers layouts for simulated mode. You’ll get three options:

- Blank layout
- US stocks layout
- Day-trading layout

The names are pretty self-explanatory. If you choose the blank layout, you’ll need to add your own windows and widgets to the blank layout. There will be an Add Widgets window in the screen. It has pre-installed widgets with small pictures. They are divided by category for easy viewing.

You can also click on the widget icon in the top-right of the screen. It is the 3-D box. If you hover over it with your cursor, you’ll see the word Widgets.

Webull Widgets

With the widget menu, you’ll be able to add all sorts of gadgets, such as Short Interest, Order Entry, and Trade Messages.

The day-trading layout has a unique order entry ticket called the Active Trade ticket. You will find this in the default layout in regular trading, although the regular Trade ticket is shown by default.

The Active Trade ticket has buttons for buy and sell market orders and buy and sell buttons for limit orders (at the highest bid for buy and the lowest ask for sell).

Customizing Webull Desktop

To create and save layouts, Webull has added a customization menu. Located in the upper-left of its software, it is represented by three horizontal lines. Under this menu, you can save a layout with a custom name. It’s easy to go back to this layout at anytime. Just click on the menu icon, then select Custom Layout, and then select the name you created.

If you make any changes to a layout, you can always reset the layout by selecting Reset Current Layout.

It’s also possible to create a second platform window within this menu by selecting Create a new Window.

Webull requirements

Learning Center

An important difference between the old platform and 4.0 is the addition of a Learning Center. To access this feature, click on the Learning Center icon (located in the bottom left of the program in the shape of a book). Here, you’ll find videos and slideshows with images and text instructions on a variety of issues, such as:

- How to resize a widget
- Using multi-screen mode
- Using custom layouts

Trade Tab is Gone, Replaced by Customized Tab

The one feature on the old platform that is absent is the Trade tab. This was the gavel icon near the bottom of the left-hand menu that generated multiple graphs and trade tickets.

In its place, Webull has added a Customized tab. This allows the user to choose his own layout. The live version has the same choices as the simulated trading version (blank, day-trading, and US stocks).

Reaching Out to Customer Service

If you need any assistance while trying out Webull’s new software, there is a customer service channel on the platform. Accessed through the headset icon (in the lower-left portion of the platform), you’ll be able to send a text message to the broker. This unfortunately is not a live chat feature, so it may take a while to receive a response.

New Account Promotion

12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.

Open WeBull Account

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